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All about The Blonde. (Part 1 and 2)

“Mmmm…” Len mumbled, stretching in the sun’s early warm rays. He stood on the track outside of the school. It was 6:00 A.M.. He had woken up thirty minutes earlier so he could start his morning routine. A golden ray of sunshine had broken in through the curtains. An affective alarm clock without an annoying chime. Scratching his head, Len happily jumped out of bed. He snickered when he saw Oliver clinging to Roro, who was scowling in his sleep, like a body pillow. Wait, why was Oliver in Roro’s bed? He didn’t care enough to pursue this thought, and quickly dropped it for one about himself. He quietly got dressed, styled his perfect hair, winked at his reflection, and tiptoed out of the room. He almost awoke Uta Piko when he said, “Looking hot as always, Len.” Uta Piko immediately sat up, looked Len up and down, the said, “Hmm. You are looking good today.” He immediately fell back on his pillow, snoring sweetly. Which brings us to the present. Throwing down his towel and water bottle, he began to run. Ahh. It felt good to be moving! This was the perfect way to get energized for the day. The sun was warm, and sweat began to form on Len’s brow. That didn’t bother him at all. Shaping his muscles was going to require hard work and sweat. He was determined to be the thinnest, most attractive idol boy in the business. He ran steadily for five laps, then stopped to get a drink. He wiped his forehead with the towel while taking a large swig of water. Pouring some of the contents upon his head, Len was about to run another five laps when he heard someone calling out to him. “Kagamine Len! Hey!” He turned to look at the speaker. A girl about four years older than him with long orange hair was sprinting over. She was also holding a towel and water bottle. “Hey there, pretty girl.” Len said plastering his bad boy smile on his face.

“I’m Len, as you already know. Sorry cutie, but I don’t have a pen on me.” Resting his hands on his hips, he grinned widely. The girl wrinkled her nose. “A pen? For what?” She asked. Len chuckled. “For my autograph.” It was her turn to laugh. “Autograph? You’re hilarious! I just wanted to say I wasn’t expecting to see anyone else up so early. Especially not you.” Len blushed a deep red. He must look so stupid right now. “I’m Kanon. Nice to meet you, pretty boy!” She smiled brightly at him. “You… think I’m pretty?” He asked, still very much red in the face. He had just blown it again. “Pffft! Sure!” Kanon tittered. This girl was so cool. “I mean, uh, I am pretty awesome, aren’t I?” He said trying to regain his former charisma. “Anyway, uh… you wanna run some laps together?” Kanon frowned. “I don’t know. Will you be able to keep up with me?!” She started running. “Hey!” Len immediately chased after her. The two ran five laps before Len dropped to the ground. Kanon stared down at him. “That’s all you can handle? Ten measly laps?

I do fifteen just to warm up! How do I know how many laps you’ve run? I might have been watching you this whole time.” Harsh. Ten laps was a lot. Besides,  most students couldn’t even run five a couple days ago. “Oh, really?” Len sneered. “I’d like to see that.” Kanon grinned widely. Something about her smile made Len think he was about to eat those words. And he did. She easily ran ten more laps. When she had finished, she strolled over to where Len was pouting on a bench. “I told you you were soft.” He just got beaten by a girl. At least she was four years older and tough as steal. Still. Kanon plopped down at his side. Reaching inside a little bag she had with her, she pulled out two bananas and two protein bars. “Here.” She said handing Len a banana. “Eat this.” After thanking her, he took a large bite and said, “Thanks! Bananas are literally my favorite food.” He devoured it in less than three minutes. “So,” He said wiping his mouth. “It’s not very often I meet a girl like you.” Kanon whacked him on the head. “Rude! I know I’m not the prettiest, but I’m not that ugly either!” Len rubbed his tender head. “Ow. Why? I meant that I’ve never met a girl so cool and strong like you.” Kanon blushed. Meeting his gaze, she said, “Thanks, I guess.” While what she said sounded sarcastic, she meant it in earnest. Len shrugged. “No problem. I do have to ask, you don’t seem like much of singer to me, no offense. What’s up with that?” He hoped she wouldn’t hit him again. She didn’t. She thought for a moment, and then said, “I love Track and Field. I’ve been competing ever since I was little.

At one point, my dream was to become the number one Track and Field athlete in Japan. I love to be moving. It helps me to unwind. When I’m sad, I run. When I’m angry, I run. When I’m scared… I hide under a blanket.” She laughed. Len nodded. “I understand that. But what about becoming number one athlete?”

She slapped him on the back. “You’re a nosy one, aren’t you?” She laughed again. “I guess it’d be fine to tell you. A couple years ago, I was so close to being number one in the country. I could outrun almost anyone any day. It wasn’t until the nationals that something went wrong. There I was, leader of the pack, at least three feet between me and number two. It was the final lap. It was obvious I was going to win. I was thinking how I was going to bask in the glory of the race for awhile. I’d be on TV commercials, the cover of magazines, talkshows, whatever. I wasn’t paying attention. If I had been, I would have seen the rock on the track. The next second, I was on the ground, immense pain throbbing in my leg. I knew at once that I had broken it, and that I had lost the race. That day I learned two things; I was too fragile to seriously compete because that wasn’t the first time I had seriously injured myself, and that dreams can easily be crushed. What’s the point in having a dream if they’ll never come true?” What a sad story. Kanon frowned, lost in thought for a moment. “Wow. That sucks.”

Len said blankly. Kanon thumped him on the head. “That’s it! ‘That sucks’?! I just told you the saddest story of my life, and that’s all you got?!” Len panicked. He hadn’t meant to be so rude. “Sorry! I’m not trying to be insensitive or anything.” He chuckled nervously. This girl made him so uncomfortable for some reason. What’s wrong with me? I’m Kagamine Len, adored by all. He thought. “It’s okay, squirt.” She said giving her companion a noogie. “If you can’t be an athlete, then what are you going to do…?” Len reluctantly asked. Her smile gradually fading from her lips, Kanon said, “I asked myself that too. I had a lot of time to think about it cooped up inside with a broken leg. So if I couldn’t live my dream, then what was I to do? My sweet sister Anon helped me with that. She absolutely loves to sing and play the trombone, and her dream is to become a world-renowned musician. So, I kinda decided I would adopt it as my own. She was totally fine with it. Yeah…” Suddenly remembering the banana in her idle hand, she took a large chomp out of it. Poor girl. She only had one life to live, and she couldn’t do what she loved. “The silver lining is I am still able to compete, but only causally and not very often.” Kanon said resuming her usual smile. That didn’t sound very comforting to Len. Almost like only being able to be on the cover of one magazine once a month. That would be terrible, considering Len was on five every week. He would be rude to keep his handsome self from the public eye. Peering into the sky, Kanon realized it was now seven o’clock. “Well,” She said standing up. “I need to get ready for school. You should too. Those sweatpants don’t look good on you.” Len chuckled. “Of course they don’t. They’re ugly. I make these sweatpants look good, not them on me.” He was grinning widely. Kanon rolled her eyes. “Idiot.”

She said jokingly.

Len went back to his dorm to change clothes. When he opened the door, his ears were greeted by the sound of Uta Piko and Oliver singing Buraikku Jikoraiza. They were sitting on the floor trying to get Uta Piko’s boots on him. He was very pleased to hear them singing his original song. He interrupted them singing, “Boku ga kioku kara kieru koro ni, kimi wa otona ni naru…” When he had finished that part of the song, he said, “Nice attempt, you two. It was cute, but you can’t beat me at my own song.” Uta Piko shrugged. He just wanted to have fun. Fukase, who was tying his bow around his neck said, “Doesn’t matter who’s singing it, I still didn’t want to hear it.” Roro laughed. “Nice one, bro. It’s not very often I hear such well-planned sarcasm that isn’t my own.” A fist bump was exchanged between the two. “Hey. Can I call you Broro?” Fukase asked. Roro smiled down at him. “Heck no.” While pondering over what shirt to wear, Len said, “I bet that Mizki girl calls him Roromeo.” Roro randomly selected a shirt and thrust it into Len’s hands. “Ha, ha. No. I wish though. After yesterday, she’s probably calling me weirdo, or something.” Roro wilted like a dying rose. “Stupid feeling called love! Why do you hate me?!” He mumbled. Placing the item of clothing back in the closet and picking out another, Len said, “Tell her how you feel!” Roro glared at the oblivious Len. He did, and it did not go over well. “I did, and she rejected me!” He hung his head. “My life is over before it began.” Dramatic much? Roro had a tendency to exaggerate about things. Len angrily threw the apparel on the floor. “It seems I will have to go shirtless, because I cannot find anything to wear.” Still bent over in his position of expressing sadness, Roro randomly picked a hoodie, and forced it into Len’s hands. ‘Hot stuff’ was written on it in gold printing. “Oh.” Len exclaimed. “Yeah, that’ll do.” He spun around in a circle, modeling his attire. “Dude. Don’t be weird.” Roro said frowning. At that moment, Roro’s phone began to play Tsukema Tsukeru. It was his ringtone for Mikuo. Len and Fukase burst into a fit of laughter. “Oh! I love this song!” Uta Piko said. He began to sing along. He continued to do so even after Roro answered the call. “Yeah?” Roro said sitting on the nearest bed that happened to be Fukase’s. “What?! Hio’s where?!” Len and Fukase stopped laughing. Uta Piko stopped singing. “Alright. I’ll be down as soon as I can. Bye.” Leaping to his feet, Roro quickly finished dressing. It took him longer than he would have liked to pull on his shoes. He forgot to put on his beanie before rushing out of the dorm. The remaining boys stared at each other in absolute silence. Finally, Uta Piko said, “I wonder what that was all about?” Oliver gave him a worried look. Len scoffed. “Who cares? I certainly don’t.” He smoothed back his hair. “Well I do.” Oliver said timidly. “Roro was really worried. He doesn’t seem the type to get so worked up.” Oliver and Uta Piko simultaneously nodded.

Len shrugged. “So? That’s not my problem.” He said insensitivity

“Hey Yu-chan?” Len said carrying his tray over to where Yuraika was sitting in the dining hall. She sighed. “Yes?” What could he possibly want now? Smiling down at her, he said, “I wanted to know if you’d join me for breakfast? I have something I really need to talk to you about.” Well if it was something important, there was no reason to decline. Besides, it wasn’t like she had made any other plans. “Alright.” She agreed. Len lead her over to a table where Akari and two other girls were. “Yu-chan,” he said. “Meet the sweet and adorable, Macne Nana, and the bewitchingly beautiful, Aoki Lapis.” The two giggled. “Hey.” Yuraika said reluctantly. She sat down next to Len. Who were these girls? They seemed nice, but didn’t Len want to talk to her specifically? “So.” Len grinned. “How’re my favorite bishoujos this lovely morning?” “We’re terrific now that you’re here.” The three girls said in unison. Yuraika ignored Len’s inquiry, and began to poke at her food. He tapped her on the shoulder. “Heyyyyy. It’s very rude to ignore me.”

Agh. Fine. “I’m alright. I may be a bishoujo, but I am not yours.” She said with a huff. To emphasize this, she slightly turned her body away from him. Len slowly put his arm around her. Leaning his head on her shoulder, he said, “Aww come on, we are friends. Super close best friends. Girlfriend and boyfriend.” Yuraika moved Len’s arm away, and scooted a good five inches over. “Eww. Don’t be weird.

I barely know you.” Len wilted. “She’s so cold…” He said looking at Akari. The three girls turned on Yuraika. “Why’re you so mean to him?” Lapis asked.

“Yeah, he didn’t do anything wrong.” Nana added. Of course they were on his side. “What was the important thing you wanted to talk about?” Yuraika asked, a bit annoyed. Len chuckled to himself. “We’re talking about it.” What? The important thing he need to discuss with her was… himself? “Are you serious?” She asked. “You dragged me over here for this?! To flirt with me?! You idiot! You know I’m not that kind of girl!” Standing quickly, she whacked Len on the head. “Stupid!” Len grabbed her hand. “Please don’t go.” Forced tears ran down his cheeks. “Please.” Yuraika turned to look at him. She could see the sincerity in his eyes. He really wanted her to stay. “Okay. But don’t you dare be all mushy.” Len hugged her tightly. “Yay!”

Yuraika groaned internally.

“Yu-chan!” Oliver called. She didn’t hear him. He was about to run up to her, when he saw Len approach her. Before he could say another word, Yuraika was following Len somewhere. Oliver’s heart sank. He crawled over to a completely vacant table, where he started eating all by himself. He was very sad. He couldn’t find Hio anywhere. He always did everything with his Nii-chan. Suddenly, he heard a loud “Ol-Ollllllllll!” Oliver peeped at the speaker. It was Uta Piko! “Utatane Pikoooooo!” Natsuki yelled from the kitchen. “Keep it down, Twerp!” Uta Piko ran over to Oliver. “Ol-Ol! What’re you doing all by yourself?!” Oliver opened his mouth to answer, but Uta Piko interrupted. “Ol-Ol, meet my best friends Hime-tan, and Koto-tan.” Two girls that had been standing behind Uta Piko stepped forward. “Hello! I’m Meika Hime! This grumpy girl right here is my twin!” Hime said.

“Hi. I’m… I’m… Mi…ko… to.” The other stammered. She blushed bright red.

Oliver stared at Mikoto. She’s so pretty. He thought. “I’m Oliver.” He said softly. Mikoto settled across from him. “Oliver? Yuraika-chan told me all about you. You seem super nice.” She seemed less nervous after that. Uta Piko threw his hands in the air. “I think we are all going to be great friends!” The four happily nibbled away at their breakfast. “So Hime and Mikoto, what do you two like to do?” Oliver asked through a mouthful. “I love to swim, and craft, and paint! Koto-tan likes to read, and draw, and write short stories about her favorite characters from TV and stuff. They’re really good!” Hime said. Giving her sister a dirty look, Mikoto said,

“Hime! I told you not to talk about those… Er… I mean… they’re not that good.” Her face was a bright shade of pink. “Oh, don’t be so shy! They’re awesome! Especially the one about Haruto.” Hime said, patting her sister’s head. “Haruto?” Uta Piko asked. “Like every little kids’ favorite anime character? I absolutely love Haruto!” Uta Piko shouted. Oliver’s eyes lit up. He loved Haruto too. It might be for little kids, but it was so cool. “Really?! We do too!” Hime said enthusiastically. “That was literally our favorite show!” Hime and Mikoto nodded. Oliver took a deep breath in. “Y-you guys don’t think Haruto’s Adventures is stupid, or little kiddish or anything, do you…?” He was afraid to admit he liked something so cute, for fear of being made fun of again. Uta Piko scoffed. “Stupid? Little kiddish? Are you crazy?! Haruto’s Adventures is the best anime ever!!!” Uta Piko, Mikoto, and Hime exchanged high-fives. Oh, good. Oliver thought. “A lot of my favorite memories involve Hio and our countless head canons for Haruto’s Adventures.” Oliver wilted again. Noticing, Uta Piko said, “Where is Hio-Senpai? Don’t you usually sit with him?” Oliver nodded. He explained how he’d looked all over the school, but still couldn’t find his Nii-chan. “I saw him last night. I was going to ask Roro-Senpai if he knew where he was, but I haven’t seen him either. What if something terrible happened?” Oliver stared to cry. Uta Piko and Hime exchanged worried glances. Placing a shaky hand on Oliver’s, Mikoto smiled shyly, and said, “I’m sure he’s alright. Even if something bad did happen, your Nii-chan is tough, isn’t he?” She was right. Hio was tough. Wherever he was, Oliver knew his big brother was okay. Oliver smiled brightly. “Thank you, Mikoto.” Mikoto blushed. Oliver was so cute.

Roro and Mizki sat awkwardly together on the bench near the school’s large iron gates. The two had exchanged pleasantries and had restored to perfect silence. Occasionally, they’d stare at each other, and then look away again. The aura surrounding them was definitely awkward. Roro cleared his throat. “Ah. So… Miz, how are you…?” Mizki tucked a stray hair behind her ear. She hesitated a moment before answering. “I’m really worried about Hio.” Roro nodded in agreement.

“Me too. I really want to know what happened.” All Mizki said in reply was, “Yeah.” Roro suddenly grabbed Mizki’s hand. “M-Miz… about yesterday.” She jumped when he made contact with her hand. “Oh.” She breathed out.  Roro continued, “I’m sorry I freaked you out. Uh, I’m not sure exactly what I said wrong, but I definitely didn’t mean to upset you…” He stared intensely at his feet. Mizki embraced him tightly. “I’m the one who should be sorry, I totally overreacted.” Roro half-smiled. “So you don’t hate my guts, and you want to be my girlfriend?” His eyes sparkled when he said this. Mizki shook her head. “I’m sorry… I-I am… I’m-” “Roro! Mizki!” Mikuo interrupted as he ran into the garden with IA, Flower, and Wil trailing behind him. “Thank goodness I found you two.” He finished. The four sat across from them on the parallel bench. “Hio should be back any time now.” Mikuo said. Noticing Wil, Roro frowned. “What are you doing here, Wil?”

He said accusingly. Wil calmly responded, “I’m worried about Hio, like the rest of you. He’s my friend too.” That was true. Out of all the members of ArroWs, Wil and Lily were the nicest.

“So all we know is Hio is in the hospital, right?” IA asked. She folded her hands nervously. “Yup.” Mikuo sighed.

“If Hio isn’t already in too bad a condition, I’ma slap him!” Flower said grumpily. Flower was the type of person who didn’t like to show her true feelings. Especially the ones she thought were sissy, like nervousness and fear. “I hate that we don’t even know what’s going on!” IA said nervously. “Me too.” Mizki agreed.

The six stared at each awkwardly. “Stupid Hio! Making us worry!” Flower huffed. “Sorry to make you worry so. How inconsiderate of me.” Hio said walking in through the gates. “Hio!” Roro, Mizki, Mikuo, IA, Flower, and Wil shouted in unison. They ran over to him, hugging him tightly. IA began to cry. “You scared us!” She held him tighter. Hio replied, “Ow, hey, please don’t touch my right arm.”

The group immediately looked down at his arm.

“Hio! What in the world happened to you?!” Roro asked, immensely shocked to see his friend in a cast. “Yeah, Hio. What did happen last night?” This was Kaito, who had returned with Hio from the hospital. Dark circles rested under his eyes.

IA grabbed Hio’s left arm, and pulled him over to the benches.

“Sit.” She commanded. The eight people squished themselves together on the three-person benches. “Explain.” IA said once the group had settled in.

Hio took a large breath. “Well, it was the middle of the night that I woke up and desperately had to pee. So I got up, but I forgot I had left something on the floor and I tripped over it. I stupidly tried to catch myself. Except, I only stuck out my right arm instead of both. So, yeah… I shattered my wrist. Stupid, I know.” Hio wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Wait. That’s not what-” Wil began to say. Noticing the look on Hio’s face, he stopped himself short. “I have to say,” This was Kaito. “You are the most rambunctious teens I have ever encountered in my teaching career so far.” He sighed heavily. “Thankfully, the ER wasn’t busy, so Hio was taken care of pretty quickly. Still, you need to be more careful. ” Looking directly at Hio, he said, “Why don’t you take off from school today? You were awake most of the night.” Hio shook his head. “No. It’s my fault this happened, besides I got some sleep when I was under. I’ll be fine. I’m left hand dominate anyway.” No matter what Kaito or IA or even Roro said, Hio would not be persuaded to take the day off from school. Mikuo happened to glance at the large clock on the school building.

“Hey, we better hurry if we wanna get anything for breakfast.”

Kaito, Roro, Mizki, Mikuo, IA, and Flower started heading in the direction of the cafeteria. Wil promised they’d be there in a minute. When the six had left, Wil said, “Why did you lie about what happened?”

Hio shrugged. “Because. I didn’t want Kyo to get in trouble. He may be a jerk, but he is my friend. Or at least he was my friend. Also, it’s my fault we even had a fight.” Hio took a step forward towards the grand doors. Wil stood in his path, peering into his eyes. “Friend or otherwise, you shouldn’t let Kyo get away with it.” He said sternly. Hio smiled gently. “It’s not just about Kyo. It’s about Mizki.

I’m afraid if I ratted him out, that I wouldn’t be able to figure out what exactly is going on between them. You know how Kyo is. He only lets you fool him once.” Wil exhaled. He made a fair point. “You’re an admirable person, Hio. Always looking after yours friends the way you do, with never a thought to your own well-being.

You’ll even play detective for Roro if you think it might help him. If Roro ever needed a kidney or something I wouldn’t be surprised if you gave him one.” Wil smiled. Hio chuckled. He probably would. “Please, make sure to take care of ourself.” Wil finished. Hio nodded.


Len let out a long sigh. He was bored. Correction, he was extremely bored.

Gakupo was teaching on a subject Len knew well. What is the point of going to school if I already know what we’re supposed to be learning? Len thought.

School was added to his mental list of things he considered useless. School is boring. He thought. I wish I was doing anything else. Just look at him. How can he drone on and on and on about such uninteresting things. I bet he likes boring kids to sleep. Man, I wish Yu-chan was in my class. Then I could watch her paying attention. In a way, I’d be pay attention myself. Sorta. She could pass the answers to me during a test. I’d never have to study again. I would sit directly behind her, so I could hear every perfect answer that came from her sweet lips. Hey, that last part was pretty poetic. I am Kagamine Len after all. “Hehe. It’s nice to be adored by everyone.” He said out loud. Opps. “I wouldn’t say everyone, Kagamine-kun. I’m not a fan of yours. Actually it’s quite the opposite.” Gakupo said looming over him. Len gulped. How long had he been standing there? “Do me a favor, and pay attention, because if there is one thing I hate, it’s having to repeat myself. Understood?” Len hesitantly nodded. “Yes… Sir.” Gakupo smiled. Patting the boy on the head, he replied, “Good to hear.” He stalked back over to his desk.

It didn’t take long for Len to lose focus again. It also didn’t take long for Gakupo to notice again. This time, he wouldn’t be so nice. “Is anyone having trouble remembering the names of the people and places we are learning about? It’s alright, be honest.” Nana raised her hand. Staring down at the dark oak wooden floor, she timidly said, “Kinda.” A few other students agreed with her.

Gakupo laughed a hearty laugh. “That’s fine! I’m not going to beat you, I just wanted to know if it would be beneficial to write it upon the board.” A sigh of relief was heard. Gakupo pointed his wooden sword that he used as a teachers’ rod in Len’s direction. “Kagamine-kun, come forward please.” A cold chill ran down Len’s spine. He could tell Gakupo was slightly more than slightly annoyed. He was… slightly aggravated. Still, writing things on the board was stupid. Why did he have to do it? “Fine.” He grumbled, shuffling to the front of the room. “Please write ‘the Edo Period’.” Len began to scratch the letters down. Gakupo peered up from the book he was reading aloud. “In Kanji, please.” He resumed reading.

Len glared at his teacher. In Kanji? That was totally unfair. Gakupo was such a meanie. If he didn’t like the way he wrote, than why didn’t he do it himself?

He scowled at his hands. They were getting all chalky and dirty. Yuck. He wiped his hands on his shorts. The chalk stuck. He gently brushed off his shorts. The dust continued to stick. “Ugh!” He said, madly trying to get the dust off. Some students snickered at him. Gakupo glanced behind him.

“Write Miyamoto Musashi.” Len had had enough. He threw the chalk on the floor, and said, “Why should I? It’s not like he was real anyway.” Gakupo gasped.

Not real? He drew in an exceptionally long breath. “Miyamoto is very much real. He was a ronin, and a scholar, and also a master swordsman. Some even consider him to be the greatest samurai who ever lived. He-” “You’re crazy. He’s a fictional character from a fiction book!” Len retorted grumpily. Gakupo folded his arms across his chest. “Anyway-” He started when Len interrupted him saying, “Don’t ignore me! You know you’re wrong.” Len huffed. Gakupo scoffed. A frightening hush swept the classroom. He tuned his sharp eyes down at Len. Len’s heart faltered. He froze into place. Gakupo drew in a deep breath before saying,

“How… dare… you question my intelligence.” He seethed. His fists curled into a tight ball.

Rin shrieked. “He’s going to nail him!” Nana, Kokone, and Lapis screamed too.

Multiple sweat beads ran down Len’s face. His expression was extremely terrified looking. Gakupo leaned in close. His face was only a couple of inches from Len’s. Grabbing Len by the shirt, he opened his mouth to speak, when the bell announcing the end of class, rang. Gakupo exhaled. He released his grip.

“You may go. I apologize for disturbing class. There will be no homework assigned.” Len took the opportunity to leave. He was the first one out of the door.



“Pi.” Kiyoteru said pointing to the equation on the board. “You’ve all seen it, and you’ve all used it.” “Or should have.” A girl joked. A couple of students chuckled. “Anyway.” Kiyoteru continued. “3.14, is a useful equation when calculating area for many shapes-” “Hey, I thought we were talking about pie, not math.”

Akari whined.  “We are talking about pi.” Kiyoteru said a bit confused.

“I like apple!” Azuki said. “Cherry is better.” IA half-whispered. “Huh?” Was all Kiyoteru managed to say before the event which came to be known as The Ninth Grade War of Pie broke out. Nobody actually know how that little misunderstanding got it’s name. “Savory pies are better! Like pheasant, or chicken.” Mayu stated.

“Bird pie? Gross! You just can’t beat Key lime! It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Flower said stubbornly. “Sensei?” Lumi asked. “What is this thing called pie, and what does it taste like?” “Boston cream!” “No! Peach!” “Strawberry!” “Rhubarb!!!” “Rhubarb? Yuck.” The class was out of of control. Apparently, most everyone present had a strong opinion on which was the best pie. If this continued, they’d never finish the lesson. Correction, they’d never start the lesson, much less finish it. Yuraika looked over at Kiyoteru. His eyes were practically spinning in his head. Uh-oh. Yuraika thought. He has no idea what to do. “What’s your favorite kind of pie, Sensei?” Tianyi asked sweetly. Kiyoteru continued to look puzzled. “Me? Oh, umm… any pie my grandmother used to make. Cherry, blueberry, apple, you name it, and she could make it. She was an excellent baker. Everybody thought so. At one point in time, she even considered opening her own bake shop. But with as much income that came into the house, being as low as it was, she just couldn’t afford it. Being the resourceful woman she was, she held cooking and baking classes at her house and made the money that way. By the time she had enough to open up a bakery, she was too old. But her star student wasn’t. With her help, he was able to open up a successful little shop. Mrs. Hiyama’s bakery. He named it in honor of my grandmother, who is now deceased.” He smiled warmly. Wait a second. Yuraika thought. That’s the name of my dad’s shop. I didn’t know he was Kiyoteru’s grandmother’s student. Maybe our families have known each other longer than I thought. I don’t think I ever met her. I only remember seeing his grandfather at the chapel. Yuraika was suddenly awakened from her thoughts by Akari saying, “Mmmmm, pie…” She was drooling the slightest bit. She had almost forgotten! Class needed to get back on track! If it didn’t, Kiyoteru-san would probably get into a lot of trouble. The noise and confusion continued on. Yuraika casually walked over to the giant blackboard. Picking up the chalk, she wrote the word ‘pi’ and the equation. IA saw what she was doing, and realized she needed to help get the class’ attention. She cupped her hands around her mouth, and yelled, “Hey! Asaki-chan has something to say!” The room went dead silent. All eyes turned to look at Yuraika. “Pi.” She said pointing to the word. “It’s spelled p-i, not p-i-e. Before Kiyo, uh, Sensei continues, I’d like to say this; we should be ashamed of ourselves. We’ve taken up a good fifteen minutes of class time that should be used for learning, not chatting. We also took advantage of the fact that

Hiyama-sensei is a brand-new teacher, who’s has little experience dealing with rowdy teens. No offense, Sensei. We are his first students, and we should strive to be the best. We want him to look back twenty years from now and remember us and how good we were for him, am I wrong?” The majority shook their heads. Yuraika felt satisfied with her speech, so she went back to sit down at her desk. “Way to go, Yu-chi!” Akari cheered. “I’m totally voting for you for class president.” Matcha said. “Me too.” Mirai and Tianyi said.

Yuraika blushed. She hadn’t meant to put on a show, she only wanted to help Kiyoteru-san out. “Thank you, Asaki-san.” Kiyoteru said.

Of course math went late, and of course Gakupo wasn’t pleased about it, but by the way everyone was smiling when he came in, he could tell something weird had happened, so he didn’t ask.


Kaito had the students run five laps again. This time was a little better than the first. Oliver and his stretching buddy made their stack taller by adding Hime and Mikoto. Uta Piko couldn’t take the extra weight. The tower fell over. They laughed it off, and continued to stretch. Kyo and Roro had another competition. Roro lost again. Hio had to sit the laps out. Kaito didn’t want to risk Hio injuring himself further. While Hio was a little disappointed to miss out on the ‘fun’, he had the opportunity to talk to Yukari. The two got along well.


Luka had each student stand up and read a portion of the assigned chapter from their book. Fukase was supposed to take notes. He was really bad at it though. He never knew what to write down. So instead of writing anything, he drew quick sketches of what he thought the scene looked like. Yuraika could hear Fukase’s pencil continuously moving behind her. After class, she took a peep behind her at his drawings. They were really good. She was about to compliment him when he got up and left, taking his pretty pictures with him.


“Alright everyone! Listen up, ’cause you know how I feel about repeating myself.” Gakupo said, somewhat grumpily. “Please assemble in the formation.” Luka said in her sugary sweet voice. The group was huddled in a somewhat small room. It was one of the many music rooms at the school. The room was rectangular.

It was bright with afternoon sunlight pouring in through the windows on the far wall. A circle of chairs sat in the middle. On the short wall next to the door, was a large blackboard with a score and notes drawn on it. Luka passed a sheet of paper to everyone. “This is the song we will be practicing today. It’s called ‘Sayonara’. It’s easy to sing, and it’s very pretty to listen to. It’s not usually a duet, but Gakupo-san split up the lyrics so now it’ll work for two. Wasn’t that nice of him?” She patted him on the head. Gakupo smiled.

“Okay! Here are your matchups;  Len and Yuraika, Fukase and Azuki, Uta Piko and Hime, Hio and Mizki, and, uh-oh, Oliver has no partner. How about Oliver and Len? Would you be okay with that, Len?” Len gave her a thumbs-up. Yuraika was not pleased. Why of all people did she have to sing with Len? He was totally going to hold it against her. He’d probably start weird rumors about how perfect they were together, and how he could feel the sparks flying with each note. She shivered. Yuck. Luka played the song a couple of times so they could familiarize themselves with it. Plugging her phone into the speaker, Luka said, “Len and Yuraika, why don’t you start us off?” Len grabbed Yuraika’s hand. “Len and Yuraika. It has a nice ring to it.” Yuraika smacked his hand away. A bright red hue colored her pale cheeks. “Don’t be weird. Next time, it’ll be your face, not your hand.” She puffed. Fukase snickered.

“Let’s go ahead and start.” Luka instructed. Yuraika drew in a quick breath. Then she began to sing with the music. “Tooku kikoeru namioto hibiiteta.” then came Len’s part. “Nakidashi souna sora watashi o tsutsunda.” Len stared deeply into her eyes. She fixed her gaze upon her sheet. She tried not to show how embarrassed she was when they had to sing in unison. “Yasashii uso demo kimochi wa yureru no, kawaranai… imademo… kimi no koto omou yo.” Len grabbed her hands as they sang the last line. “Sayonara… arigato… sayonara…” He smiled brightly at her. Their faces were only five inches away from each other. Yuraika’s sapphire eyes sparkled in the light. Len was mesmerized by them. They were so clear and so dazzling. He wanted to lose himself in them. Yuraika gazed into is beautiful turquoise eyes. They were absolutely exquisite. They were filled with honesty, compassion, and quite a bit of mischief. Len puckered his lips in anticipation of a sweet kiss. Yuraika turned away. Why’s he looking at me like that? Is he going to kiss me…? Would that be so bad…? Eww, no! What am I thinking?! Especially not here in class! He’s an idol boy, he doesn’t care about me specifically! He’s probably like this with everyone else. She frowned.

Without another thought, she slapped him clear across the cheek. Lightly. She didn’t want to hurt him, she just wanted to… teach him a lesson. Yeah, that was it.

Len recoiled at her touch. “Ouch! What’d you do that for?!” He held his own hand over the red mark. “Ohhh. Hehe. You like me, don’t you?” He tittered. The rest of the class awkwardly watched them. There was a short pause.

Uta Piko’s face lit up. “Len loves Yu-chaaaaaaan! Mwuh! Mwuh!” He teased, trying to make kissing noises. Oliver began to recite a song he had memorized when he was very young, “Len and Yu-chan, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!” Hio, Luka, and Fukase erupted with laughter. (He sang the song in English, so those three were they only ones who understood what he was saying, aside from Yuraika and Len, whole didn’t think it was funny in the least.) “I wish.” Len stated. He mischievously grinned. Leaning in super close, he half-whispered in Yuraika’s ear,“Wanna go find ourselves a tree?” Argh! Stupid Kagamine Len! Why was he so annoying?! “Don’t make me hit you again!” Yuraika yelled, half embarrassed, and half angry. Gakupo tore Len away from Yuraika. “That’s enough of… whatever that was.” He said firmly. Kids these days. Always with the jokes.

Luka clapped her hands together. “You both did very good! Well done!” Gakupo was extremely grateful for her changing the subject. Next was Fukase and Azuki. They were amazing together. Thankfully this time wasn’t nearly as awkward.

Uta Piko and Hime had a lot of fun during their turn. Originally, they had switched papers and had began to sing each other’s parts, Uta Piko singing an octave higher, and Hime singing an octave lower. Gakupo made them do it correctly.

Hio was very apprehensive about a duet with Mizki. He was afraid that Roro would be furious if he found out. Hio couldn’t afford to have his other wrist broken.

Mizki assured him that nothing of the sort would happen. She’d make sure of it.

By the way she started cracking her knuckles, Yuraika figured Mizki was referring to pounding Roro if he did.

Then it was Oliver’s turn. He was a teensy bit afraid that Len might try to kiss him like he did Yuraika. But that was crazy, and he knew it. He sucked in a gallon of air and initiated with the lyrics, “Tooku kikoeru namioto hibiiteta.” It started off okay, until they reached, “Yumemita sekai wa masshiro na kyanpasu de.” Oliver wasn’t familiar with a couple of the words and he stumbled over pronunciation.

He sang, “Yumemita sekai wa masa-hiro na kyumpes de.” “Stop.” Gakupo commanded. The music immediately stoped. Oliver’s body stiffened. He knew he had messed up. “That wasn’t bad, but the lyrics read, ‘Yumemita sekai wa masshiro na kyanpasu de’, not ‘Yumemita sekai wa masa-hiro na kyumpes de’.

I’m pretty sure ‘kyumpes’ isn’t a word. Try again. You’ll get it this time.”

Luka started the music back up. Oliver did pronounce that line perfectly, but his timing was off in some sections, and he stumbled over a few other words.

He had to restart two more times. Len completely lost his patience.

When he had to restart again, he decided he would speed things up a bit, and just cover Oliver’s part for him. And that is what he did. He took over the whole thing.

Oliver didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t sing over Len because he was too quiet.

“Halt, please.” Gakupo said. “Len. Follow me.” He said rising to his feet.

Len slowly followed his teacher into the hallway. Hio and Mizki shared a concerned knowing look. “Uh-oh.” Luka muttered.

Gakupo scowled at his student. Len swallowed hard. He knew he was in big trouble. “What… was that about? Who told you you could cut in like that?”

It felt like the walls were closing in, and there was no escape for Len.

“I thought I’d help the poor kid out. He certainly wasn’t going to get it on his own.” Len smirked. “How do you know? He almost had it. I’m sure he would have done much better. I guess we will never know, thanks to you. That’s beside the point. You have no respect for your classmates or for your teachers. That’s a problem.

If you don’t fix your attitude, you’re going to get into a lot of trouble that your charm can’t get you out of.” Gakupo let that sink in a bit before he continued.

That couldn’t possibly be right. He was Kagamine Len. No one ever got on to Kagamine Len. Ever. He knew he was wrong. He was feeling pretty guilty, and very embarrassed. He was so upset he wanted to scream. Instead of expressing his true feelings, he exploded in an inferno of rage. “What do you know?! I’m freaking Kagamine Len! Everyone one on this dumb planet loves me! Except you,’cause you’re always picking on me! Cut me some slack, will ya?!” Without thinking what he was doing, Len took off down the hall. Dramatic, isn’t he?

Resting against the large willow in the garden, was a mopey Len. He quietly ran his fingers through the soft grass. He was completely silent for a short moment. The stillness made the pang of guilt in his heart increase. The shade of the willow was cool, but the looming branches overhead made him feel small and insignificant.

He knew he shouldn’t have interrupted Oliver, or yelled at his sensei, or especially run off. Holding his legs to his chest, he began to sing the melancholic Self-Inflicted Achromatic, “konna boku ga ikiteru dake de, nanmannin no hito ga kanashinde dare mo boku o nozomanai sonna sekai dattara ii non…” Perhaps Sensei was right. Len thought. Maybe he should’ve taken his advice seriously, instead of run off in a tizzy. “Konna boku ga kiechau dake de, an'okunin no hito ga yorokonde, dare mo nani mo nikumanai nara, sonna ureshii koto wa nai na…” He shouldn’t have been so mean about it though. Len was a first year. How was he supposed to know all the rules? How dare he speak to him like that. “Not only am I Len, I’m super famous.” He muttered under his breath. “I’ll make him pay for treating me like dirt!” He slammed his clenched fist into the tree. Before he did that, he was going to soak up every last drop of sympathy from his fangirls. Especially Yu-chan. She’d be sure to spoil him. How could he twist the story to make him sound like the victim? “There you are!” Yuraika yelled running over to him. “Speak of the devil.” Len chuckled. “Yu-chaaan.” He whined. Now standing at his side, Yuraika plopped down next to him. Smoothing her skirt over her legs, she said, “You must have a good reason to ditch us in the middle of class, yes?” A hint of agitation underlined her tone. Darn it, she was mad. “Mmm, yes.” Len replied bluntly. “A very good reason.” A look of shock crossed Yuraika’s face. “Oh. What is it?” Completely blowing off her question, he said, “Yu-chan, I’m in a lot of pain.”

She looked the boy up and down. He didn’t seem to be hurt. “Really? Where?”

He suddenly pulled her forward on to his chest. “Right here. In my heart. Sensei hurt me.” He wound his arms tightly around her. A small smile curled at his lips.

“Pity me.” He whispered in her ear. She tore herself away forcefully. “Don’t touch me, idiot!” She thumped him on the head. “What’s wrong with you?” She puffed.

He laughed heartily. “You know you love me.” He smirked. She was about to slap him silly, when she suddenly remembered why she had gone to look for him.

“We need to get back to class. Megurine-sensei is worried about you.”

“Naturally. She is a woman, and I am-” “Kagamine Len, after all. I know.” Yuraika interrupted. “You say that a lot. That’s your new catchphrase now.” She shrugged. He did say it a lot. It was better than his old catchphrase, which was, “All for Len, and Len for all.” That was just totally cringe, and kind of embarrassing. Yuraika always wanted to know what all was for Len, and what was he all for? Her best guess was all the attention was for Len, and Len was all for the attention. She was probably right. “Aren’t you going to ask how Sensei injured my poor heart?” Len asked out of the blue. Yuraika gathered her long hair in a ponytail. “No.” She responded cooly. “You ruined your chances of my sympathy with that hug.”

She turned her face away from him. Len snatched the hairband from her fingers.

He speedily braided the chestnut locks. Pulling a ribbon from his pocket, and tying it into a bow around her hair, he said, “ There. Isn’t that cute on you?” It was very flattering on her. “T-thank you. I- wait. Where did you learn to braid hair?” She asked inquisitively. Her flustered smile transformed into a questioning frown.

“Easy. Rin and Miku. A couple years back, my imouto, er, Rin-chan taught me how, and Miku-chan let me practice on her every day. They convinced me that knowing how to do hair was an attractive skill for a guy to have.

Miku was always asking me to curl her hair, or do a single French braid, or style it to look like a big bow. Now that I think about it, Rin never did her own hair once I knew how… *gasps* they were using me! Attractive skills, yeah right! Stupid lazy sister of mine! I bet it was all her idea!” He began to grumble something indistinguishable. Yuraika laughed hysterically. “Aren’t you the smart one to realize it… and it only took you a couple of years!” She mocked. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him to his feet, and said, “C’mon! Everybody’s waiting for us.”

Len hesitated. He didn’t want to go back. He knew what was waiting for him. A lecture. He did not want that. Perhaps he could stay under the tree the rest of the day. He couldn’t do that. The fangirls would worry, and come looking for him. While he could hide them in the tree too, they’d start talking, and give away his position. Whatever happened, of this he was sure; he was not going to apologize. In his mind, he hadn’t done anything wrong. “Yeah… I’m good. You go on ahead.”

Yuraika dropped his hand. “What’s wrong?” How was he supposed to tell her he

was too ashamed, and too prideful to go back. “It’s almost over anyway.

You go on ahead. You give Megurine-sensei my apologies. Thanks.”

Yuraika left it at that. Len would probably start another conflict. And this time, Len wouldn’t get off so easily.



“Me first! Me first! Me fiiiiiirst!” Uta Piko shouted, waving a piece of paper with his three things that made him happy on it in the air. The seven were seated in the usual half-circle. Things were still a bit tense between Oliver Yuraika, and Len. Fukase didn’t dare to say a word. Roro’s mind was intently focused on Hio. He didn’t say much either. Uta Piko and Kiyoteru were blissfully unaware of the day’s hardships.

“Go for it.” Kiyoteru said. Uta Piko drew in a long breath. Roro rolled his eyes. This was going to be long-winded. “Dancing, NND, and friends make me happy.” He said causally. Yuraika was pleasantly surprised. He actually kept a sentence under fifty words. Roro begrudgingly went next. “I like sugar. A lot. Anything from parfaits to soufflés give me somewhat positive vibes. I’m not supposed to have much of it though. Music makes me happy too. Oh, and probably hanging with Hio. That counts as an experience, right?” The answer to his inquiry was yes.

“Cute clothes, chocolate, and puppies.” Yuraika said satisfied. Three things she liked that were not totally embarrassing. Oliver turned a deep shade of red when he said his. “James, he’s my pet bird. Cozy sweaters, because it’s like wearing a hug, and hugs, because they’re like wearing a sweater.” Yuraika’s soft heart melted.

How adorable! “Come here, Oliver-kun. I’ll give you a hug, you little cutie.”

She squished the boy so tightly that his face started to turn purple. Len folded his arms across his chest. “Oh, so it’s fine if he wants a hug, but if I even think about touching you, you hit me. I see how it is.” Roro thought Len’s pettiness was kind of funny. “That’s because Oliver is a cute, innocent little boy, and you’re… not.”

He stated nonchalantly. “Enough about him. My turn.” Fukase grunted. “Books, online games and my pet Point. That’s what makes me happy.” “Point?” Yuraika asked. “What kind of animal is he?” She didn’t know he had a pet. To be fair, she didn’t know much about him at all. Fukase thought for a moment.

Then he said, “I don’t really know. Here’s a picture of him.” He pulled out his phone. The other six stared hard at the photo. “IDK what that that thing is, but he’s so adorable!” Uta Piko said. His pupils were sparkling. All eyes turned to Len. “What?” He stupidly asked.  Roro sighed. “It’s your turn, Blonde. Spill it.” Oh no. Len had completely forgotten about the assignment. “Th-three things that make me happy…? Uhh, well, you see… uhh, it’s a funny story, really. I… kinda, sorta, totally didn’t do it. Hehe, yeah… whoops.” It’d be okay though. Kiyoteru wasn’t going to get on to him, right? Wrong. “Len. I gave you one simple task. I don’t think I was asking too much of you.” Kiyoteru’s kind face wore an upset expression. “What is your excuse this time? I’m sure you have one.” Roro butted in. “He is Kagamine Len, the prince of excuses.” He teased. That was it. Len couldn’t take any more judgment or ridicule.

“Well you know what I don’t like? Little goody two-shoes, like that baby, Oliver, and halfwit, Uta Piko. I don’t like sarcastic idiots like you two jerks,” he pointed at Roro and Fukase. He got up and stalked over to the door. “And I especially hate this dumb Problem club and everyone in it!!!”

A frightening hush fell over the room. Oliver broke the silence when he burst into a fit of tears, which looked really weird because one of his eyes had a bandage over it. Uta Piko jumped out of his seat and ran to Oliver’s side. Roro scooted over so Uta Piko could sit next to his crying friend. “It’s okay, Ol-Ol. He didn’t mean it.” He turned his wet eyes up at Len. “Right?” Len scowled back at him. Glaring, Roro said, “Get out of here before I tear you to into pieces.”

Len looked over his shoulder at Yuraika. “Come on, baby. Let’s go.”

A tear ran down Yuraika’s cheek. “Just go.” Her comment startled him. He thought for sure she’d chew him out on calling her his baby. She must really be hurt.

Something inside Len twisted. He wanted to admit he was wrong. He wanted to apologize and make things right. He wanted to hide in the dark and cry. What he did was this; he hesitated a moment before slinking away to the garden, feeling terribly guilty and all alone.