Uta Kumi 575 (うた組み575), translated as Song Builder 575, is a PS Vita game for Project 575.


Uta Kumi was released on 23rd Jan, 2014. The game was playable at Tokyo Game Show. Then on 17th Dec, 2013 a demo was released for the game but was restricted to being distributed to only 200,000 PS Vitas. It is said to feature 2 songs in it.[1]

The game can be purchased with a CD of the music featured for 7,350¥ or with limited edition merchandise for 9,500¥.



This game features the two girls Masaoka Azuki and Kobayashi Matcha.

The game is classified as a song building action game, and combines elements from rhythm game and a word puzzle game. The player at various points in the song can choose what lyrics to make the girls sing. The player is also required to tab "beats" on the screen in rhythm of the song.[2]

The songs for the game were worked on by multiple famous producers.

  • "PSVITA用ソフト「うた組み575」発表会公開ムービー "
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  • "PS VITA用ソフト「うた組み575」 東京ゲームショウ2013ムービー "
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  • "PSVita用ソフト「うた組み575」 完成プロモーションムービー "
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The game possesses a lite version of the VOCALOID2 engine and uses actual Vocaloid voicebanks for lyrics. It is one of the few known examples of the lite VOCALOID2 engine.


Featured producersEdit

Jesus-P (Wonderful Opportunity), add9, azuma, cosMo, Deadball-P, Dixie Flatline, Fuwari-P, Hitoshizuku-P x やま△, Lamaze-P, natsu-P (SCL Project), Otetsu, Peperon-P, Pinocchio-P, Dios/Signal-P, Toraboruta-P, マイナスP, 亜沙, 鳩女 うたう文芸サークル

Song listEdit

These are the songs featured in 575 Utakumi that the player is able to adjust the lyrics to in the game.

Japanese, Romaji English Linkage Producer
01 飛び出せ授業 Tobidase Jugyō NND/YT Lamaze-P
02 Go!sHicHi!Go! Go!sHicHi!Go! NND/YT cosMo
03 六月の太陽 Rokugatsu No Taiyō NND/YT daniwellP
04 あじさいのはながさくころ Ajisai No Hana Ga Saku Koro NND/YT Peperon-P
05 レンアイゲーム Renaigēmu / Love Game NND/YT natsu-P (SCL Project)
06 summer ring summer ring NND/YT 亜沙
07 なつやすみ Natsu Yasumi NND/YT Signal-P
08 ふりさけみれば Furisakemire Ba NND/YT Dixie Flatline
09 オソロシ夜 Osoroshi Yoru NND/YT 鳩女 うたう文芸サークル
10 かみかくし Kamikakushi NND/YT 鳩女 うたう文芸サークル
11 月読遊戯 Tsukiyomi Yūgi NND/YT Jesus-P Wonderful☆Opportunity
12 セピア Sepia NND/YT Otetsu
13 絶愛のシンフォニア Zeaai No Shinfonia NND/YT マイナスP
14 とりっくおあとりーと Torikkuo A Torito / Trick or Treat NND/YT やま△
15 くつひもをほどいたら Kutsu Himo O Hodoi Tara NND/YT Fuwari-P
16 それともおやつ? Soretomo O Yatsu? NND/YT azuma
17 瞬き Mabataki NND/YT add9
18 顔面クリスマスケーキ Ganmen Kurisumasu Kēki NND/YT Deadball-P
19 ストレンジアニマル Sutorenjianimaru / Strange Animal NND/YT Pinocchio-P
20 なんという世の中なのさ Nanto Iu Yononaka Na No Sa YT 鳩女 うたう文芸サークル
21 箱庭ディストピア Hakoniwa Disutopia YT Toraboruta-P


  • Illegal cracking lead to the discovery of the engine version the two girls use for their lyrics in the game. However, the importation of the two voicebanks into VOCALOID3 was not within the Licensing Agreement of VOCALOID. In addition, while the quality of the voicebanks is suitable for this games purposes, compared to VOCALOID3 and later voicebanks, the quality is lower then most of the other VOCALOID voicebanks producers can access, save those of other app related versions of Vocaloid except Mobile VOCALOID Editor and later apps.



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