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====Individual vocals====
====Individual vocals====
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|-|V3 Gackpoid; Native = {{GackpoidV3/Gackpoid; Native}}
|-|V3 Gackpoid Native = {{GackpoidV3/Gackpoid Native}}
|-|V3 Gackpoid; Whisper = {{GackpoidV3/Gackpoid; Whisper}}
|-|V3 Gackpoid Whisper = {{GackpoidV3/Gackpoid Whisper}}
|-|V3 Gackpoid; Power = {{GackpoidV3/Gackpoid; Power}}
|-|V3 Gackpoid Power = {{GackpoidV3/Gackpoid Power}}

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This is an article about the V3 Gackpoid software for the VOCALOID3 engine. Gackpoid is the product name for VOCALOID Camui Gackpo.


Internet Co., Ltd didn't announce at first if Gackpo would be extended like Gumi, however, they confirmed if there is a demand for it they would consider producing one. Later it was confirmed all of Internet co., Ltd's VOCALOID2 voicebanks would receive a VOCALOID3 update.

V3 Gackpoid 2012

During the Vocafarre, it was revealed that Gackpo's update would follow Lily's.

Gackpo has several voicebanks in his Extend. "Power","Whisper", and "Native" are the 3 voicebanks confirmed in the booklet of the CD, Kamuizm (Kamui Musou, 神威夢奏). This information was gathered from a interview with Mr. Murakami.[1]

In May it was noted that more triphones were added then ever before to Gackpoid's "native" vocal, causing significant improvements over the VOCALOID2 version.[2]

In June 2012, it was mentioned were being worked upon and vocal fixes were occurring.[3] Consonants were also being checked against the addition of the triphones, the waveforms of the native vocal were being swapped around to see if they improved the quality of the vocal.[4]

Later it was revealed that V3 Gackpoid was going to be released on July 13, 2012. Members of the website Dears could receive a different version this package if they bought it before June 26, 2012 23:00. This version is more expensive, has different boxart, and includes some bonus extras. Only members who had joined no later then March 15, 2012 could order the product. It was shipped in July.[5]

Mac Update

In July 2013, Internet co.,Ltd announced a Mac update of this product for the VOCALOID NEO engine.[6]

Product Information



Never (short version)
Never (full version)
Never (DEARS Promotional Video)
Trap of Love
Eternal feel


  • OS: Windows 8 (32/64bit), Windows 7 (32/64bit) / Vista (32bit) / XP (32bit)
    • works in 32bit compatibility mode (WOW64) in 8/7 64bit versions of Windows.
  • CPU: Celeron Dual Core 2.1 GHz or more
  • RAM: 1GB or more
  • Free space of 200MB or more Hard Disk
  • In addition for each vocal you need;
    • +200 MB 2GB: NATIVE
    • +200 MB 2GB: POWER
    • +200 MB 2GB: WHISPER

Voicebank Libraries

Individual vocals

A trial version has been released of this product.


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