VOCALINA (보카리나) is a "text to speech" singing synthesizer and DAW for personal music-related content. It was developed in October 2011 by TGENS Co., Ltd. In October 2018, it will cease service.


VOCALINA Studio was first revealed before it was released with some interest-building events. After the first BETA 1.1 release, there were contests for songs and art that built the community. The community activities took place largely on Cafe Naver , but has since moved to another page on the same site. Once VOCALINA had been upgraded to version 2.0.16, the BETA got dropped from the name; it was now considered stable. The most recent version is 2.3.2, only featuring the vocalist Khylin. The program is Korean and relies solely on Hangul (Hanja isn't supported) input when using the singing synthesis. It has similar Parameters to that of many Piano Roll-styled MIDI Editors such as Pitch, Velocity, and Dynamics. VST effects like Reverb (REV), Equalizer (EQ), and Echo (ECO) are also listed as Parameters for mixing convenience. Select VSTs bundled within the Studio can be used within the VST Editor. Since it is a DAW in addition to a singing synthesizer, one is able to mix the vocals in real time.

The program launched with VORA, an idol living under cover as a high school girl. When SeeU, a Korean VOCALOID created around the same time VORA was released, there was brief rivalry between the two products. However, since then VORA has performed alongside SeeU in many songs.[1]

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VORA in "Star Arrival" by 연하 (Yeonna), was her first performance in front of a live audience, immediately followed by "Abandoned" by 세시린 (Sesilin).

5일 (5days) is a popular producer who frequently produces VOCALINA singles and occasionally makes rearrange covers. 파타 (Pata) is also a notable user who makes high quality VOCALINA covers and arranges, along with "Ice Sheep".

Khylin hasn't starred in any concerts as of 2018, nor does she have an official Album or Webcomic. Yet, she has featured in many songs since her release.


Illu Vocalina


Choi Bora 최보라 (known by her stage name VORA 보라) was the first VOCALINA vocalist, and can be used for free in VOCALINA Studio, no purchase necessary. She was retired[2] due to being incompatible with the new 2.3.0 update of the engine, but is still available with the 2.2.0 version. Her official demo song is Dream (드림). VORA's Official Album that served as her introduction demo is called "Kiss My Life", like her webcomic of the same name. It is available to be listened to here.

Her favorite activities are singing, texting, and making phone calls. Her hobbies are listening to music and solving puzzles. Her "special skills" are organizing and managing blogs. She dislikes loud noises and raw ingredients. She is the only child in her family. She has a webcomic about her rise to stardom called Kiss My Life by Taeyang. (It's written in Korean.)

Age: 17 / Height: 160 cm / Weight: 43 kg / Birthday: March 20 / Blood Type: AB
Vocal Range: C4~F5 / Tempo: 70~180 BPM / Voice Provider: Unknown

Korea vocalina by seeufankorean-d5jpr72


Khylin (formerly KHylin) 카일린 is the second VOCALINA vocalist. Her demo was first revealed on August 17, 2012 and in the video, her name is stylized as "THE KHYLIN". You can hear the demo here, but there is no indication of the song having a title. Her voice provider has sung with VORA before development, a notable duet is here. Khylin comes with every 2.0 version of VOCALINA Studio, but she is only being offered for free in version 2.3.2.

Khylin doesn't have any special information regarding her identity. This implies she does not have a place in VORA's "Kiss My Life" world and exists solely as an isolated vocalist.

Age: 16 / Birthday: July 28
Vocal Range: E3~E5 / Tempo: 70~150 BPM / Voice Provider: Hyo Bae Park

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Romaji/English Seung-in (Rising Girl)
Featuring VORA & SeeU
Category Original song


Example of VORA And SeeU singing an approved duet together
Featuring UNI & Khylin
Category Original Song
Featuring VORA
Category Original song
Featuring VORA
Sesilin (세시린)
Category Concert cover


The single "Abandoned" was performed LIVE at one of SeeU's concerts.



  • In terms of the quality of singing results, the engine produces a large amount of noise, despite the noise reduction engine implemented into the program. This is likely due to the synthesis method itself being Diphonetic Synthesis, a type of concatenative speech synthesis notorious for sonic glitches. Many users of singing synthesizers are familiar with this type of synthesis, as it is used in singing synthesizers like UTAU.
  • On September 25, 2017, it was announced by the CEO (Kang Woo-Mo) that VOCALINA's Service would be terminated on October 1, 2017. Contrary to this, on the 29th of September in 2017, the CEO announced they would work to extend the service for one more year, as thanks to the community for their encouragement and support. Additionally, VOCALINA would be free to use until the service expired.
  • Normally, in order to use Khylin, a user must buy a "ticket" from the VOCALINA website, which grants them usage of her voice for a month at minimum, and a year at maximum. After the period has ended, the user needs to renew the service by buying another ticket if they want to continue using Khylin.
  • The reason of VORA's exclusion from VOCALINA 2.3 seemed to be less because of compatibility and more of the dissatisfaction the head developer felt with her.
  • VOCALINA Studio being similar to VOCALOID3 caused Crypton Future Media and TGENS to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. (2010.02)
  • VOCALINA Studio 2.3.2 featured the first stable implementation of "Pitch Bends", but did not get rid of the obsolete PIT Parameter that was supposed to serve the same purpose.


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