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VOCALOID6 (commonly shortened to "V6") is the successor to the VOCALOID5 engine by the company YAMAHA Corporation. VOCALOID6 is equipped with VOCALOID:AI, which utilizes new AI technology, to achieve more natural and expressive singing voice synthesis.

The software was released on October 13, 2022.


VOCALOID6 was announced and released on the same day on October 13, 2022 by the Yamaha Corporation following the announcement of server maintenance also scheduled on October 13, 2022.[1] The software made its debut with a set of 4 new vocalists SARAH, ALLEN, HARUKA, and AKITO and also included the VOCALOID5 voicebanks Amy, Chris, Kaori, and Ken.[2] VOCALOID6 was made available for digital download on the official VOCALOID SHOP and was clarified that no physical product would be shipped.[3]


  • Ver 6.0.1 was a general stability fix as well as fixing a few bugs and screen display issues as well as improving sequence editing operations.[4]
  • Ver 6.0.2 fixed an issue with the "trial period ended" message appearing on the day of installation in regions where Daylight Savings Time is effective.[5]
  • Ver 6.0.3 fixed a crash issue on Mac and a bug causing projects having parts starting with specific lyrics denying to open.[6]
  • Ver 6.1.0 added support for Mandarin Chinese song synthesis, improved synthesis quality of singing voices, improved display of phonetic symbol conversion suggestions when entering lyrics, improved pronunciation of short notes, fixed bugs, improved stability and performance, and added support authorization and deauthorization of VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 products.[7]
  • Ver 6.1.1 fixed bugs and improved stability.[8]
  • Ver 6.2.0 added a feature to customize keyboard shortcuts, added a feature to insert silences between the selection range, added a feature to revert a project to the last saved version, added a feature to select the character of encoding of lyrics when importing or exporting MIDI files, added support for mono wave files in multi-track audio mixdown, improved phonetic symbol suggestions when entering lyrics over multiple notes, changed ruler display format to Bar/Beat in Wave Editor, fixed bugs, and improved stability and performance.[9]
  • Ver 6.2.1 fixed a bug where the default time signature, tempo and main volume events were deleted, fixed general bugs, and improved stability and performance.[10][11]
  • Ver 6.2.2 fixed a crash when opening certain wav files.[12]
  • Ver 6.3.0 improved Synthesis quality, added new Character parameter to VOCALOID:AI, improved Expression to be edited via parameters, improved Vibrato tool in VOCALOID:AI part, and added Take variations. Fixed other bugs, improved stability and performance.[13]
  • Ver 6.3.1 fixed a bug where Singing Skill in VOCALOID part was not loaded correctly on Windows.[14]
  • Ver 6.3.2 fixed a bug that delayed the rendering process on macOS Sonoma, as well as another bug that prevented editing lyrics under certain conditions.[15]
  • Ver 6.4.0 improved the synthesis speed by partial rendering, added a "Paste Special" feature as well as 8 jobs for note editing (Resolve overlaps, Split, note, Divide note equally, Extract lyrics, Join notes, Staccato, Transpose, and Insert rest), and fixed other unspecified bugs along with improving stability and performance.[16][17]


  • OS: 64-bit; Windows 10 and 11 (Version 22H2 or later); macOS 11 (Big Sur), 12 (Monterey), 13 (Ventura), 14 (Sonoma)
  • CPU: Haswell (4th generation) or later Intel Core series or Xeon series; Apple Silicon
  • RAM: At least 8 GB
  • HDD: At least 25 GB
  • Other: Audio device, internet connection (for authentication, deauthentication, software updates, etc.)
  • Monitor Size:
    • Minimum Display Size: 1366 x 768

Additional Installation Notes[]

Note these requirements only apply to the VOCALOID6 engine itself. Users need to check each VOCALOID package and its requirements before installation as some variation may occur between releases. When used as a VST/AU together with a DAW, the operating requirements of the DAW must also be met at the same time.

The license, much like in VOCALOID3 + NEO, VOCALOID4, and VOCALOID5 still allows the user to install on either Windows or Mac, though they can only have one or the other. The software must be uninstalled from its current OS to be able to install on the opposing one. However, note that regardless, only one license of VOCALOID6 is given upon purchase, therefore VOCALOID6 cannot be installed on multiple computers at the same time. This is the same for all voicebanks as well as the engine so while the user can have the installation on either Windows or Mac, they cannot install it on both or multiple computers.[18]

Similar to the installation of VOCALOID5, VOCALOID6 installs according to the version of the OS, meaning an English OS will result in the VOCALOID6 interface being in English when installed. Users wanting the software in any other language have to change their language OS to force VOCALOID6 to be installed in that language. This is different to VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 where the language was selected upon installation.[19]

HARUKA is the default vocal for VOCALOID6 and the engine will always revert back to her voicebank if an issue occurs, though this can be changed to other vocalists if the user doesn't want her to be the default vocalist. Users can also set the default vocalist for the VOCALOID:AI track and VOCALOID TRACK individually.[20]



Vocal libraries released for the VOCALOID6 engine.

Starter packs[]

Starter packs are VOCALOID6 releases that are sold with the VOCALOID6 engine included. The idea is this cheapens the first vocal a producer buys for the engine. Not all normal releases for VOCALOID6 have been given starter packs. Below is a list of vocals that have been sold as "starter" vocals.

VOCALOID6 PLUS Voice Bank Campaign

VOCALOID6 PLUS Voice Bank Campaign

VOCALOID6 Starter Packs, labeled as a "VOCALOID6 PLUS VOICEBANK SET" when purchased from the official VOCALOID SHOP include the VOCALOID6 engine as well as copies of SARAH, ALLEN, HARUKA, & AKITO and the VOCALOID5 vocals Amy, Chris, Kaori, & Ken. Purchasing from the Japanese VOCALOID SHOP allows users the option of purchasing the VOCALOID6 Editor in addition to one to two additional voicebanks at a 10% discount of the normal purchase price, excluding the upgrade discount, during the campaign period.[21] On the English VOCALOID SHOP, users have the option to select one of the current available PLUS VOICEBANK SET options, currently including: AI Megpoid, Po-uta and Fuiro.[22]

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Announced Vocals[]

Announced Vocals for the VOCALOID software. Names and images presented are placeholders and may not reflect the final product when complete. We urge readers be considerate and careful when supporting unconfirmed projects, especially if they ask for financial endorsement.

Trial Version[]

A trial version of VOCALOID6 was released the same day of its release including the base four vocals, usable for up to 31 days.[23]

Additional Notes[]

Examples of Usage[]

An example of solfège using VOCALOID6 technology. See also, a listing of vocal stats here.

To contribute an example- see this blog entry to download the VSQx.

AI Megpoid Po-uta
Fuiro KYO V6
AI Otomachi Una (Sugar) SAKURA
LUCAS Hibiki Koto
Shiki Rowen

New Features[]

For a list of VOCALOID6s new parameters see Parameters

In addition to importing VOCALOID5 vocals, VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 vocals can also be imported.

As previously mentioned, all new purchases of VOCALOID6 from the official VOCALOID website come with four VOCALOID6 voicebanks: SARAH, ALLEN, HARUKA, and AKITO, as well as the four starting VOCALOID5 voicebanks Amy, Chris, Kaori, & Ken. This is reminiscent of VOCALOID5's debut with the inclusion of the VOCALOID5 STANDARD bundle, including Amy, Chris, Kaori, and Ken as well as the VOCALOID5 PREMIUM bundle including VY1 (VOCALOID5), VY2 (VOCALOID5), CYBER DIVA II and CYBER SONGMAN II.

VOCALOID6 offers new features including:

  • VOCALOID:AI: VOCALOID6 features VOCALOID:AI, an AI-based technology for generating a highly expressive singing voice that’s more natural than ever before.
    • See the main VOCALOID:AI article for additional details.
  • Direction: Users are able to use the new editing tools to freely edit the accents, vibrato, rhythmic feel, and more.
  • Vocal work, also known as Doubling: a function that is "essential for producing high-quality vocal tracks". With VOCALOID6, users are able to instantly create harmony parts.
  • VOCALO CHANGER, a function that allows users to import vocal data to replicate their own singing style as-is, as a VOCALOID voicebank.
  • Multilingual, a function that allows lyrics to be sung in a mixture of Japanese, English, and Chinese using a single voicebank. This gives users the freedom to write lyrics that "transcend language barriers".
  • ARA2 support: VOCALOID6 offers improved workflow with DAWs. Locator operations such as play and stop can be performed from the included plug-in.
  • Support for MIDI export: VOCALOID6 now allows users to freely export MIDI data that has been input.
  • Cubase AI support: VOCALOID6 comes bundled with Steinberg Cubase AI, so that users can enjoy making music right away.
    • Note: This option is excluded from the upgrade version discount.

VST Plugin Support[]

While VOCALOID6 does not support third-party Job Plug-ins, nor the inclusion of Cross-Synthesis, purchases of the AI Megpoid voicebank include the XSyn DAW-based VST3 plugin, developed by Internet Co., Ltd.. XSyn allows the blending of other VOCALOID6 voicebanks as well as voicebanks released by Internet Co., Ltd. from previous generations with the AI Megpoid product, to create a similar effect to that of the Cross-Synthesis feature from VOCALOID4.[24]


As with VOCALOID5, additional vocals are no longer referred to as "Plug-in Libraries Databases" (VOCALOID2 and VOCALOID3), "VOCALOID libraries" (VOCALOID4), Add-on Voicebanks and other names but are now simply known as "Voicebanks". A minor change of classification, though the use of "voicebank" is notable. Previously "voicebank" had been used in English speaking communities as a shorthand or common term to refer Vocaloid library database as a simplification. Later the term had slowly seen an increase in usage over time among studios. As noted by Gizmodo unlike all past VOCALOID versions, VOCALOID5 has the engine and VOCALOID Library are now more interlocked with each other, which is why it is now referred to as a "voicebank".[25]

Known Issues[]

Cross-Synthesis does not return in the VOCALOID6 engine.[26] VOCALOID6 also does not support third-party VST/AU plugins nor the VocaListener plugin.[27][28]



Software Reaction[]

The announcement and release of VOCALOID6 was met with surprise by the VOCALOID and Voice Synth communities, especially due to the lack of voicebank updates and new releases for VOCALOID5, and the amount of 3rd-party studios that departed VOCALOID after V5's release and migrated to other Voice Synths, with some having assumed that YAMAHA had quit VOCALOID as a result. They were equally as surprised when AI Megpoid was announced and released the same day as the engine's release. A number of producers commented regarding VOCALOID6, including ShareotsuP, OSTER project, Mitchie M, and Circus-P, and the Voice Providers of MEIKO and Megurine Luka commented on it as well, with Yuu Asakawa joking that a world where she doesn't have to sing is coming.

3rd Party Developer response[]

Upon release of VOCALOID6, Internet Co., Ltd. released the first 3rd-party voicebank for VOCALOID6, AI Megpoid as both voicebank only and Starter Pack options.[29]


Media Gallery[]


Official VOCALOID6 Guide Tour[]

The reference manual for this program can be found here.