VOCALOID Fukase ~THE GREATEST HITS~ is a compilation album for VOCALOID Fukase by the Japanese record label, Lastrum Music Entertainment inc. The album contains 13 tracks featuring Fukase, including a few of his demos. The crossfade for the album can be viewed here on YouTube. The album was released on March 30, 2016.

The limited edition includes a DVD that contains all the songs' PVs.

The regular edition can be purchased here on Amazon, CDJapan, diskunion, Toranoana, Tower and Yodobashi. The limited edition can be purchased here on Amazon, CDJapan, Tower, hmv and neowing.

VOCALOID FUKASE The Greatest Hits regular edition
Released March 30, 2016
Producer Various
Price ¥2,000 / $17.56 (regular edition)
¥2,750 / $24.14 (limited edition)
Label Lastrum Music Entertainment inc.
Track list
1. 僕がモンスターになった日
 Boku ga Monsutaa ni Natta Hi / The day I became a Monster
Rerulili feat. Fukase
2. 誰も知らないハッピーエンド
Dare mo Shiranai Happi Endo / Happy Ending That No-one Knows About
40meterP feat. Fukase
3. 蘇州恋慕
Suzhou Renbo / Love in Suzhou
Mikito-P feat. Fukase
4. 龍の谷と太陽の砦
Ryuu no Tani to Taiyou no Toride
Ishifuro feat. Fukase
5. 悩める少年脱げ少女
Nayameru Shounen Nuge Shoujo / Worry Boy and Take Off Girl
Owata-P feat. Fukase
6. 私はあの子の2Pカラー
Watashi wa Ano Ko no 2P Color / I'm 2P color of her
Jakkan-P feat. Fukase
7. 世界のはじまり
Sekai no Hajimari / Beginning of the World
Captain Mirai feat. Fukase
8. ジ・オープン
The Open
MOL-P feat. Fukase
9. プレパラートデイズ
Präparat Days
Kobayashi Onyx feat. Fukase
10. Fight for Pride
Takamatt feat. Fukase
11. デッドエンドストリート
Dead End Street
Mah feat. Fukase
12. アリス
Arisu / Alice
ATOLS feat. Fukase
13. Set Me Free
Hanasoumen-P feat. Fukase


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