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The VOCALOID PHRASE PACK SERIES is a supportive product for VOCALOID5.


This was a series released by Yamaha from December 2018. Its idea is similar to the VOCALOID-P data series and provides supplementary material for newer Producers to example, use or reference. In the case of VOCALOID PHRASE PACK SERIES, it expands the list of phrases that come with VOCALOID5, adding more phrases for use in English and Japanese.

Providing the user has VOCALOID5, they can download the series for free. Instructions can be found on the Main Vocaloid website on how to download all the packs.

VOCALOID5 itself comes with 1,000 phrases in Japanese and English, currently a total of 191 phrases are additionally added to this number bringing it to 1,191 phrases for use. These new phrases serve as the original 1,000 did, to help create loops. Volume 2 brought the number of phrases to 1,478 and was larger then Volume 1 overall.

To acquire Volume 2, VOCALOID5 Ver 5.2.0 is needed so updating the engine is a requirement.


Volume 1 PacksEdit

The total number of additional phrases added by this volume is 191 in both English and Japanese. This pack was released on the 13th of December 2018.[1]

Boxart Description Demos
This is the largest of the 4 volume 1 packs and contains 99 phrases. They are styled around the genre of music "Future bass".
This is the second smallest of the Volume 1 packs and contains 22 phrases. They are styled around the genre of music "Tech House".
This is the second largest of the Volume 1 packs and has 53 phrases.They are styled around the genre of music "Trap music".
This is the smallest of the Volume packs and contains 17 phrases. They are styled around the genre of music "Arabic Indie".

Volume 2 PacksEdit

This volume adds 287 additional samples in English and Japanese. This volume was released on 22nd of April 2019.[2]

Boxart Description Demos
Vol.2 brings the total number of "Future bass" samples to 116 by adding 17 new phrases. This is the smallest of this volumes packs.
Adds 57 "Futurepop" phrases.
Adds 107 "Deep house" phrases. This is the largest of the volumes packs.
Adds 106 RnB phrases.


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