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VOCALOID SHOP is the current official store maintained by YAMAHA for the sale of VOCALOID, its voicebanks and additional related content. Though this is not necessarily the only location all products are sold, some VOCALOID products remain exclusively sold here.


On May 2015, the VOCALOID STORE was announced for closure. It was soon revealed that the VOCALOID network would open up its own version of the VOCALOID STORE and was opened on 26th May 2015.[1] However, the shop only offered the VOCALOID software in download format only; it was no longer possible to purchase the package versions. Some VOCALOIDs such as Macne Nana, instead sought out other means to sell the packaged version and Nana's developers were in talks with AH-Software Co. Ltd. to distribute the packaged version. Tone Rion was also absent upon its first opening.[2] She was then added on the 26th of May.[3]

AH-Software Co. Ltd. VOCALOIDs were also absent from the shop when it first opened. This is because they were waiting for the VOCALOID NET system to finally cope with the new flow of activity caused by the new opening of the shop.[4]

Later in August 28 products from AH-Software, Internet Co., Ltd. and Crypton Future Media, Inc. were added.[5]

English update[]

In March 2016 it was announced that the English VOCALOID STORE was closing. In addition, VOCALOID Net was announced to be gaining a English store as a replacement.[6]

VOCALOID5 overhaul[]

Both the Japanese and English websites were overhauled on the 11, July 2018, with the shop coming back to full operation several hours later on the 12, July 2018. The website now sold VOCALOID5 and its related products.


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