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A VOCALOID "companion", "pet", or "mascot" (common terminology) refers to the identification of creatures or objects related to a specific VOCALOID character.

The marketing of a companion varies by company and some companies may provide a companion with a basic profile, backstory, or personality that the consumer can work with. The illustration of a companion has no effect on the software and is done purely for decorative purposes.

For a list of vocalists, see VOCALOIDs.

In order for a supplementary product to be classified as a companion, there should be acknowledgment of a vocalist by the YAMAHA Corporation under their licensing terms and there is a VOCALOID™-powered vocal in development or fully released. This includes companions with characters from games that have vocals powered by the VOCALOID™ software, as well as privatized vocals.

It can be noted that fanmade Derivatives and other synthesizer characters such as UTAU are not classified as "VOCALOIDs".

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By default, companions are sorted from newest to oldest.


Yukine (ユキネ) is the pet of SNOW MIKU. It was chosen by the public to became SNOW MIKU's pet[1][2] and designed to fit the Magical Girl theme of the 2014 SNOW MIKU design contest[3]. It was originally designed by nekosumi and used Ezo Yu and lepus timidus ainu rabbits as motifs.[4] From 2015 onward it was also part of the SNOW MIKU design contests and contestants had to make a design for it too.

It has an official twitter account and its own site.


NOVA is a little droid companion presented on MAIKA's software box. According to the artist, Noriko, it accompanies MAIKA, is a VFO unit (Voice Flying Object, a pun to UFO) and it was designed to mark a difference in relation to past VOCALOIDs. NOVA acts as a pet, microphone and speaker, and despite being genderless, it's referred to as female. The name for the droid was fan-given, and was chosen based on a small poll started on October 16 through MAIKA's official Facebook page.[5] On December 22, "NOVA" was chosen as the winning name[6] The second most voted name, "Gertrudis", stems from an inner joke in relation to Akuo's insistence that the name of the new Spanish VOCALOID should be Gertrudis.[7]

According to Noriko, the idea of creating a pet for MAIKA was a suggestion from her then-boyfriend.[8] She tested several "face" designs for NOVA. Among the designs there was a smiley-like face, a simple face with a waveform mouth, and some variations of the current cyclops-like design.

CUBI and Co.[]

CUBI is a digital cubic companion device that functions as a CD Player, and is presented on YOHIOloid's software box. CUBI is 14 cm tall and weighs 300 gm and has the ability to fly, with the speed measurement of 10 kilometers per hour. The artist, Sartika, originally didn't plan to give him a name, but after seeing that some fans began to refer to him as "CUBI", she stuck with it. According to artist, CUBI can't speak, and the only word he can say is "YO", derived from YOHIOloid's name. YOHIOloid is also the only person who can understand and communicate with CUBI. He cannot change his facial expression, but is still able to show his emotions through other means.

The rest of CUBI's family was later conceptualized, each one with a particular shape, facial expression and function.[9]

Tian Dian and Co.[]

Along with the other members of Vsinger, there are five pets which are featured in the promotional anime series for the franchise, primarily episode 5. With the exception of Tian Dian who was living with Tianyi beforehand, the other pets do not seem to have an origin within the anime series and the only creature to be "found" during the anime was Yi Xian Qing.

Later in August 2018, in Fei's short comic, it was mentioned that the pets can communicate with their masters telepathically.[10]

Tian Dian (天钿) is described to be a fairy of music who is the companion of Luo Tianyi. Tian Dian is 10 years old and 30 cm tall. She is not able to speak but has the ability to transform into Tianyi's microphone. In the 5 part promotional anime, it's shown she is also able to grasp objects with her "tail". She has had three different pieces of official merchandise. She was featured along with Luo Tianyi as a figurine, but also had her own plush toy that was available for purchase on Taobao. She also appeared on a mug along with Tianyi. In December 2014, she made her first appearance as a module for the concert held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center during the POPULAR SCIENCE PRODUCTS EXPO. Since then, she occasionally appears in other Luo Tianyi live performances.

Shi Tian (释天) is the big cat-like who accompanies Yuezheng Ling. Shi Tian is 10,000 years old and 200 cm tall. He is described to be very old and wise. He is very self respecting, and he does not allow anyone to come near him, except for teenage girls with pure hearts. He is very stable and accepting to people he likes. He is also tolerant of Ling, even though she uses him as a pillow to sleep on sometimes. He has the ability to transform into her electric guitar.

In September 2018, a comic for Shi Tian was released. In the comic, he is described to be a steadfast presence, elegant, and noble. However, he also acts very much like any other cat, just an overgrown one.[11][12]

Bei Chen (呗辰) is a dragon-like companion of Yuezheng Longya. Bei Chen is 50,000 years old, described to be very wise and is the oldest of the Vsinger pets. He has the ability to transform into Longya's drum set. His design complements his owner, as "Lóng" (龙) means "dragon" in Chinese. In October 2015, he appeared in a promotional art piece that was showcased during an event in Nanjing.

Yi Xian Qing (一弦青) is the flower-like companion of Mo Qingxian, a member of Vsinger. Yi Xian Qing is a year old and 20 cm tall. She is described to be a purple flowered creature. She is the youngest of the 5 pets of Vsinger and she has the ability to transform into Qingxian's bass violin. According the the mini promotional anime series, Qingxian found Yi Xian Qing alone in a patch of grass and has kept her ever since.

Fei (绯) is the phoenix-like companion of Zhiyu Moke, a member of Vsinger. Fei is 500 years old and 20 cm tall. He has a wingspan of 60 cm, and his feathers are usually white but turn red when angered. He often argues with Moke and is very childish. He has the ability to transform into Moke's winged-keyboard.

A comic for Fei was released in August 2018. It was noted that Fei has a tendency to be concerned for Moke's health and well-being, even to the point of nagging him about his schedule and being considered as his life management teacher.[10][13]</ref>


"James" is a male American Goldfinch that is presented on OLIVER's software box. The bird was included on the software box because the artist, Dappleback, felt that it made the art look a little more balanced and complimented OLIVER's then to be released design. It is also a little nod to the fact that many Americans worked on this project.[14] The name of the bird was left to be decided amongst the fans and eventually "James" became the popular choice. Despite its popularization, this fan-given name remains unofficial according to VocaTone staff.[15]

James has since developed his own identity and personality apart from OLIVER, this is evident with activities such as being the co-maintainer of OLIVER's Twitter account and being able to 'talk'. [16] VocaTone also played on James' popularity during the PV Dinky Dink No Time To Think, where he can be seen wearing sunglasses.[17] And on April 1, 2012, VocaTone ran an April Fool's joke announcing that James would become a VOCALOID3 voicebank.[18][19]


PORON (ポロン) is a small, blue, spherical robot appearing alongside Haruno Sora in various forms of merchandise and debuted with Sora in an AHS Livestream. PORON appears to be able to split herself in two and is usually attached to Sora'a head acting as a pair of headphones in her VOICEROID artwork and has also been shown in another form with rabbit ears.[20][21]

On April 1 2023, as an April Fools' Day prank, PORON was given an anthropomorphized form known as PORON-chan (ポロンちゃん).[22] She made her official debut during the 190th episode of the AHS Official Live Broadcast where it was announced that she would be receiving a series of recorded voice lines known as "Omake Voice" (おまけボイス), similar to the concept of pitagoe, provided by an unknown voice actress.[23] PORON-chan is depicted as a young humanoid girl with a large robotic helmet and oversized jacket. She was illustrated by Hasegawa Umi (長谷川ウミ). She was later given a short profile and concept illustrations.[24] It was stated that one day, PORON suddenly transformed into a humanoid form.[25] She eats anything that catches her attention with her hat, and can copy various things by eating except for living organisms. If she eats living beings, she can only copy its voice (such as Frimomen)[26], and is used as a form of AI learning. She is a self-proclaimed genius AI that needs to be recharged and is clumsy when out of range.[27][28] She is known to be mischievous and will pull pranks and tell lies (to which Sora would simply respond with a sigh). She also loves Sora. [29]


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