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Image of "VOCALOID from ニコニコ動画 ボカロ超特急 SUPER EXPRESS COMPILATION 04 (VOCALOID from Nico Nico Douga Vocalo Chou Tokkyuu SUPER EXPRESS COMPILATION 04)"
Album title
  • "VOCALOID from ニコニコ動画 ボカロ超特急 SUPER EXPRESS COMPILATION 04"
  • Romaji: VOCALOID from Nico Nico Douga Vocalo Chou Tokkyuu SUPER EXPRESS COMPILATION 04
  • English: VOCALOID from Nico Nico Video Vocalo Super Express SUPER EXPRESS COMPILATION 04
Published February 22, 2012


"SUPER EXPRESS COMPILATION 04" is a compilation album by BinaryMixx Records. It contains 15 tracks, most of which featuring Hatsune Miku. Notable songs such as Nem's "virgin suicides", mothy's "Capriccio Farce", and Machigerita-P's "Halloween Patisserie Tricka Torka" are featured.

This album is not for sale, nor available online. It is found in rental shops all over Japan, including TSUTAYA.

Preceding album[]

Track listing[]

1."彗星 (Suisei)" (Comet)monaca:factoryGUMI3:58
2."十面相 colorful ver. (Juumensou)" (Ten-Faced colorful ver.)YMGUMI V3 Adult, Power, Sweet, and Whisper3:43
3."virgin suicides"NemKagamine Len Append Power4:17
4."茶番カプリシオ (Chaban Capriccio)" (Capriccio Farce)mothyKagamine Rin and Len, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, Camui Gackpo, GUMI4:59
5."ハロウィンパティスリトリカトルカ (Halloween Patisserie Tricka Torka)"Machigerita-PHatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin Append, Megurine Luka4:12
6."拘束プレイ (Kousoku Play)" (Restriction Play)VoyagerHatsune Miku4:22
7."百年夜行 (Hyakunen Yakou)" (Centennial Night)PolyphonicBranchHatsune Miku3:26
8."too Cute!"emon(Tes.)Kagamine Rin4:50
9."サイレンピーポー (Siren People)"koma’nHatsune Miku2:56
10."革命君 (Kakumei-kun)" (Revolutionary)TEPPANHatsune Miku4:01
11."僕がギターをやめた理由 (Boku ga Guitar wo Yameta Riyuu)" (Why I Stopped Playing Guitar)take (Hakkou Diode)Hatsune Miku4:10
12."桜枝スメラギトラフィック (Sakurae Sumeragi Traffic)" (Cherry Branch Traffic)NOVEMBER SIMULACRUMHatsune Miku3:26
13."Rainbow Quest"Iyaiya-PHatsune Miku3:28
14."ユキドケ (Yukidoke)" (Snow Thaw)Retasu-PGUMI V3 Whisper5:39
15."架空の有名P (Kakuu no Yuumei P)" (Fictitious Famous-P)Owata-PHatsune Miku1:57
Total length:59:24

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