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This is a list of references and allusion to VOCALOID as well as the illustrated vocalists in other media. Miku's popularity has expanded enough to have her appearance make cameos in various anime, manga, video games and magazines. For appearances in official licensed VOCALOID media, see Category:Vocaloid related products‎.

Note: This list is for mass media appearances only; please do not post or link to fan art or fanfiction unless notable to the subject.


Japanese anime

SZS cameo Miku1

Hatsune Miku in Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei episode 13

Accel World

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Accel World, episode 21, two posters of Project Diva Extend are shown on a shop in Akihabara.

Danball Senki

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Danball Senki, Miku was mentioned when Ban and his companions met Otacross.

Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu, episode 11, Miku is in the B class.[1]


Wikia / Wikipedia

In Hyouka, episode 12-16, there are Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka cosplayers.


Wikia / Wikipedia

In Kämpfer, episode 7, during the first half of the eye-catch you can see the character Mikoto wearing a recolored version of Miku's outfit.

Lucky Star

Wikia / Wikipedia

In the Lucky Star OVA, Hiiragi Kagami is forced to cosplay as Miku by the power of Konata's wand.[2]



In MM!, episode 9, a recolored Miku is also seen at the school festival holding a stick in the shape of a leek.

In the opening song of episode 9, Hatsune Miku and Black Rock Shooter are featured in the background of Manager Domyoji's character profile.


Wikia / Maria†Holic

In Maria_Holic Maria†Holic, episode 12, Miku and Rin are featured in a choir.[3]



In Nichijou (日常, lit. Regular Life), Sweet ANN can be heard singing the words "Helvetica Standard", as well as being apart of the background music.

Sakura Trick

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Sakura Trick, episode 8, Aoki Lapis can be seen in a dancing game. [4]

Samurai Flamenco


A reference to Miku is made in one scene in Episode 12.[5]



In Un-GO episode 1, there is a costume party and a girl dressed like Miku is seen in a hall area.[6]

In episode 2, the plot revolves about voice synthesis technology. there's a direct comparison with Vocaloid software.


Wikia / Wikipedia

In the anime, the ending theme for episode six is a cover by Utsu-P & Pandolist-P (Toka Minatsuki) of "Natsu Matsuri" (Summer Festival), and features vocals by Hatsune Miku.

In chapter 52 of the manga, Tomoko is inspired to become a VOCALOVOCARO-P after seeing one appear on TV and buys VOCAROBO2 "Simobukure" (the packaging clearly parodying Hatsune Miku and Mikudayō, and the program resembling VOCALOID).[7] A package can also be seen that has a logo resembling Piapro Studio's logo. In chapter 81 Tomoko visits Akihabara and a poster featuring Mikudayo can be seen in the background above a sign that reads "SEG".

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Miku is seen in the auditions of the role of Meru Meru.[8] Other fellow Crypton Vocaloids like MEIKO, KAITO, the Kagamines have look-a-likes that are seen in the waiting line during auditions for the role of Meru Meru, however, the look-a-likes do not have their known colors.[9][10]

Himouto! Umaru-chan

Wikia / Wikipedia

Screenshot (11)

In Episode 1 of Himouto! Umaru-chan, there is a figure of Miku shown when Umaru Doma pictures all of the things she can buy with the 1 Million Yen if she wins a video popularity contest.

In Episode 4, Miku appears as a machine game prize figure under the name "Hatsune Migu" and has 6 different types of expressions.

Web animation

Bee and Puppycat


Bee & Puppycat is a Cartoon Hangover series featured on YouTube. In the series Oliver is mostly speaking gibberish in the episodes. However, he randomly spurts out swear words such as "fuck" and "shit", as well as on occasion other things such as "laugh hohoho". He is also heard saying "Poo poo" in the Bee and Puppycat episode "Farmer" and "Pretty Patrick" in "Beach Cats".This series is also acknowledged for being the first two videos to reach 1 million views using OLIVER's voice, as well as 1 million views using a PowerFX VOCALOID. Unlike all other cases of English VOCALOIDs being used, however, this is the only case where the VOCALOID was a co-starring vocal as all other English VOCALOIDs were only used as singers in soundtrack related elements.

The project is by Natasha Allegri, notably recognized as the character designer and storyboard artist for popular cartoon series "Adventure Time". The series became an immediate hit on YouTube and received much praise. It was the first major usage of the English VOCALOID OLIVER. Part 1 was published on YouTube. Once available for viewing, it received 1 million views within several weeks. Part 2 was eventually made viewable to the public and later went on to receive 1 million views as well.

According to Natasha, when she originally pitched the story board to Eric Homan of Frederator Studios, he rejected it. However, she later received a call in the middle of the night from Holman who told her that the decision had been changed and that Frederator would like to make it into a short. The story was inspired by Sailor Moon, the early 90's animation look in general, and another anime series called "Super Book". The use of a VOCALOID was Natasha's own idea, though she did not get to use OLIVER's vocal directly.[11]


7th Dragon

Wikia / Wikipedia

The 7th Dragon 2020 video game featured an opening song written, composed and arranged by sasakure.UK and sung by Miku. The song is called "SeventH-HeaveN". The opening for the sequel, 7th Dragon 2020-II, is once again written by sasakure.UK and performed by Miku. It is titled "HeavenZ-ArmZ".[12] The sequel also features Miku singing the background music when the "Diva" setting for choosing BGM Mode is selected. Diva mode has music from 10 different producers: kiichi, Keeno, Clean Tears, koyori/Denpol-P, SHIKI, take, nak-ami, millstones, Lemm and Wonderlandica.[13][14] In addition to this, Miku will also be featured in the game, appearing as the mysterious songstress who goes by the moniker "Hatsune Miku Type2021". While it is unknown what role Miku plays, SEGA has stated she will appear somewhere in the middle of the game.

Miku is due to appear in 7thDragon 2020 II for the PSP.[15]

13-Sai no Hello Work DS

In 13-sai no Hellowork DS (Job Placement for the Age of 13), Nintendo DS, marked Miku's first appearance in a video game, she is included as one of the characters.


Wikia / Wikipedia

A story-driven, Flash-based online collectible card game produced by Dex Entertainment. A special promotion featured Miku.[16]

Brave Frontier


In the mobile app Brave Frontier (a turn-based RPG app by game developers Alim and gumi Asia Pte. Ltd.), Hatsune Miku appears as a "collab" (cross-over) character which is obtainable through her special "Vortex" dungeon called "Songstress of Light". She is designated with the Earth element and has her V2 design as a 4-star form while her 5-star form uses her Append design. Her dungeon also plays Sharing The World, MIKU EXPO 2014's theme song.[17][18]

Megurine Luka was also included but is only obtainable via a special code obtained by players from the 2014 New York Comic Con booth of Brave Frontier. She is designated with the Dark element.[17][18]

By December 29, 2014, Rin and Len Kagamine joined the fray as "Rare Summons". They are designated with the Thunder and Light Element respectively.[19]

Chaos Fighters

In Chaos Fighters, a Chinese-based iOS app, you can unlock Miku-based content.[20]


Wikia / Wikipedia

Cytus is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Games, an independent game developing corporation in Taiwan. Done in chapters- there are songs vocalized by Luka, Rin, Miku and GUMI.[21][22]


  • Endless Journey / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka
  • LNS OP / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka
  • COSMO / HAMO feat. Hatsune Miku
  • Dragon Warrior / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka & Kagamine Rin
  • It's A Wonderful World / HAMO feat. Hatsune Miku
  • Her Sword / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka
  • Code 03 / Hoskey feat. Megurine Luka
  • COMA / ensou feat. Gumi

Dynasty Warriors 8

Wikia / Wikipedia

The outfit design for Akikoloid-chan is used for the character Wang Yuanji in Koei's series Dynasty Warriors 8.

Idolmaster 2

Wikia / Wikipedia Idolmaster 2, a visual novel. Miku was included within the game as part of the collaboration between this franchise and Project Diva game series. She appears singing "The World is Mine" and "Melt". Her costume is also unlockable.

Just Dance 2016


Just Dance is a rhythm game series developed and published by Ubisoft. Ievan Polkka, sung by Hatsune Miku, is a playable song. A behind-the-scenes video can be seen here.


The MMORPG game Mabinogi, costumes of 4 VOCALOIDS namely Miku, Rin, Len and KAITO are featured as limited-edition items. The player can wear these costumes which includes a wig, imitating the VOCALOID's look completely. In addition, the player can also obtain "Prefix Titles" of each VOCALOID's name, granting various buffs relating to a "Music-based skill".[23][24]

Magica Wars Taisen

An app game that features illustrated magical girl types, featured Hatsune Miku's persona, Snow Miku 2014.[25]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


The multi-platform game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, an entry in the popular Metal Gear series by Konami, used Vocaloid-flex technology[26] for recording lines pre-set into Metal Gear ZEKE's AI. A number of songs voiced by the voicebank were featured in the game's DLC. The voicebank remains nameless.

Monster Hunter

Wikia / Wikipedia

CAPCOM began promotional videos for the collaboration between its Monster Hunter Frontier G online video game for the PC and Xbox 360 and virtual idol Hatsune Miku.[27]

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

Wikia / Wikipedia

In the No More Heroes universe, the main character, Travis Touchdown, is obsessed with moe mecha magical girl anime franchise called Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. Travis collects merchandise of the anime, such as posters, figurines, and body pillows. In the 2010 sequel No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, there is a fictional video game called Pure White Giant Glastonbury, a shoot-em-up (taking heavy inspiration from the Touhou franchise) featuring characters from Bizzare Jelly. The chiptune-styled background music during the minigame features vocals by Hatsune Miku. [28]


Wikia / Wikipedia

  • The Japanese version of this Korean online mulitplayer game, had a campaign with Hatsune Miku on May 22, 2008, in which she is included as one of the characters.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Phantasy Star Portable 2, PSP, her hairstyle is available for female characters, and her costume and multiple weapons themed after negi are unlockable by inputting certain passwords.

Rage of Bahamut

Wikia / Wikipedia An online mobile card game, Rage of Bahamut features Miku in a special collaboration that lasted until February 14, 2014.[29]


Wikia / Wikipedia

In the Indie game Recettear, the skill icon for Nagi's "Hundred Trusts" resembles Miku.

Tales of Graces

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Tales of Graces, Wii, she is a downloadable costume for one of the characters.


Wikia / Wikipedia In Transformice, an online game, a Hatsune Miku hairstyle was added as a purchasable item.[30]

Yakuza 5

Wikia / Wikipedia

In Yakuza 5, PS3, Miku snow sculptures can be seen around town and you can win Miku toys from UFO catchers (like claw-arm games). When playing as the character Sawamura Haruka, you have the option to wear a Miku costume. Instead of getting into street fights, Haruka has dance "battles" that play like a rhythm game.[31]



Mememe no Kurage

Miku was selected to sing the opening theme for Takashi Murakami’s first film, Mememe No Kurage. Murakami specifically requested the song "Last Night, Good Night" by kz as the theme song and it was rearranged especially for the movie.[32]



A Japanese electro-pop artist, Susumu Hirasawa, announced that he used a female VOCALOID in the original soundtrack of film by Satoshi Kon on his blog. Since Susumu Hirasawa did not reveal which VOCALOID he used for quite some time, except the fact it was a female, many producers speculated it was MEIKO. However, he later mentioned in a magazine interview that it was LOLA.[33]



Miku sings the background theme song to the Sentai comedy show, Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger, "Itasa Ha Tsuyosa!"[34][35]

Late Show with David Letterman

Hatsune Miku was the closing guest singer for the show, debuting with her developing English DB. The song sung was "Sharing The World". This was done in connection with the upcoming HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Los Angeles and New York concerts. Miku was featured in her projected form along a live band.

Ant Farm

"product misplacemANT", the ninth episode in the third season of Disney Channel's A.N.T. Farm, features the character Chyna losing her phone and having to enter a karaoke competition to get it back. In the karaoke scene, Chyna is dressed in something like a Hatsune Miku cosplay, with a "schoolgirl outfit", black arm sleeves, painted-on "anime eyes", and a light blue twin-ponytail wig. The episode was badly received among the VOCALOID fandom, largely because of its low-quality satirization of the Japanese culture.[36]


Google Chrome

A Japanese Google Chrome commercial was released in December 2011 featuring Miku singing "Tell Your World".[37]


A Japanese Toyota Aqua commercial, released in November 2011, features a piano arrangement of popular VOCALOID song "Senbonzakura". The arrangement was created by marasy, who spent over four hours in the studio rewatching the ad to get the music perfect.[38]

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura, a Japanese make-up company, released an ad in October 2013 for a line based off the anime franchise "Six Hearts Princess" by Takashi Murakami. The accompanying song, "Pink or Black", was sung by Hatsune Miku and produced by kz.[39]





Snow Miku 2013 is on the cover of Comptiq, a Japanese computer game magazine, from the February 2013 edition.[40]


Binbougami ga!


In Binbougami ga!, one of the chapters in the manga series shows Momiji cosplaying Miku in the chapter's front cover.

Comic Party


In the manga Comic Party, during the fair there is a person wearing Rin's ribbon and the same hairstyle.

Weekly Jump strip

Miku also made a cameo appearance in a Weekly Jump strip.[41]




The Estonian singer has made several references to Miku in her videos. In the most direct reference, Miku's music was used as the background music in a video for the making of a prop for one of her videos. In "Tea Party", a twin pigtailed doll is seen. In "Army of Love", a megaphone is used by the singer, a reference to "Love is War". In 2011, the singer also dyed her hair the same color as Miku's hair and even wore it in long pigtails.

One Direction


In One Way or Another music video, Hatsune Miku cosplayer is seen during Cafe Scene somewhere in Tokyo. She also appears in concert film One Direction: This Is Us where One Direction coming into same cafe. She and other cosplayers are performng Moe Moe Kyun to serve a Milkshake for the Boys.   


Deadmau miku


deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse"), is a Canadian progressive-house music producer and performer from Toronto, Ontario. In the music video "Professional Griefers" (@3:37) there is a woman wearing a twin-tail wig that looks similar to Miku's hair. deadmau5 has also been seen wearing a shirt with Hatsune Miku graphics.[42][43] [44]



At CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) Japan 2009, Boffin, in joint with Yamaha, had the robot model HRP-4C react to the Vocaloid software for demonstration purposes. She was dressed up to look like Hatsune Miku for the demo. Miku was one of 3 voicebanks HRP-4C was set up to react to, the other two were GUMI and Crypton's CV-4Cβ.[45][46][47][48][49]

Gaia Online

Wikia / Wikipedia

Gaia Online is an avatar community site whose main feature is forums and the use of chibi avatars to portray the members. With Vocaloids growing popularity the community has long requested for Vocaloid items to be created to wear. Since Gaia can only work under the law fair use by parody and reference there has been items that imitate Crypton Vocaloids without directly infringing on their property. Unlike the former avatar site, TinierMe, Gaia has yet to be sponsored by anything VOCALOID.

The items created are: The Melody series, "Happy, Perky, and Tragic" and a small doll was wearing the entire Perky Melody set, the doll also has a pose that is reminiscent of Hachune Miku's face.[50][51] The "Stereo Hearts" item has two Vocaloid based accessories, the hip modules from Miku Append and the other is cat eared speakers as seen on SeeU's head.[52] The item "Vocaltude", is based on KAITO and the hair that comes with it is based on Len. The description for the item is a reference to the Supercell song "The World Is Mine". More items in relation to Supercell is the Princess of the... series, which are "World" and "Universe", both reference the popular handrawn PV.[53] In continuation, there are other Supercell items such as the "Ai no Taisen" which is based on "Love is War".[54]

Two questionable items are the 'leek' item, which could reference the meme involving Ievan Polkka.[55] and 'Devoted Spica' which some Gaians see as a blue recreation of Miku's appearance in the song SPiCa.[56]


To promote Google Chrome and Google+, Crypton partnered with the company to have Miku official featured. There are skin themes, promotional videos, and an official site.[57][58][59]


TinierMe Vocaloid

Crypton Vocaloids as "Selfies"

The Japanese avatar community @Games has done a collaboration with Crypton Vocaloids, involving a special (virtual) dispenser machine called "Tinier Gacha" [60] which where also transferred to the English dubbed site Tinierme. This machine dispenses random items for members to equip, they are limited edition and not available in the regular shops. The campaign started on Tinierme July 20, 2010 and ended on November 30, 2010[61] with a full line up of all Crypton Vocaloids. The Vocaloids performed songs on an outdoor stage and handed out album covers. Members were encouraged to listen to Vocaloid songs on KarenT,[62] an online entertainment site, which gives musicians a place to feature their music.

With the success of the first release, additional gacha were released called Music Festa*(@Games)/Persona Gacha Vol*(Tinierme), these gacha were based upon popular outfits seen in animated PVs and artwork. The promotion for them ended in December 2010 on Tinierme but still on-going at @Games.

As of now the Tinierme site is closed. Items obtained through Tinierme and account details were not transferred to @Games so old Tinierme members are required to make a new account if they wish to play on @Games.[63]


artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball

Hatsune Miku is one of the scheduled opening acts for Lady Gaga's artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball concerts. This was first announced by Lady Gaga on Twitter before being confirmed by Crypton Future Media.[64][65]

Miku Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

As part of the Caveran 39 event, a series of rides at the Sea Paradise in Yokohama Hakkeijima. As part of the attraction, large models of Nendoroid figurines were also on display as well as Vocaloid related artwork.[66]


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