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The "VOCALOOP" (Also spelt Vocal∞p), is a loop sequencer gadget designed for "live" professional performances and uses the eVocaloid chip. The group behind the device are VJ · DJ group "Cobolt Bomb αΩ" (爆弾αΩ).

These devices are currently sold in limited numbers, due to the limited number of NSX-1 chips able to be secured, making them some of the rarest commercialized VOCALOID technology producers can buy. They were sold exclusively in the Japanese market, making it almost impossible to find outside of Japan.



It is a loop sequencer device allowing singing results to be made in real time, only with Japanese capabilities. It was powered by the eVY1 chip and produces real-time results when the pitch, octave or note length is changed. It was created with the help of volunteers. The device's existence was first made known in August 2014.

It was released on the website Gizmo-Music, and has been set on "sold out" since December 2016 due to being sold in limited numbers, in total only 15 units were ever produced for sale. The device resembled a large calculator and was able to fit in your hand. The device was scheduled to be sold in 2014, but was delayed until 2016. The Vocaloop has a built in speaker to allow it to be played any time. It is mostly built for highly expressive vocal sounds, resulting in it easily producing nonsense vocal noises and was fairly easy to use.[1][2]

Vocaloop 88[]

In August 2018, the Vocaloop 88 (Vocal∞p 88) went on display. The newer version has several input sockets for additional feedback options. This version includes a headphone output instead of a speaker. The device still uses the same chip, but is much more capable of producing an extreme and quite unpredictable result compared to the original device.

Only 100 units will be produced.[3]

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  • The "88" is a reference to the infinitely loop "∞"as the eight resembles the symbol standing upright. The 88 itself is a reference to the module patch used with the newer version.


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