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Event title
Publicized November 5, 2016


  • Description: VOCAMERICA is a concert produced by Empathy Studios, or EmpathP.
  • Concert dates: See below.
  • Location: Global; various conventions.
  • Entry fee: None besides convention fee; all concerts are at conventions
  • Playlist №: 23
  • Company: Empathy Studios
  • Associations: EmpathP, nostraightanswer (Lupin), CircusP, CrusherP

Song listEdit

Song title English Singer Producer
00 Make Good Noises / DEX & DAINA nostraightanswer
01 FADE / DEX & DAINA CircusP
02 My Impulse / DEX & DAINA nostraightanswer
03 Two Weeks / DEX EmpathP
04 WILDFIRE!! / DAINA CIRCRUSH (Original), Makkusan (Cover)
05 Bi☣hazard / Kikyunne Aiko MystSaphyr, CrusherP
06 フェアリーテール・ブルー (Fairytale Blue) Fairytale Blue Namida EmpathP
07 Define Me / MAIKA nostraightanswer
08 En tu mirar In your Eyes MAIKA CYO Style
09 Witness (VOCAMERICA Version) / DAINA EmpathP
10 Hands / RUBY heart★breaker, CircusP
11 ECHO (Dj-Jo Remix) / RUBY, DEX, & DAINA CIRCRUSH (Original), Dj-Jo (Remix)
12 Story Rider x RUBY BIGHEAD
13 Barrier / DAINA VerseQuence
14 Different Seas / DEX CircusP
15 Rabbit / RUBY & Viki Hopper dezzy
16 Mommy / DAINA Creep-P (Eyeris)
17 ヒビカセ (Hibikase) Resonate Kikyunne Aiko Giga-P (Original), MystSaphyr (Cover)
18 Persephone / DAINA MJQ & EmpathP (Original), MakkuSan (Cover)
19 CALL ME CALL ME / DAINA & Namida Robo
21 ぶれないアイで (Burenai Ai de) With An Unblurred Eye Namida Mitchie M
22 カムパネルラ (Campanella) (For) Campanella Viki Hopper sasakure.UK
23 地球最後の告白を (Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo) The Earth's Final Confession Regalia kemu

Concert datesEdit

Previous Concerts:

  • November 5th 2016: Nekocon in Hampton, Virginia
  • February 25-26th: ETSU-Con in Johnson City, Tennessee
  • March 17-19th: Kigacon in Newport News, Virginia
  • April 22nd: Tora-con in Rochester, New York
  • April 29-30th: CPAC in Hoboken, New Jersey
  • May 26-28th: AniMinneapolis in Minneapolis,Minnesota
  • October 7th 2017: Aki no Matsuri in Zofingen, Switzerland
  • November 3-5th 2017: Banzaicon in Columbia, South Carolina
  • November 10-12th 2017: Anime Iwai in Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • December 1-3rd 2017: Yama-Con in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • February 10-11th: Japan Weekend in Madrid, Spain
  • February 16-18: Katsucon in National Harbor, Maryland
  • March 16-18th: Kigacon in Newport News, Virginia (+ merchandise)
  • April 14-15: Tora-con in Rochester, New York

Upcoming Concerts:

  • May 25-27th: Animinneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • July 6-8th: Anime Midwest in Chicago, Illinois
  • November 9-11th: Anime Iwai in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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