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VOCANOVA was a mobile game developed by Bplats, Inc. starring the Chinese VOCALOID Luo Tianyi. It was built for the iPad 2 and up, and can only be purchased through the Chinese iTunes.[1]



The game shared the same basic gameplay as the Project DIVA series. However, rather than pressing buttons, the player used the touchscreen to swipe and tap the cues in time to the music. Depending on the difficulty, the cues could range in direction and the number of fingers needed to play can change. The easiest difficulty would require one to two fingers, while hard can require three fingers to play. The game mechanics included:

  • The cues with the circles require a tap.
  • The cues with the arrows require a swipe in the same direction as the arrow pointing. This ranges from up, down, left, right, and diagonals.
  • The cues with the squares are followed by a green line. The player must tap the cues and trace the line. At the end of the line, the player must let go, or if an arrow cue is a the end of it, must swipe in the same direction of the arrow.
  • The heart cues trigger a sequence where the player traces lines again, but must follow Tianyi's hand movements in the same speed and direction. If the player follows her correctly, she will make movements that hint that she is satisfied.


The only known modules in the game are Luo Tianyi's default outfit and a pink outfit. Her accessories include devil horns and butterfly wings, which could be purchased in the game using points accumulated through playing the song.  




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