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Image of "VOCAROCK collection 2 feat. 初音ミク"
Album title
  • "VOCAROCK collection 2 feat. 初音ミク"
Published December 15, 2010, for ¥2,000


"VOCAROCK collection 2 feat. 初音ミク" is a compilation album by FARM RECORDS. It contains 18 tracks, mainly featuring Miku, but also Rin and Luka. miki can be heard in the chorus of track 12. It ranked number 18 in the Oricon Weekly Sales chart its first week of sales.

This is the first album to feature Rin and Luka on the cover.

Preceding and succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

1."Corruption Garden"CazCazMegurine Luka3:09
2."GALLOWS BELL"buzzGbuzzGHatsune Miku3:46
3."THE DYING MESSAGE"Utsu-PUtsu-PKagamine Rin4:38
4."ロベリア/Lobelia" (MistyRain ver.)sequelsequelHatsune Miku4:42
5."ヒステリ (Hystery)"Kuwagata-PKuwagata-PHatsune Miku4:12
6."グレア (Glare)"Val-PVal-PKagamine Rin3:46
7."死にたがり (Shinitagari)" (Wanna Die)Nashimoto-PNashimoto-PHatsune Miku2:48
8."嘘つき造花 (Usotsuki Zouka)" (Liar Artificial Flower)kouskousHatsune Miku4:04
9."トップシークレット (Top Secret)"ScopScopHatsune Miku3:50
10."うたうたいのうた (Utautai no Uta)" (A Singer's Song)Hoehoe-PHoehoe-PHatsune Miku4:52
11."Parades"whoowhooHatsune Miku4:40
12."迷子ライフ (Maigo Life)" (Stray Life)TOKOTOKOTOKOTOKOKagamine Rin (SF-A2 miki)3:53
13."ゴシックロリィタドレスアップズ (Gothic Lolita Dress Ups)"Machigerita-PMachigerita-PHatsune Miku3:53
14."Looking for"SOSOSO-PSOSOSO-PMegurine Luka5:03
15."わすれんぼう (Wasurenbou)" (Forgetful Person)Agoaniki-PAgoaniki-PKagamine Rin3:22
16."Lost Story" (Unrelieved ver.)YuyoyuppeYuyoyuppeHatsune Miku3:19
17."ユラメク (Yurameku)" (VOCAROCK collection 2 ver.)HeavenzHeavenzHatsune Miku5:13
18."crack"keenokeenoHatsune Miku4:31
Total length:1:12:11

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