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Image of "VOCAROCK collection loves IA"
Album title
  • "VOCAROCK collection love IA"
Published July 3, 2013, for ¥1,700

Background[edit | edit source]

"VOCAROCK collection loves IA" is the sixth album in FARM RECORDS' "VOCAROCK collection" series. The album features newly written songs by various popular producers, as well as remastered versions of previously released tracks, covers and remixes. Tracks 2, 3, 5-8 and 11 are new.

This is the first "VOCAROCK" series album to focus on 1 VOCALOID, which is IA; and the first to not feature Miku, Rin, and Luka.

Preceding and succeeding albums[edit | edit source]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."キャプテンリトル ~スーパーヒーローver.~ (Captain Little ~Super Hero ver.~)"JinJin3:19
2."腰抜デスマッチ (Koshinuke Death March)"150P150P3:06
3."ジャックポットなら踊らにゃソンソン (Jackpot nara Odoranya Sonson)"IshifuroIshifuro3:46
4."グッドスリープコンソール (Good Sleep Console)"MafumafuMafumafu3:30
5."Link"Darvish-P, Keisuke.NDarvish-P, Keisuke.N4:36
7."スクランブルウォーク (Scramble Walk)"KulfiQKulfiQ3:47
8."初球打ちのススメ (Shokyuu Uchi no Susume)"TOKOTOKOTOKOTOKO4:08
9."セツナトリップ (Setsuna Trip) (IAエクスチェンジVer.)" (Momentary Trip (IA Exchange Ver.))Last Note.Last Note.4:05
10."ヘイセイカタクリズム (Heisei Cataclysm)" (Serenity Cataclysm)ZipsZips3:15
11."確信犯 (Kakushinhan)" (Premeditated Crime)goboumengoboumen3:29
12."ロクベル (Rockbell)"shito, Gomshito3:48
13."ロンリーチャイルド (Lonely Child)"otetsuotetsu4:20
14."単色世界 (Tanshoku Sekai)" (Monochrome World)WataameWataame3:42
15."少女自傷癖 (Shoujo Jishouheki)" (A Young Girl's Self-Harm Habit)PolyphonicBranchPolyphonicBranch2:54
16."リミテル感覚少年 (Rimiteru Kankaku Shonen)" (Rimiteru Sensation Boy)KouKou4:12
17."n号室の落下するカーテン (n-goushitsu no Rakkasuru Curtain)" (The Falling Curtains in Room n)LITCHILITCHI4:15
18."エル (El)"uzPuzP3:07
Total length:1:06:41

Promotion goods[edit | edit source]

First Press Editions of the album include an original bookmark featuring IA from the album's cover illustrated by TNSK.

Exclusive goods[edit | edit source]

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Animate: A karaoke CD and an original 25mm can badge
  • TSUTAYA RECORDS: An original fan and an A2 size poster
  • WonderGOO: An original bag
  • Toranoana: An original CD size sticker
  • HMV & BOOKS: A replacement CD jacket
  • TOWER RECORDS: An original postcard
  • Melon Books: An original bromide

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