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Image of "V Love 25 -Exclamation-"
Album title
  • "V♥25 -Exclamation-"
Published January 09, 2013, for ¥2,000


"V Love 25 -Exclamation-", or "V♥25 -Exclamation-" (read as Vocaloid Love Nico Exclamation), is a compilation album by BinaryMixx Records, and is the fifth in the "V♥25" series. It ranked number 41 in the Oricon Weekly Sales chart its first week of sales, and has appeared a total of 3 times in the ranking.

This album features Miku, Len, Rin, GUMI, Luka, IA, Gackpo, KAITO, and MEIKO. It's also the first "V♥25" series album to feature an AH-Software Co. Ltd. Vocaloid: Yukari; and the first and so far only one to feature VY2.

"V love 25" is composed of these five concepts:

1. Vocaloid Music Now: #1-13
2. Pick-Up: #14
3. Recomended by Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade: #15-16
4. Nico Nico Artist Recommend: #17-18
5. Secret Song (newly written song by famous producer): #19

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Track listingEdit

1."ドラゴンライジング (Dragon Rising)"takamatttakamattGUMI, Kagamine Len3:40
3."文学少女インセイン (Bungaku Shoujo Insane)" (Literature Girl Insane)KarasuyasabouKarasuyasabouKagamine Rin4:11
4."先生と少女騒動~第一審公判~ (Sensei to Shoujo Soudou ~Daiisshin Kouhan~)" (Uproar Between the Teacher and the Girl ~First trial~)Minus-PMinus-PKagamine Len4:51
5."Youthful Finder"koyorikoyoriHatsune Miku4:30
6."New Worlds God"samfreesamfreeHatsune Miku4:39
7."四季刻歌 (Shiki Toki Uta)" (Four Seasons Time Song)WataameWataameIA3:53
8."どえす (Doesu)" (A True Sadist)Buriru-PBuriru-PMegurine Luka4:13
9."ロケット☆ドライブ (Rocket ☆ Drive)"SahahhaPSahahhaP, Toushitsu0-PGUMI, Camui Gackpo4:13
10."林檎売りの泡沫少女 (Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo)" (The Transient Apple Salesgirl)yukkedoluceyukkedoluceGUMI6:03
11."月光探検記 (Gekkou Tankenki)" (Moonlight travel notes)HarryPHarryPHatsune Miku3:39
12."B-CLASS HEROES"Utsu-PUtsu-PHatsune Miku3:41
13."衝動×パンデモニクス (Shoudou × Pandemonics)" (Impulse x Pandemonics)PolyphonicBranchPolyphonicBranchYuzuki Yukari, VY2, Lily, MEIKO, KAITO4:24
14."九龍レトロ (Kowloon Retro)"TohmaTohmaGUMI3:27
15."on the rocks"OSTER projectOSTER projectMEIKO, KAITO4:23
16."キップル・インダストリー (Kipple Industry)"millstonesmillstonesHatsune Miku5:09
17."Party Junkie"Satsuki ga TenkomoriSatsuki ga TenkomoriHatsune Miku4:28
18."世田谷ナイトサファリ (Setagaya Night Safari)"Mikito-PMikito-PHatsune Miku4:47
19."ジエンド" (The End)Owata-POwata-PYuzuki Yukari4:19
Total length:1:21:45

Promotion / Special OffersEdit

  • V♥25 ultra pouch
  • V♥25 B2-size poster
  • V♥25 A4-size clear file
  • V♥25 microfiber


V love 25 -Exclamation- album illust limited ver
Limited editon album illustration
Vlove25 exclamation pouch
Ultra pouch
Vlove25 exclamation poster
Vlove25 desire clear file
Clear file
Vlove25 desire microfiber

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