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Image of "V Love 25 -Imagination-"
Album title
  • "V Love 25 -Imagination-"
Published May 21, 2014, for ¥1,905

Background[edit | edit source]

V love 25 -Imagination- or V♥25 -Imagination- (read as Vocaloid Love Nico -Imagination-) is a compilation album by Binary Mixx Records, and the 9th in the "V♥25" series. It contains 18 tracks written by various producers.

This album features Miku, Len, Rin, GUMI, Luka, IA, Gackpo, KAITO, MEIKO, and Lily. It's also the first and so far only "V♥25" series album to feature Yuki.

This "V♥25" album is composed of these three concepts:

  • VOCALOID music recommendation: #1-15
  • You choose! VOCALOID music: #16-17
  • Closed Bag Planning! Who is this Creator!?: #18

Preceding and succeeding albums[edit | edit source]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."ウミユリ海底譚 (Umiyuri Kaiteitan)" (Tale of the Deep-sea Lily)n-bunan-bunaHatsune Miku3:58
2."いかないで (Ikanaide)" (Don't Go)SohtaSohtaKaai Yuki3:15
3."吐心感情戦 (Toshin Kanjyosen)"NejishikiNejishikiIA3:52
4."四季折の羽 (Shikiori no Hane)" (Wings of the four seasons)Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len4:51
5."月に戯言 (Tsuki ni Zaregoto)" (Nonsense to the Month)Potential 0Potential 0GUMI, IA3:31
6."枝ノ護人 (Eda no Gonin)" (The Branch Guardian)HinayukkiHinayukkiMEIKO3:15
7."おなごとは恐ろしき生き物なり (Onago to wa Osoroshiki Ikimono Nari)" (Women are Fearful Creatures)Becky Pop Sound Research.Becky Pop Sound Research.Camui Gackpo3:44
8."心傷モノクローム (Shinshou Monochrome)" (Heartbreak Monochrome)40mP40mPGUMI4:27
9."ハイイロの花 (Haiiro no Hana)" (Gray Flower)ElmElmGUMI4:08
10."ステイルメイト (Stalemate)"Re:nGRe:nGKAITO, Hatsune Miku4:44
11."Good Morning, Polar Night"yukkedoluceyukkedoluceHatsune Miku5:07
12."サンキューロック (Sankyuu Rokku)" (Thank You Rock)Kurousa-PKurousa-PHatsune Miku4:09
13."結う愛りぼん (Yuu Ai Ribon)" (Love Ribbon Braid)yamikuroyamikuroMegurine Luka4:14
14."ヘンリー・キャット (Henry Cat)"YASUHIROYASUHIROHatsune Miku4:56
15."M.S.S.Phantom"M.S.S ProjectM.S.S ProjectHatsune Miku4:48
16."Close to you"nikinikiLily4:52
17."スキスキ絶頂症 (Suki Suki Zecchou Shou)" (Like-Love Climaxitis)koyorikoyoriGUMI3:34
18."机上恋愛概論 (Kijou Ren'ai Gairon)"PolyphonicBranchPolyphonicBranchHatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin2:59
Total length:01:14:24

Promotion / Special Offers[edit | edit source]

  • CD original goods.
    • V♥25 special B2 poster (store benefit).
    • V♥25 special A4 clear file (questionnaire benefit).
    • V♥25 special microfiber (VOCALOID P Quiz benefit, lottery).
  • SHOP original goods (specific store benefits).
    • V♥25 special Imagination cards.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

VL25 Imagination - poster.jpg
VL25 Imagination - imagnation cards.jpg
Imagination cards.

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