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VocaTone is a small company formed in America. Their involvement in Vocaloid was in connection with PowerFX's VOCALOID3 development.


Established in 2011, VocaTone is a spin-off company born from PowerFX whose staff primarily consists of Vocaloid fans. PowerFX agreed to aid in the development and distribution of OLIVER for VocaTone.

Since they are a fan based group, they rely on the overseas Vocaloid fandom for support; they do not have the same backing as other professionals do. One of the problems they ran into was losing contact with the original voice provider of OLIVER, which immediately limited the possibility of updating him to the VOCALOID4 engine.[1]

Following the release of YOHIOloid, VocaTone continued to work on potential new voicebanks.[2][3] The company did however, go through a significant three year period of online inactivity. This may have been possibly due to PowerFX announcing their departure from Vocaloid in 2017, which left the state of VocaTone unknown to the general public.

On December 25, 2020, VocaTone reemerged and announced that they were working in collaboration with Misbah Studios to produce a new voice synthesizer: Maghni AI. The first two vocalists were revealed to be Audine and Aurum, the latter being the final version of ausgris.[4] Both were expected to be made trilingual in English, Japanese, and Spanish according to their reveal video. In a Q&A with the VocaVerse Discord, when asked about the two other vocals mentioned around Aurum's VOCALOID development, it was revealed that there were actually five vocals in development. The second being Audine, the third being a girl called Era, and another female named Nyx. Audine and the others were never announced due to VocaTone losing the VOCALOID license.[5]

In 2021, VocaTone announced they dropped YOHIO from their list of vocal providers after some dissatisfactory political comments from the singer were made. Until this point, YOHIOloid was considered for an update to VocaTone's new software Maghni AI. It was noted that this meant they no longer had to make a Swedish phonetic list for the software, hinting this was a language they would have covered with the update.[6][7][8][9]

Key people[]

AndersSodergren.jpg Anders Södergren was a developer. For VOCALOID3 he also asked the English Vocaloid fans for their input into the development of the Vocaloid software. He took notes on the fan feedback to Yamaha themselves. He was also interested in suggestions for new Vocaloids and Vocaloid vocal types, as well as any other suggestions regarding current and future Vocaloids.

In 2011 he helped develop OLIVER directly. He also had a hand in founding and bringing VocaTone together by supplying them with advice on how to enter the Vocaloid business. He acted as head programmer for VocaTone as stated on their website.

He is an independent representative who works for both PowerFX and Zero-G. He acts as a feedback and information relay between the English Vocaloid fandom and the English Vocaloid studios. He would use the Vocaloid Otaku forums specifically to aid him and would answer any questions on English Vocaloids themselves.



Promotional involvement[]

Anime Banzai[]

On October 22, 2011, VocaTone hosted a VOCALOID panel at a local Anime Convention, Anime Banzai and got the okay to reveal Oliver's voice there. Anders did request that guests be prohibited from using cameras/recording devices, so only Oliver's voice is heard until the first official demo is out.[10]

YOHIO Vocaloid boxart competition[]

PowerFX and VocaTone held a competition for the package design of their Vocaloid YOHIOloid. The winner was Sartika3091.


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