VocaloWitter, previously known as "i-VOCALOID" is the portable version of the software released for iPhone.


While this version has limited capabilities, but at the price ¥350 for the iPhone download it made this the cheapest version of the VOCALOID software ever sold. This version of the software has only released in Japanese. Those wishing to purchase this software must also have a Japanese chip on their iPhone to use this software.


YAMAHA announced a version of the VOCALOID software for the iPhone and iPad, which exhibited at the Y2 Autumn 2010 Digital Content Expo in Japan. It uses a version of the VOCALOID2 engine.[1][2]

  • December 2010, VY1 was released in a adapted version of the VOCALOID software "iVOCALOID for the iPad and iPhone as "VY1t".[3]
  • April 2011, VY2 was was added, VY2's version would have adjusted the VY1 version for compatibility and performance reasons. However, it has never been released.[4]
  • December 2012, Aoki Lapis was added.[5] This particular version of the VocaloWitter app managed to get 1st place out of all paid for apps on the iTunes store on 11 September 2013.[6]





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