ぼかろ男子 ぼかろ女子 (Vocalo Danshi Vocalo Joshi / Vocaloid Boys, Vocaloid Girls) is Mikito-P's third dōjin album, released at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 23. It contains 10 tracks, mainly sung by GUMI or Miku, but MAYU and Rin are also featured. Most of the tracklist is composed of some of Mikito-P's best known hits, like "1, 2 Fanclub" or "Sarishinohara" and other pre-existing songs, but there are also a few newly written ones. Aside of that the album features some covers:

  • Track 6 - is a cover of a song originally sung by IA, made by Mikito for IA's compilation album IA THE WORLD ~Kaze~
  • Track 8 - is an arrangement of 1, 2 Funclub made by emon
  • Track 10 - is a cover of Sarishinohara, sung by Mikito-P himself under his utaite name - Aijima

A crossfade of the album can be viewed here.
It is available for purchase on Amazon and Toranoana.

Vocalo Danshi Vocalo Joshi
Released December 15, 2012
Producer Mikito-P
Price ¥1,575
Illust. Yori
Label Aijima Koubou
Track list
1. いーあるふぁんくらぶ
Yī èr Fanclub / 1, 2 Fanclub
GUMI, Kagamine Rin
2. 非公開日誌
Hikoukai Nikki / Private Journal
3. 世田谷ナイトサファリ
Setagaya Night Safari
Hatsune Miku
4. 夕立のりぼん
Yuudachi no Ribbon / Ribbon of the Evening Shower
5. サリシノハラ
Sarishinohara / Distant Fields
Hatsune Miku
6. country mom
Kagamine Rin
7. ぼっち幸福論
Bocchi Koufukuron
Hatsune Miku
8. いーあるふぁんくらぶ りみっくす :emon
Ii Aru Fanclub Remix :emon
Kagamine Rin, GUMI
9. ガリベン広瀬の勝利
Gariben Hirose no Shouri
10. サリシノハラ
Sarishinohara / Distant Fields
MikitoP's second album - Setsuna Plus+
Setsuna Plus+
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Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss wo Shita
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