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Vocalodama (ボカロダマ) is a mobile game produced by the YAMAHA Corporation using VOCALOID technology.


The game features several modes of difficulty. Several songs (which are purchased as packs at 300yen each) are supplied. The application comes with 3 songs free and uses a basic version of the VY1 vocal to power the songs.

The object of the game is to slide the correct color icons to the right path as they move down each line of the song. This will cause VY1 (the singer for the app) to sing the note correctly as it should be in the song.

Song list[]

Japanese, Romaji English Producer
Application track list
ふるさと(故郷) ???
トロイカ(寿司) Troika ???
トルコ行進曲 - オワタ\(^o^)/ (Turkish March - It's Over \(^o^)/) Turkish March - It's Over \(^o^)/ Owata-P
Hits pack 1
ヘビーローテーション Heavy Rotation ???
キセキ Miracle ???
ロビンソン Robinson ???
Hits pack 2
残酷な天使のテーゼ A Cruel Angel's Thesis ???
猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛」 ???
Diamonds ???
Hits pack 3
ポリリズム Polyrhythm ???
女々しくて ???
さくらんぼ ???
Children's songs pack 1
アンパンマンのマーチ Anpanpan's March ???
となりのトトロ My Neighbour Totoro ???
森のくまさん Kuma-san of the Forest ???
Vocaloid song pack 1
千本桜 (Senbonzakura) Thousand Cherry Tree Kurousa-P
マトリョシカ (Matryoshka) Matryoshka Hachi
ダブルラリアット (Double Lariat) Double Lariat Agoaniki-P

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