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The VOCALOID Wiki is a wiki about the VOCALOID franchise, it was created June 28, 2008 and founded by VocaloidHirokiHatsune. It currently has over 10,000 content pages. It is hosted by Fandom, a free web hosting service for wikis. VOCALOID Wiki is not affiliated with YAMAHA Corporation or other music/audio companies.


The VOCALOID Wiki keeps track of any and all happenings involving the VOCALOID franchise with detailed information for the merchandise, events, and its many vocalists.



User:Adept-eX, User:Bunai Di, User:Damesukekun, User:MeerkatQueen, User:NebulousViper, User:O Herman, User:Xuanmien


User:TerranMarine036, User:Tokina8937


User:Angel Emfrbl, User:Rougefan056,

Wiki Timeline[]

2008 happenings[]

  • June 28 - The VOCALOID Wiki is created by User:VocaloidHirokiHatsune.

2009 happenings[]

  • April 18 - Staff User:CatherineMunro appoints User:Antonio Lopez from (none) to administrator and bureaucrat (adopting wiki).

2010 happenings[]

  • January 18‎ - User:Koolkid495 creates the FANLOID Wiki.
  • December 21 - Staff User:TimmyQuivy appoints User:Angel Emfrbl from (none) to administrator and bureaucrat.
  • December 22 - User:Angel Emfrbl appoints User:O Herman from bureaucrat to bureaucrat and administrator.
  • December 22 - User:O Herman appoints User:Bunai82 from (none) to administrator.

2011 happenings[]

  • June 3 - User:O Herman appoints User:Damesukekun from (none) to administrator.
  • August 17 - User:Bunai Di adopts the FANLOID Wiki due to User:Koolkid495's inactivity.

2012 happenings[]

  • January 31 - User:Angel Emfrbl appoints User:Adept-eX from (none) to administrator.
  • May 10 - User:Angel Emfrbl appoints User:Adept-eX from administrator to administrator and bureaucrat.
  • May 10 - User:Angel Emfrbl self-demotes from bureaucrat and administrator to (none).

2015 happenings[]

  • August 4 - User:Adept-eX appoints User:NebulousViper from (none) to administrator.
  • August 4 - User:Adept-eX appoints User:Umbreon126 from (none) to administrator.
  • August 4 - User:Adept-eX appoints User:Bunai82 from administrator to administrator and bureaucrat.
  • August 6 - User:Bunai Di demotes User:Antonio Lopez from bureaucrat and administrator to bureaucrat (Adoptor / Inactive since 16:30, July 14, 2012)

2016 happenings[]

  • November 23 - User:Bunai Di appoints User:MeerkatQueen from poweruser to poweruser, rollback and administrator.

2018 happenings[]

  • October 20 - Minor color updates to the navigation templates.
  • December 16 - Overhaul of frequently used templates, as asterik'd on the Category:Template documentation.
  • December 28 - Updates to the Cquote template by simplifying coding and is now just Quote template.
  • December 29 - User:Angel Emfrbl and Tokina8937 made rollback and content mods.
    • Discussion for moderator is released.
    • Testing of Theme.css begins.

2019 happenings[]

  • January 5 - User:EarthlingnAkumi and Rougefan056 made content and rollback mods.
  • June 1 - User:TerranMarine036 made content mod.
  • June 2 - Moved Vocaloid_(mascot) to VOCALOID vocalists.
  • June 7 - Moved VOCALOID vocalists to VOCALOIDs.
  • September 2 - Piapro Studio wiki is created.
  • September 15 - Discussions to gradually remove software articles not related to VOCALOID off the wiki. Minimized content has been moved to the glossary with sourced links.

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