These are a list of the current administrators and moderators of the VOCALOID Wiki. See Help:User rights for more information and Special:Listusers for the a listing. Also see Special:ListGroupRights for a more in depth summary of each of the individual user rights. To see when users were promoted, see Special:Log/rights.

List of Administrators

Name Groups Activity Info
User:Adept-eX bureaucrat, sysop Occasionally Active He focus mainly in the organization and tutorials area and its active contributor of Evillious Chronicles wiki. He makes occasional edits during the week, but is available for contact.
User:Bunai Di bureaucrat, sysop Active Admin of the Gaiapedia as well as joint admin of other wikis. Main purpose is to keep the Vocaloid wiki organized. Tends to take breaks but is available for contact.

As of 2020 April she is spread out among various wikis in need of maintenance. Any onsite request must make direct contact using walls or social media.

User:MeerkatQueen sysop Active Huge VOCALOID nerd. Owns too many of them. Even Rin/Len ACT1, other various limited and rare VOCALOIDs, and duplicates of other VOCALOIDs, including their favorite, SeeU. Also, they live here.
Usually available for contact but may not be available from around 8-3:30 on most days. Please note that they are very busy and also have an unpredictable schedule.
User:NebulousViper sysop Active Founder of the site's Discord server. He researches and focuses on information about the Chinese VOCALOIDs. Mainly crafts Mandarin song pages. Has occasional contact with Chinese fans and producers, however, it is noted that his Mandarin skills are at a beginner's level.

He is only available for contact in the evenings (US Eastern Time). For urgent help, please contact the other admins or moderators.

User:O Herman bureaucrat, sysop Occasionally Active Admin of the UTAU and MikuMikuDance wiki; a part of a UTAU group. He is available for contact, but notice that he is busy.
User:Xuanmien sysop Occasionally Active Your local code monkey/perfectionist/hopeless loser. Likely available for contact,

List of Moderators


Name Groups Activity Info
User:TerranMarine036 content moderator Active Recent addition to content moderator.
User:Tokina8937 content moderator Active On the Wiki, she can be found doing tasks or helping to do them, or working on some song pages. Often in charge of massive tasks, as long they are feasible, and often works in the shadows. Likes to analyze the behavior of the wiki editors engines. As SOAP member, has a tolerance zero for spam, especially on this wiki and who won't hesitate eating it or even preventing it by all means necessary. Is available for contact most of time.
User:TokihikoH11 councilor Inactive On the Wiki, they are a councilor and adopter of the French VW. Currently on hiatus.


Name Groups Activity Info
User:Angel Emfrbl rollbacks Active She gathers much of the information read on this wiki. And also edits on One Piece wiki. She has resigned from (bureaucrat, sysop), and may or may not be available for contact.
User:Rougefan056 rollbacks Active Recent addition to rollback. A self-proclaimed hermit. Is usually available for contact.

List of Bots

Name Groups Activity Info
User:AITH11 bot Occasionally Active Bot of User:TokihikoH11
User:Decembirth bot,sysop Occasionally Active Bot of User:Bunai Di
User:Tasks126 bot Occasionally Active Bot of User:Xuanmien
User:Tokikobot bot Active Bot of User:Tokina8937


Retired users

Name Groups Activity Info
User:Damesukekun sysop Inactive Native Japanese speaker. Was a part of a UTAU group; Has contact with Japanese producers. No longer available for contact.
User:EarthlingnAkumi content, discussions moderator Inactive Was a content and discussions moderator. Could usually be found somewhere on Wikia editing something. No longer available for contact.
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