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The VOCALOID Wiki Discord server was created by NebulousViper on October 9th, 2018. Its purpose is to provide the users of Vocaloid Wiki to discuss Vocaloid and the wiki, while also allowing users without accounts on the Fandom network to join and discuss with users. The server has its own activity feed for the Wiki, showing content from discussions, the log, and RecentChanges.

Discord is available as a standalone application for a mobile device, computer, or in a web browser. Click here for invite.

Entering the server

When you enter into the server, you'll see all the channels under the category welcome; #welcome (the verification room), #rules-and-contact (for rules and links to contact the Wiki and Discord staff) and #announcements (where announcements about the Wiki and the server are done). The welcome bot (Dyno, nicknamed "?") will prompt you to give a link towards your Wikia/FANDOM userpage.

Keep in mind you do not need to have a FANDOM account to join the server.

The moderators and/or administrators will then welcome you. Depending on if you have a wiki account and how you use it:

  • If you don't have a userpage, you'll get the "Non-editor" role.
  • If you have a userpage and your Discord tag isn't registered on its headmast, a moderator or an administrator will leave you a message on your VOCALOID Wiki message wall. Click on "Write a reply" and just answer below. Please do not upload images as proof of your identity, a reply is enough. (Example: "Yes it's me") The moderators and/or administrators will then check your edit count.
    • If you have no edits at all, you'll get the "Non-editor" role.
    • If the majority of your edits are on VOCALOID Wiki, you'll get the "VW Editor" role.
    • If the majority of your edits are on another Wiki, you'll get the "Other Editor" role.
  • Finally, if you don't answer on time (we generally kick you if you do not answer within 24 - 48h), you'll be kicked from the server. That doesn't mean you are banned from this server; you are welcome to join again at any time, and prepare your userpage if you have one or answer in time!

Once the process is be done, you'll be able to access most of the rooms (excluding staff ones).


Server rules, taken straight from #rules-and-contact.

  1. Stay organized! Each of the channels have their own rules and descriptions (found in the channel description or pinned messages!). Please follow them as closely as possible. Anything that doesn't match the description goes into the #general channel!
  2. No bullying, please. Do not harass or alienate other members.
  3. Stay as civilized as possible and act appropriately. Personal gripes and matters should be handled outside of the server and through private messaging! Swearing is okay, but do not do so excessively if you can help it!
  4. If there's something only a VOCALOID Wikia admin can handle in regards to the site itself, please reach us at #wiki-admin-inquiries ! A follow-up message on our talk pages would also be handy in case we can't access discord at the moment! Please see below for a list of our talk pages!
  5. You're free to talk about just about anything as long as it's appropriate. You don't necessarily have to talk about VOCALOID only! All NSFW content (music, songs, conversations) go to #sensitive-subjects !
  6. Please refrain from giving out and asking for personal information!
  7. Keep the bots in the #bots channel and avoid using the commands in the other rooms if possible. Certain bots may react to interaction regardless of room, but those can't be helped. If you're trying to do something with a bot, then the bot channel is your place to go.
  8. Spreading false information and rumors is not tolerated and will result in warnings. Continuing this behavior will result in a ban.
  9. When entering this server, please provide your wikia username. This is how we'll verify and associate you on VOCALOID Wikia! Be prepared for a message on your talk page. This is part of the verification process as others may attempt to impersonate you. If you don't have a Userpage, then let us know! We can find some other way to verify you. If you were invited by someone who's already in the server, please tell us and @ them so they can confirm.

Staff on Discord


  • Adept-eX (#Adept-eX) Administrator on Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.
  • Bunai Di (#Bunai) Administrator and bureaucrat of Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.
  • MeerkatQueen (#MeerkatQueen) Administrator of Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.
  • NebulousViper (#~𝕭𝖆𝖗𝖇𝖆𝖙𝖔𝖘~) Creator of the server, administrator on Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.
  • O Herman (#orochiherman) Administrator and bureaucrat of Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.
  • Tokina8937 (#Tokina8937) Administrator on Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.
  • Xuanmien (#kitchen knife) Administrator on Vocaloid Wiki and its Discord server.


  • Pinkgirl234 (#Queen Pinksweets) Moderator of content and Discord server of Vocaloid Wiki.
  • SilSinn9801 (#SilSinn9801) Moderator of content and Discord server of Vocaloid Wiki.
  • TerranMarine036 (#Terran) Moderator of the Discord server of Vocaloid Wiki.


Chat rooms

Channel name Description
#welcome You enter via this channel. Wikia/FANDOM contributors will be prompted to provide a link to their userpage. Non-editors are not required to do this and can instead request the "Non-editor" role.
Once things are confirmed please use #general for discussions.
#rules-and-contact A notice channel: Links for contacting the staff of the wiki and of the server.
#announcements Used for Channel, FANDOM/Wikia, and VOCALOID related announcements.
#roles Users can assign themselves miscellaneous roles by reacting to the emojis there.
#sister-servers The hub for affiliated servers of VOCALOID Wiki!
#general A general channel for topics about discussing anything. Please keep it safe for work.
#synth-talk A general channel for all things VOCALOID, or any other vocal synthesizer.
#synth-support For any synthesizer-related support, here you can ask your questions, provide support or share more technical-related information.
#media-n-entertainment A general channel for media and entertainment topics.
#video-games A general channel for video game topics.
[NSFW channel]
A channel for venting about any problems in life. Remember that no one here is a therapist, though we may be able to support and assist you about your problems. If ever you have any issues with someone in the server, please keep it to private messages.
[NSFW channel]
A channel for any not safe for work creations, art, topics, music, it goes here. If it's really NSFW, no matter what this is, it has to go into this channel.
#my-creations A channel for sharing your personal art, music, writings, lyrics here! Can include works in progress.
[Slowmode is enabled. Members can send one message every 10 minutes]
A channel for promoting your personal, or someone else's art, music, writings, and lyrical help. Can include purchasables, servers, channels and other miscellaneous services. Offers of reselling or trades for voicebanks is against the ToS of most, if not all, voice synthesizers, and is therefore prohibited on the server due to compliance with FANDOM ToU.
#others-art-n-music A channel for dumping art, music, and writings created by other people. Remember, your personal works go in #my-creations and NSFW content must go in #sensitive-subjects.
#memes A channel for teH meMes.
Music and Voice channels[3]
#dj-room A channel for the bot Rythm to play music. Note: during the weekly server game, this room is restricted to moderators, administrators and people with the role "Weekly game masters".
[Requires VC Role]
A channel for those who don't have a microphone but want to contribute to the discussions.
[Requires VC Role]
A channel for voice chatting.
🔊music-bot A channel for where Rythm will play the music asked for in #dj-room.
#wiki-general A general channel for all things FANDOM/Wikia related. Can include editing tips, page creation, and suggestions.
#wiki-activity A channel for logging real-time wiki events and discussions. Mods and admins can use it for moderation purposes. You can not send messages in this channel.
#wiki-admin-inquiries A channel to contact VOCALOID Wiki mods and admins: Use this to report content, misconduct, and various requests.
#discord-suggestions A channel for suggesting any ideas for the server.
#bots A channel for all your bot commands. Except for Mudae -> See #mudae-bot. Please try not to spam the other channels with this. You can also suggest bots here too, but please explain the functions before we add them first!
[Requires Mudae player role]
A channel for Mudae's commands. Also used for Airashi Hina who interacts for Mudae's games.
[Requires Weekly game players role]
A channel for discussing the server's weekly game: guess the VOCALOID, the song, the series of an opening etc.
[Moderator exclusive]
A notice channel: Rules for moderators.
[Moderator exclusive]
A channel for the staff of the server.
[Moderator exclusive]
Logs all important server activity (new member joins, member departures, message deletions, message edits, kicks, bans, etc.).


  • Bureaucrat[5]
  • Admin[5]
  • Discord Mods
  • Discussions Moderator[5]
  • Content Moderator[5]
  • Rollback[5]
  • Staff

  • VW Editor
  • Other Editor
  • Non-editor
  • VocaDB editor
  • Wiki Representative[8]
  • Global Discussions Moderator[8]
  • SOAP[8]
  • Council[8]
  • Bot

  • vc
  • vc-lockout[9]
  • He/Him
  • She/Her
  • They/Them

  • VOCALOID user
  • Alter/Ego user
  • CeVIO user
  • Chipspeech user
  • DeepVocal user
  • MUTA user
  • SynthV user
  • UTAU user
  • VOICEROID user
  • FL Studio user
  • MMD user
  • Cubase user
  • Audacity user
  • Studio One user
  • piapro studio user
  • Niaoniao user
  • Neutrino user

  • Weekly game players
  • Weekly game masters
  • Mudae players
  • DJ
  • VSynth Helper Ping
  • @everyone


  1. Everyone can view these channels (except #roles which only anyone with a role can view).
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Anyone who has a role can view these channels.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Accessibility varies. Please ask a moderator for more information.
  4. In order from highest to lowest.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 To have this role on the server, you must have the same role on the wiki.
  6. Prevents a user from talking on the server (if they broke a certain number of rules).
  7. Automatically assigned by Discord to those who use Nitro to boost the server.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 Global FANDOM staff role.
  9. Prevents a user from using the voice channel 🔊general.

Bot list

  • Dyno (?)
  • carl-bot (c!)
  • Hatsune Miku (m%)
  • Rythm (!)
  • MarriageBot (m!)
  • Mudae ($)
  • blargbot (b!)
  • Airashi Hina (h!)
  • Wiki-Bot (!wiki)

Ready to join?

If you agree to the above rules, go to the rail and click on the Discord icon to get an invite! Good luck and have fun!