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These questions were frequently asked by the community.

Why are some voice providers not revealed?

This is due to legal issues from the voice provider. Originally voice actors and actresses were nervous about letting people know they were the voice actor because people could " steal " their voice. This is still a major issue among the English VOCALOIDs today.

There are actors who simply don't want to be revealed for their own personal or privacy reasons. However, the possibilities behind this are speculative.

Additionally, young voice providers are not revealed because they are under the age of 18. Also, some voice providers are not revealed because of their country's legal issues that prevent their providers from being revealed.

Why can't they reveal the voice providers under the age of 18?

Actually, it's not being under 18, the actual age varies per provider's country of origin. In the UK, a person is considered as minor until 16, in Japan until 13.

In the UK it is possible to reveal a child's name only if parents grant permission, but they try and keep the name of the child a secret the best they can, in courts they use names like "Baby P" and in newspapers they'll dodge the name entirely if they have to.

Children are easy targets and too much fame may cause them issues.

How do VOCALOID companies pick people to create a VOCALOID?

But for content purposes, a reason can be provided below.

The process seems to vary for each company.

  • Finding a voice actor (professional or amateur) by searching their resume.
  • Finding a amateur singer (professional or amateur) by searching their resume.
  • Finding a professional singer that is already well known.

In 2011, with the announcement of new vocals, there were contests to be the voice of a voicebank. It should be known that once someone lends their voice to a character, under contract, that voice sample now belongs to the company. It is unknown what type of financial process is involved.

edit 10/30/11: Also with this Zero-G has mentioned in interviews that they also ask the voice actor to demonstrate their singing in order to determine if they will obtain the part.

Why do voice providers of VOCALOIDs remove downloadable access to their UTAUs?

Now that the vocals of a voicebank is for a paid product by a company it can be assumed that this is the reason voice providers who voiced UTAU or other free synth products, will be required by their respective company to remove access to those vocals as to not lose potential profits.

Notable examples would include the UTAU, Makune Hachi being discontinued due to VOCALOID4 RUBY being released. And Macne Nana (whose voicebank could be imported to UTAU) no longer being purchasable as a GarageBand plug-in; instead the creators of this character now provide links to the VOCALOID3 voicebank.

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