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i This subject is a policy.

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The article is a guideline about formatting pages on the VOCALOID Wiki.


  • Please see the Image Guide to understand how to name images.
  • To load a layout use the Create page.
  • Another option is to "Add new page" and then select a preload template from the menu or Copy then Paste the following and click Publish: {{ subst:TEMPLATE/preload }}

What to knowEdit

Article namingEdit

Step one is the prefix for characters, software, galleries etc.
• VOCALOID#  for articles about the primary VOCALOID software.
• Derivative or similar software shall adhere to their official product name.
• Company_Name  for standard company or independent group page.
• Character_Name  for standard character/mascot page.
• Character_Name_(VOCALOID#) or Character_Name_V#  for sub-pages about their respective product information.
• Character_Name/Examples_of_usage  for sub-pages featuring vocal examples via media sites.

Qualifier namingEdit

Sub-pages and lists will begin with their respective names and end with a qualifier, e.g.
• /Gallery

Page GuidesEdit

General articlesEdit



  • {{Company}}
  • Company_name is a ...
  • History
  • Products
  • References
  • External links
  • Navigation





  • {{Website}}
  • Website_name is a ...
  • History
  • Features
  • References
  • External links
  • Navigation





  • {{Gallery page disclaimer}}
    • Software
    • Apps
    • Logo
    • Character
    • Pets
    • Concept
  • Promotional
    • General
  • Media
    • 3D Model
  • Misc.
    • Merchandise
    • Other
  • References

Music articlesEdit


{{Producer article/preload}} {{Producer circle article/preload}}

  • Affiliations
  • External links
    • Official
    • Unofficial
  • Works
  • Discography
  • Gallery


{{Romanized series article/preload}} {{Non-Romanized series article/preload}}

  • Background
  • Track listing
  • Other media appearances
    • Literature
    • Discography
    • Concerts
    • Games
  • Gallery
  • References
  • External links
    • Official
    • Unofficial


{{Event article/preload}}


{{Non-Romanized song article/preload}} {{Romanized song article/preload}}


{{Non-Romanized album article/preload}} {{Romanized album article/preload}}

Synthesizer articlesEdit

Vocaloid CharacterEdit

{{Vocaloid Character/preload}}

Vocaloid SoftwareEdit

{{Vocaloid Software/preload}}

Listing articlesEdit

Voice and illustrator listEdit

{{Voice provider/preload}} {{Official illustrator/preload}}



  • Disambig_name may refer to:
  • Producers
  • Albums
  • Songs

Notable song listEdit

{{Notable song list/preload}}

Original song listEdit

{{Original song list/preload}}

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