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aquatrax is a video game development group known for creating the mobile rhythm game, Zyon in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN. The video game consists of different VOCALOIDs from different companies as well as their own characters. They collaborated with EXIT TUNES to create a voicebank for their first VOCALOID, Zing.


aquatrax was introduced on July 17, 2015 at Firefly ACG Festival 2015 and announced that they were making a rhythm game for mobile phones under the name of Zion (‘’Zyon’’ in Western releases). The panel was mainly focused on new merchandise for Shanghai HENIAN’s VOCALOIDs and celebrating the release of Yuezheng Ling. Therefore, the introduction of Zyon showcased images of Luo Tianyi, YANHE, and Ling appearing as character skins for the game, as well as their own character, Ledysia.[1] Later in 2015, during the game’s development, aquatrax began showcasing images of their game mascot, Zing, who later became their first VOCALOID in collaboration with EXIT TUNES.



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Japanese/Chinese/English vocals


  1. First appearance of Zion

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