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VOCALOID development

Charlie (チャーリー), also described as an Uta Robo (うたロボ), is a Japanese communication robot developed by YAMAHA Corporation utilizing VOCALOID technology to speak and sing. Charlie is able to communicate basic words and phrases through singing when a user speaks to it, such as saying "good morning" and "thank you", in song. [1] Charlie is capable of answering questions and can "speak" using over 30 different genres of music.

Charlie is marketed towards working women for purposes of destressing after a long day and is made as a companion to help relax.

Concept[edit source]

Etymology[edit source]


Appearance[edit source]

Charlie has a large round head with beaded eyes and spherical red nose on top of a conical body with round black feet. He has a small bow tie on his "chest" that glows when he speaks. His head and feet are also shown to move as he sings. [2]

Relations[edit source]

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History[edit source]

On October 22, 2020, a recruitment period was announced to begin on October 27 in order to look for "monitors" to beta test the device. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements of living in Japan, having access to Wi-Fi with an Android or iOS smart phone and an active Instagram account to monitor.[3] Thirty people would be selected, and after the monitoring period concludes, applicants would be offered a commercial version of the Charlie robot.[4] It was announced that Charlie was expected to release in the spring of 2021.

Marketing[edit source]

An official Instagram account was created for Charlie.[5]

Product Information[edit source]

Demonstrations[edit source]


ココロゆるむ、うたロボ【Charlie】モニター募集中♪ (Short Version) YouTube
ココロゆるむ、うたロボ【Charlie】モニター募集中♪ (Long Version) YouTube
Voice Sample 11/09/2020 Instagram
Voice Sample 11/10/2020 Instagram
Voice Sample 11/12/2020 Instagram
Voice Sample 11/17/2020 Instagram
Voice Sample 11/18/2020 Instagram
Voice Sample 11/24/2020 Instagram
Voice Sample 11/27/2020 Instagram

Music featuring Charlie[edit source]

Vocaloid Wiki:Sandbox/Charlie/Examples of usage

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Reputation[edit source]


Google Trends

チャーリー Charlie, チャーリー


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Language Description Site
Japanese Charlie Website Official site for Charlie Link
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Japanese @charlie_yamaha_official Official Instagram of Charlie Link

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