Chiyu (赤羽) is a Chinese character developed by Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd.. It is currently unknown what voice synthesizer she is developed for.



On November 13, 2017, the head of Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd., Ddickky, noted that people seem to think that Xingchen was easy to manage because she was the company’s only VOCALOID. He mentioned that he wanted to try to "have five to take care of" to see how challenging it was to manage more characters and asked fans to "stay tuned". This seemingly hinted that there may be additional characters aside from Xingchen in the future.[2] Later that month, it was mentioned that because Beijing Photek wanted to save money to produce content, some big news would be announced at Quadimension Live Tour rather than at a separate conference. This included new merchandise, new official art, and if there was time, new games or voicebanks. It was not specified if these voicebanks were for Xingchen or for any new characters. Details about the announcement are currently unknown.[3]


On April 14, 2018, Ddickky mentioned that the names and designs of the fire, earth, and air characters were decided. While it was not stated what this refers to, it is possible that these characters may be part of Xingchen and Haiyi's series. It is also currently unknown if these would be VOCALOIDs.[4]

On November 9, Haiyi mentioned some "younger sisters", possibly referring to the other elemental characters within the series though not explicitly confirmed.[5]


On February 1, 2019, Chiyu's name appeared in a crossfade video for Haiyi's solo album "Atlantis".[6]


A shape known as the tetrahedron appeared on Chiyu's logo. It is present in the second stroke of "赤" character in her name. In the spiritual meaning of Metatron's Cube, the tetrahedron represents fire, which influenced her design, name, and concept.[7]


Chì (赤) means "red" while (羽) means "feather", "plume", or "wing". is also the fifth note in the Chinese pentatonic scale (la).


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