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Haiyi (海伊) is a private Chinese character developed by Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd..[2] It is currently unknown what voice synthesizer she is developed for.



On November 13, 2017, the head of Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd., Ddickky, noted that people seem to think that Xingchen was easy to manage because she was the company’s only VOCALOID. He mentioned that he wanted to try to "have five to take care of" to see how challenging it was to manage more characters and asked fans to "stay tuned". This seemingly hinted that there may be additional characters aside from Xingchen in the future.[3] Later that month, it was mentioned that because Beijing Photek wanted to save money to produce content, some big news would be announced at Quadimension Live Tour rather than at a separate conference. This included new merchandise, new official art, and if there was time, new games or voicebanks. It was not specified if these voicebanks were for Xingchen or for any new characters. Details about the announcement are currently unknown.[4]


On January 5, 2018, a new female character was hinted and introduced as "Xingchen's younger sister".[5]

On February 2, it was reported that the voicebank was finished and that the character design was nearly completed. However, there was not enough time to create new original songs for the character. This lead to Beijing Photek deciding to make self-covers of Xingchen original songs for an easy comparison between the two.[6] On February 9, Xingchen’s Weibo mentioned that she was the "older sister of Haiyi", confirming the name of the new character.[7]

On February 12, Haiyi’s character design was shown and her illustrator was confirmed to be ATDan.[8] Her first demo, "Ripple", revealed that she had four voicebanks produced: Normal, Dark, Power, and Aroma.

At some point during Haiyi's debut, a user conversed with Ddickky via private messaging and asked questions about her. He revealed that Haiyi would be a private character. It was explained that there wasn't enough profit to cover the printing fee for distribution in addition to the desire of avoiding her being cracked or illegally distributed. Only producers who were members of or collaborated with the Quadimension circle were allowed to use her as they were people Ddickky knew well. It was also mentioned that "the next character(s)" were very different to Xingchen and that it "could be said" that they were "making plans for an element of a big plan".[2][9]

On April 22, "Shoal" was confirmed to be the next Haiyi song and the first original written specifically for her. It was set to release on April 29.[10][11]


Quadimension distributed a postcard featuring Haiyi with a description written by ATDan on the back. According to ATDan, "Haiyi was born by sea. The waves and marine animals tell the story of the girl who was born of the sea. The Metatron's Cube symbolises the relationship between Haiyi and water, the gem on her necklace is of the same space.

This girl doesn't just look like the sea, her voice is like the water too: gentle and elegant. A sound like water, an appearance like the sea".[1]

For Haiyi's logo, a shape known as the icosahedron is present next to her name and is part of the last three strokes in the "海" character. In the spiritual meaning of Metatron's Cube, the icosahedron represents water, which influenced her design, name, and concept.[12]


Hǎi (海) means "ocean" or "sea". (伊) may translate to "she" or "her".[13]


Haiyi’s design follows an ocean theme. Her color scheme consists of light and dark blues, whites, and pinks. She wears a jellyfish on the left side of her head.

ATDan explained that because Haiyi was born by the sea, he designed her with clear blue hair and eyes (mentioning that the sea gave them to her). Her clothing was based on the outfits worn by ice skaters and her shoes signified waves moving around. The jellyfish and the symmetrical tailfin gave an impression of a sea god in ancient times.[1]


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Product Information



涟漪 (Liányī) (featuring Xingchen; uses Normal, Dark, Power, and Aroma voicebanks) bilibili
浅滩 (Qiǎntān) bilibili
Xīng zhī Hǎi crossfade bilibili
每当有流星划过夜空 (Měi Dāng Yǒu Liúxīng Huàguò Yèkōng) bilibili
浅滩 (Qiǎntān) (featuring Xingchen) bilibili

Voicebank Libraries

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Haiyi is a young sounding female vocal. She is confirmed to have four voicebanks: Normal, Dark, Power, and Aroma.

Individual Vocals

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Additional Information


Due to Haiyi being a private vocal, all of her usages would be provided by the Quadimension circle. Her first merchandise product was a button illustrated by ATDan.

Xingchen's third official album was announced to also feature Haiyi.[14] This album was later known to be Star Ocean. A solo album for Haiyi was announced to be released in the second half of 2018. A solo EP known as REPLAY would be released and would focus on the unseen stories of "STOP".[15]


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Chinese fans expressed a like for Haiyi and considered her voice to be unique among other Chinese virtual singers.


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