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The official VOCALOID website, known as was one of the first official websites created in regards to Vocaloid.


Set up pre-VOCALOID in 2003, the website contained information on Vocaloid and was active until the release of Sweet Ann. It was available in Japanese and English. Most information on it at this time was centered on the English Vocaloid version. The English version of the original website, existed as late as 2013.

During the VOCALOID2, the website became mostly dormant and was not updated at all. The website was given a overhaul in 2011. At this time, it only contained basic information on upcoming iVOCALOID and VOCALOID-board information, as well as how Vocaloid worked in general and was focused on the late VOCALOID2 era. This version of the website was available in Japanese and English.

It was revamped in 2012 in light of the VOCALOID3 release. This time the website was in both English and Japanese. It focused on being more diverse on its content with more news featured then before, such as the releases of new vocals and new updates such as VOCALOID NEO and VOCALOID Editor for Cubase.

In late 2013 it was overhauled once again.