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Violet, also known by her Chinese name, "Zi Yan" (紫嫣; Zǐ Yān), is a virtual idol developed and designed by Animate China. She has relations to Aoki Lapis, a VOCALOID from i-style Project. Rather than having a synthesized voice, she is an animated idol or persona, where a live human voice sings for her.[1][2]


Violet appeared as part of a design effort between Animate china group co., Ltd and CHK. They have been working to create China's first virtual idols since 2013.

In 2015, it was found that the reason she was constantly appearing alongside Aoki Lapis in media was that the companies that owned the characters were all related to a company named Ima Group. Previously, it was always suspected that Lapis' image was being used illegally.[3]


Violet is a clumsy girl who loves the color purple and music. She is considered to be fashionable and a sexy musical girl with Chinese elements. She has a passion for music, trying to deliver hope and surprises to everyone. She is good at dancing and singing, she loves flowers, dislikes meat, fears bees, and her hobbies are singing and travelling.

Her astrological sign is Sagittarius and she was born on November 28th.[4]


The artist had decided to merge music with an anime character while incorporating flowers, musical instruments and a digital or cyber-esque design, giving her a modern pop culture feel. She was given purple hair with an ahoge and has a lolita-styled outfit using flowers as an inspiration. Her blue petal headphones, scarf and piano belt are considered as her basic accessories.


She is a very bright and enthusiastic girl who dislikes being restricted by the environment around her. She is also curious and has an adventurous spirit, the type who enjoys trying new things and always tries her best to reach her goal.

Violet is also soft-hearted, sensitive and can be a bit clumsy on occasion. She has a soul-healing voice, and originated from another world. Aside from her perfect voice, everything about her background is still unknown. If she ever encountered someone, they would be the beginning of her story. There are more secrets about Violet that are waiting to be discovered.


  • Aoki Lapis; a Japanese VOCALOID that has appeared alongside Violet.



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