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VocalektVision is the collaborative group of Neutrino-P and Tempo-P. This unit's first appearance was J-pop Summit Festival 2011 in San Francisco, where they guest starred besides DANCEROID and Zaneeds.

Since then they eagerly lead the VOCALOID J-pop scene in the United States. Vocalekt Visions is one of the well-known overseas creators among Japanese fandom and the only licensed Western VOCALOID production team who hosts their own projected animated events.

Their music and animated events have made multiple appearances throughout the world, including San Francisco (USA), Los Angeles (USA), and Bucharest (Romania) [1]. Their events have become quite popular with the non-Japanese VOCALOID fanbase, despite not having a live band performing with the characters.

After partnering with Mikubook and becoming official supporters they have worked alongside Crypton Future Media in promoting Hatsune Miku and VOCALOID throughout the world. [2]

Notable debuts and milestones include (As of May, 2012)
Featured artist on Kikisenradio (Major Japanese VOCALOID Radio)
Nico Nico Douga daily ranking placements
Western Vocaloid rankings top 10
Lemon Ice Bar - their best selling song - reaching over 100,000 views on Youtube
Numerous press releases and articles on major blogs such as Hatsune Miku Miku, Vocaloidism, CrunchyRoll and others.

STATUS:Aug 2011 → Present
ASSOCIATIONS:Tempo-P, Neutrino-P
OFFICIAL:Homepage: VocalecktVisions
URL(s)Channel: YouTube
WORKS: (Upload date)

Discography[edit source]

Title Tuned in the West    
Producer Vocalekt Visions  
Release Date August 27th 2011  
Title Vocaloid Vacation    
Producer Vocalekt Visions  
Release Date May 25th 2012  
Title Secret Princess    
Producer Vocalekt Visions  
Release Date January 26th 2013  

References[edit source]

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