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VOCALOID: AI is a new vocal technology and was first demonstrated using the deceased voice of Hibari Misora to demonstrate its abilities in a live performance.

This is the 3rd project Vocaloid has undergone to use a dead singer as a basis, with Ueki-loid and hide being the previous ones.

It was first announced with VOCALOID3.


VOCALOID: AI is a "live" performance technoogy that allows for VOCALOID to be used as a "live" singer.

The software as it suggests uses artificial intelligence to achieve its results. The technology is developed to run alongside 4K/3D images of the singer. The process is known as "Deep learning", it can learn the traits of a singer over time. The AI learns the traits of the vocalist and mimicks them to give a one-off performance as a real singer would in a live performance. To be able to use this technology, data must be collected in advance, with bad data results having to be filtered out. The voice created is a result of the AI learning the timbre and singing style; it even picks up on the singer's nuisances.

It allows a virtual singer powered by this technology to perform live without the need to pre-make the results, the AI is capable of learning as it goes along. The AI bases its results only on the highest quality data that is produced.

The technology is currently evolving quickly according to Yamaha.[1]


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