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Please add Star Story sung by hatsune Miku and compose by Kz Livetune. PLEASE
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i reply your comment, to put the Star Story picture (Project Diva) so here it is:

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Finished!! (Star Story)
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Does anyone fix the article of Dreamlike Night?
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it's finished. i didn't edit it so check it out if you're interseted.
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i want the article of Hatsune Miku no Shuunen/The End of Hatsune Miku -WORST END-
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Already made that article.
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Remove StargazeR from the list, that song already has its own article
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'Am no meaning to sound rude but this has it's own page so you can remove it yourself :C
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I've had "7days" incomplete in Notepad for a few months. O_o (Forgot about it.) I'll create a page for it later on today. ^_^; Edit: Done.
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I'm starting to like creating song pages. I can create more however, my only concern is the Background section. Is it ok if I just write in that section where the songs are featured and the likes? I'm not really into checking what the song is about D:
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^ Well, I make sure there's something written on it (in the least lol). I'm just worried about the song's story or whatever. Ok, I'll do that. Thanks for the tip!
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I can't say I do that too all my song articles as well. At the least I leave something like "this song has entered the hall of fame" or "This song won this contest".

The important thing is to stick the music wip template on those to indicate you haven't/can't fill out that section to the proper wiki standards. This is after all, a community project so someone should be able to back you up on that.
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I have a question yet again... I noticed some pages have different lyric formatting than the others: such as this compared to this. The prior has an easier convention but majority seems to use the latter. What do you encourage to be used?
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@Bunai I'm fine with table. It's just that I think it's alot convenient to use the first one but since we can't say the flaws, I guess I can't get away with it lol. I'll stick with the table format.
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That was when the testing of the template was going on, it is only on a few pages and works best with lyric lines that are even in length. It is mainly for those who have trouble with the table format.

If you can handle tables then go with table. The single language pages use Template:Lyrics. If there is (say official translations) then switch to table. Or post below the single lyrics.

I hope that helps.
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I can't say 'better' as the template has its flaws. The "Green Green ~Midorimushi~" is an example that the template works on both skins without a problem.
However, certain lyric structure can cause an unappealing appearance on the Oasis (Wikia) skin.
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o: Are you saying that the first one is better?
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Question time again... sorry for asking tooooo many questions ._. I'm planning to do 忘れるわけないでしょ (Wasureru Wake Nai Desho) by yuukiss. The catch is, the demo version has far more views than the full version (upload date difference is 4 years...). Should I go with the Demo and put the full version in the succeeding or vice versa?
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Just a notice to experienced contributors. If anyone sees User:Maureen4595 and User:Phantomviz creating and editing song pages, please pay attention to their edits because too many mistakes have been made and were not corrected (since August 2014). I marked some of their pages as MusicWIP as to attend to them later. While User:Phantomviz improved editing gradually, the linking of Game exclusive songs should be kept to the "Other media appearances" section, as there are no official uploads of these songs. And also the excessive image uploads are not required. e.g "Wolf Girl", which were just close ups of Miku's face and no game module or official figurine to be seen.
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Sezar5 brought up (I think) the issue of producer pages have too many songs linked. Thread here. The Miku wiki just simplifies by linking the page and letting the nico code do all the work. Yuuyu-P for example.
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Another editor to watch for is ChibiDialga. They are copy pasting the content from Vocaloid Lyrics wiki to this wiki, thus the categories are incorrect, along with some lyric layout. On "Various feelings" the titling was incorrect, the upload and view count was mixed up, and a PV derivative did not credit the original author. Doing heavy revising of a relativity completed page isn't fun. I would like to advise this editor to study the Guidelines before making anymore pages.
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We still need to think of a way to include game/album-only songs on producers' pages (^_^;) (perhaps the release dates of the games/albums would work)
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"nico code" ...eh?

BTW The Miku Hatsune Wiki lists a category's contents (with the special exception of Hobonichi-P); you can see the categories ("tags", but same concept) listed in the corners of song pages

Song page: 【登録タグ: ZOLA PROJECT と 仕事してP 曲 殿堂入り 猫村いろは 】 [Registered tags: "ZOLA PROJECT" "と" (for collation, which I think is also an issue we should address here, although definitely not too important) "sigotositeP" "Song" "Hall of Fame" "Nekomura Iroha"]
Producer page:
(仕事してP=sigotositeP, errmsg=No songs yet registered)
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ストロボナイツ (Strobo Nights) is done. Could someone please check it over? :3
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yep, it's all ok!
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So far...

Otetsu has 17 pages to be made.

Akuno-P has 14 songs. CosMo has 14 too.

Machigerita-P has 12.

OSTER Project has 10, and does 40meterP.

samfree has 8.

Toraboruta-P has 7.

And the list isn't even finished yet. (O__O)
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If it gives you any sort of assurance the HoF stuff (unless someone actually updates them) is complete, and a good chunk of game/concert songs are in Hof, likewise for the other categories.

Not to mention some of these songs may already have pages but the HoF pages just don't have the article link. Hence why i'm just about to write a disclaimer at the top.
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Wow, all these new pages are making me happy. (: I cross-checked the entries on this page with the "Notable Songs by Vocaloid" pages, and I found four songs needing articles that I moved up into the Hall of Legends section. Just an FYI.
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...and it keeps growing. O_O Sheezers.
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Okay... this list is just huge. Like, HUGE. There's no way we'll ever be able to get all these done, and I know there are hundreds (maybe thousands) more Hall of Fame songs that aren't listed. Is there, maybe, like, any way we could narrow the list down a bit? Like, IDK. Every time I come to this page, I just get overwhelmed... so many fabulous songs @_@
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The page of the song "Holy" was already created.
  • Vocaloid Wiki:Priority song pages/@comment-Eulg-20140904173819
there's a good vocaloid song from youtube, Megurine Luka - Lucid Dream by REDSHiFT. I believe, it's original song. [Luka - Lucid Dream] hope it will help
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I've got Pierrot by Miku, Jenga, Tokyo Rock City, Persona Alice, Mushroom Mother, Starduster, letter song (titled Letter song), STEP TO YOU, shiningray, ∞ ("InfinitY"), Shinkai Summit (Heartbreak Summit/ HeartBEAT Summit) and Stratosphere done. You can take them off the list now. =)
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Done! (^ヮ^)
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Good job with both of those!! Mothy's featured works section is getting huge. xD Anyway, I removed both of those from this list, as well as Dancer in the Dark.
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I added LOL -lots of laugh- (I will remove it from the list). EDIT: I also added Black Board
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Made a page for Shineba Ii No Ni. I will remove it from the list. EDIT: Added AaAaAaAAaAaAAa
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I like to remind people here too that HoF pages need to be updated so that they link the articles, that's how I know such pages aren't done :C
  • Vocaloid Wiki:Priority song pages/@comment-Serza5-20131115154002
Let the games begin? |3
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Hope you don't mind if I change a few things around; notably re-naming HoF/HoL categories to songs with those view counts and lowered their priority, given that songs used promotionally I beleive are more important to note (And most of those would have a high view count anyway)
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I would personally think this would be the best order...
  • Songs with 1M+ views: These songs are the lifeblood of the fandom, and the ones that people actually listen to.
  • Songs in concerts or games: Songs that have achieved a higher status based on their use in other media.
  • Songs in other promotions: Notable because... they were used in promotions? /fail
  • (Original) Demo songs: Historically noteworthy, but otherwise, no one listens to most of these tracks.
  • Songs with 100K to 999,999 views: Songs that are noteworthy for being fairly popular. There are just to many of them to rank the section higher, though.
  • Other note worthy songs: This section seems to be songs that are relatively popular compared to other songs sung by obscure Vocaloids, but not otherwise of high view counts or noteworthiness.
  • Songs in albums: Do we even need this section? I mean, it's empty right now, but if we're going to write a page for every Vocaloid song that's been included on any album in the history of the world then we might as well be trying to bulldoze Mount Everest. xD
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  • Hm, again I rank the view songs so low down because most of the note worthy ones have made their way through other media and the ones that aren't are most likely the less note worthy ones anyway. I can't say personally i've heard of any of the 1M ones listed in here currently.

    The album category is in fact more so for the under-appreciated Vocaloids as it's fair to say they've all at least been on one (except for new ones) so they will be able to have featured songs. Of course there is a lot but that's to be expected since we know there's hundreds of songs out there. The least we can do is try and hunt down popular albums or fill in ones for obscure Vocaloids.

    While on the other hand the "other note worthy" category is essentially for "Anything else that may be worth while noting for the heck of it".
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    "Songs in albums": Don't forget the issue of listing them on a producer's page if they don't have an upload :o
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    A lot of the songs now have pages. Am I able to remove a whole bunch of them?
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Priority song pages/@comment-Takolukanow-20150111020914/@comment-MeerkatQueen-20150111021038
    Go for it.
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Priority song pages/@comment-Umbreon126-20140123060608
    "Tsukeru yo. (I'm Putting it on.)" uhuhuhu ahahahahaha who wants to make this page~
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Priority song pages/@comment-Umbreon126-20140123060608/@comment-Chevsapher-20140123165320
    つけるよ。 (Tsukeru yo.) I made it just for the lolz XD
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    Edited Cats of Halloween Please check it for any errors or inconsistencies. I haven't taken it off from the list because info in it might be wrong.
    • Vocaloid Wiki:Priority song pages/@comment-XxeraxX-20131213100523/@comment-Serza5-20131214175133
    You should delete it off the list anyway because if the page exists and it's on the list then it's important to not let someone else re-create the same page, even if yours has errors on it.