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There were sunglasses released that look like the ones Clara wears.


Boxed Limited EditionEdit

MAIKA's boxed version was sold as a limited edition of 100 copies; they were able to be pre-ordered since her release date (December 19), but shipping didn't start until January 2014. The Boxed Limited Edition included:

  • Immediate access to the downloadable version of MAIKA's library.
  • 1x DVD MAIKA with all the content of the download version.
  • 1x DVD with trial versions of Bruno and Clara's voicebank (14 day trial).
  • Four page instructional booklet for MAIKA with phoneme table and concept art.
  • Four high quality MAIKA prints designed by Noriko Hayashi in A6 format.
  • Printed and hand numbered outer box.



Design CompetitionEdit

Clara and Bruno had a fanart competition.[1] The contest was done in response to the disappointment of the artwork from anime fans.[2] The winners were announced on the 19th of December.[3] Although Voctro-Labs stated at the beginning of the contest they may not adopt the winning piece, Rumple's winning entry became the new official design.

As for MAIKA, an illustration contest was held before her release, which helped increase awareness of the upcoming VOCALOID, with many artists submitting their designs.

Song CompetitionEdit

A song contest for Bruno & Clara is being hosted by

Main article: Bruno & Clara Original Song Contest

On February 25, 2014 Voctro-Labs started an original song contest with the purpose of promoting MAIKA. The deadline was set for May 19, 2014 and the judging will begin on June 1 of the same year.[4]

The winners of the contest have since been chosen and have received their prizes, with the first, second and third place winning videos going to "La Audición" by Maubox, "Fujioshi" by darkbluecat and "Define Me" by nostraightanswer (Kenji-B). The two favorite videos selected by Voctro Labs included "Tiempos" by YZYX and "Define Me" by nostraightanswer (Kenji-B). There were also 16 other videos in the "Special Mentions" section of the contest results. The final rankings and exact totals of results can be found here.

Main article: MAIKA Original Song Contest


Clara, along with ONA and Bruno, were scheduled to participate in a small live concert to be realized in Parc de la Ciutadella, as part of the celebrations of La Mercè festival.

Social MediaEdit

  • Bruno and Clara have an official Facebook page which Voctro-Lab's cast controls.
  • MAIKA has an official Twitter account and FaceBook page.



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