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CYBER DIVA: Jenny Shima[]

Voice provider Jenny Shima2.png CYBER DIVA.png

Jenny Shima is an American professional singer, theatre actress, and model who resides in Japan. She revealed herself to be the voice provider for the VOCALOID CYBER DIVA.

She is bilingual in both English and Japanese and she performed in certain theatrical productions in multiple Disney theme parks, such as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and Belle from "Beauty and the Beast".

After CYBER DIVA's release, Jenny posted on Instagram that she was the voice provider for the new VOCALOID, however, the post was removed.[1][2] It was later reinstated within her Instagram profile.

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Sachiko: Sachiko Kobayashi[]

Sachiko kobayashi.jpg Sachiko.png

Sachiko Kobayashi (小林幸子) is a famous enka singer and occasional voice actress. She is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Sachiko.

She was born in Niigata on December 5, 1953 and became the champion of "Uta Mane Tokuhon (歌まね読本)". She was scouted by Masao Koga and made her debut in 1964. In 1979, her song, Omoide Sake (おもいで酒), became the best seller of the year. Since then, she was considered to be one of the best enka singers of Japan.

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ARSLOID: Akira Kano[]

Kano akira vp.jpg Alsmagna alsloid akira.png

Akira Kano (神生アキラ), also known as OH-SE and Keiichi Oosemachi (大勢待桂一), is a dancer and singer in the unit ARSMAGNA (アルスマグナ), which is directly related to the cosplay group Chronos Senior High School (私立九瓏ノ主学園). He is the voice provider for the VOCALOID ARSLOID.

He also participates in the unit Dengeki Qomolangma Tai (電撃チョモランマ隊) as a dancer and lead vocalist, as well as the unit AUЯA.[3][4]

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RUBY: Misha[]

Misha vp.png Ruby hq.jpg

Misha is the voice provider of the VOCALOID RUBY. She is an active fan in the VOCALOID community.

She was previously known for voicing the UTAU Makune Hachi.


  • Misha assisted d_Artemi with the design concepts and choices for RUBY.

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DEX: Sam Blakeslee[]

Kenji-b vp.jpg Headset dex.png

Sam Blakeslee is an American musician and VOCALOID producer known under the names Nostraightanswer and Lupin. He is the voice provider of the VOCALOID DEX.

He is also known for voicing the UTAU Kenji Baionoto.


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DAINA: Aki Glancy[]

Akiglancy vp.jpg Headset daina.png

Aki Glancy (aka. EmpathP), is an American musician, VOCALOID producer, artist, and the voice provider of the VOCALOID DAINA.

She was also known for voicing the UTAU Namida.


  • She produced a few original demo songs for DAINA and DEX.
  • She is the illustrator and concept artist for the VOCALOID AVANNA.

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Main article: EmpathP

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Otori Kohaku & AKAZA: Asuka Kakumoto[]

Unitychan kakumoto.png Chara akaza unity.png

Asuka Kakumoto (角元明日香) is a professional voice actress and the voice provider of VOCALOIDs Otori Kohaku and AKAZA: two mascots for the same VOCALOID4 package.

She was born on April 8, 1992 in the Saitama Prefecture. She is best known for her role in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! as Elena Shimabara. She has been voice acting as Kohaku since her character debuted in 2013. However, Kohaku's VOCALOID debut was the first time Asuka had to sing as her.


  • As shown in the demos featuring her and the VOCALOID's vocals, Asuka was singing as Kohaku while the voicebank was referred to as AKAZA.
    • The duet with her VOCALOID was quite a experience for Kakumoto and she didn't believe it was her own voice.

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Fukase: Satoshi Fukase[]

Satoshi fukase.jpg FUKASE TRANSPARENT NOTXT.png

Satoshi Fukase (深瀬慧) is the lead vocalist of the band Sekai no Owari and the voice provider of the VOCALOID Fukase.

He was born on October 13, 1985 and he is capable of singing in both Japanese and English.

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Xingchen: Chalili[]

Cha li li.jpg Stardust transparent.png

Chalili (茶理理) is a well known utaite and the voice provider of the VOCALOID Xingchen.

She was born on July 3 and is from Changsha, Hunan, China. She has a sweet and refreshing voice as well as a wide vocal range. She is capable of speaking and singing in Mandarin, Japanese, and English.


  • She lived abroad in Italy, Japan, and America

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Otomachi Una: Aimi Tanaka[]

Aimi Tanaka.jpg Una Transparent.png

Aimi Tanaka (田中あいみ) is a professional voice actress of the band "Sisters" and the voice provider of the VOCALOID Otomachi Una.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan on April 28, 1992. She is most known for her role as Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan.

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Macne Petit: Haruna Ikezawa[]

Yumemi Nemu: Nemu Yumemi[]

Yuezheng Longya: Jie Zhang[]

Zhang jie.jpg Longya V4.png

Jie Zhang (张杰), also known as Ajie (阿杰) and ketsu, is a professional singer and voice actor who is capable of speaking in Mandarin and Japanese. He is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Yuezheng Longya. He was chosen based on suggestions from Chinese VOCALOID fans.

He was born on November 27, 1978 and resides in Beijing, China. His most famous dubbing works included Detective Conan and Milong from Rainbow Sea. Other representative works included Dongfang Yuechu from Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Ye Xiu from The King's Avatar, Gavin from Mr Love: Queen's Choice, Wei Wuxian from The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Osborn from Light and Night, and Huo Xing from Mojospy.


  • He noted that he was frightened and shocked by the sudden tags on Weibo from numerous fans as he initially did not understand that he was being suggested as a potential voice provider for Longya.[5]

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Masaoka Azuki: Yuka Outsubo[]

Voice Provider Yuka Ootsubo.jpg Azuki v4.png

Yuka Outsubo (大坪由佳) is a professional voice actress and singer. She is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Masaoka Azuki.

She was born in June 1993 in the Chiba Prefecture. She initially began her voice acting career in 2011 but later began her singing career by joining the band, SmileY Inc., with Yuuyu-P in 2014.

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Kobayashi Matcha: Ayaka Oohashi[]

Project575VOCALOIDVP02.jpg Matcha v4.png

Ayaka Oohashi (大橋彩香) is a professional voice actress and singer. She is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Kobayashi Matcha.

She was born in September 1994 in Urawa, Japan. She is best known for her role in Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono as Koharu Tanaka. She is also the drummer of Poppin'Party, a band in the BanG Dream! multimedia franchise, and voices the character Saaya Yamabuki in associated media.

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LUMi: Sayaka Ohara[]

Sayaka ohara.jpg LUMi TRANSPARENT.png

Sayaka Ohara (大原さやか) is a professional voice actress known for her many roles in anime, film, video games, and dubbing for overseas films. She is the voice provider of the VOCALOID LUMi.

She was born on December 6, 1975 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. She was most known for her works as Ai from "Popotan", Layla Hamilton from "Kaleido Star", Yūko Ichihara from "xxxHolic", Alicia Florence from "Aria", Milly Ashford from "Code Geass", Ezra Scarlet from "Fairy Tail", Gammisers from "Kamen Rider Ghost", and Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) from "Sailor Moon Crystal". At the 7th Seiyu Awards in 2013, she received the Best Supporting Actress Award.

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Kizuna Akari: Madoka Yonezawa[]

Yonezawa Madoka.jpg Vocaloid akari.png

Madoka Yonezawa (米澤 円) is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Osaka prefecture. She is the voice provider of the VOICEROID and VOCALOID Kizuna Akari.

She was born on August 30, 1981. She is most known for her roles as Satou Sara and Makise Ayano from Shirobako and Hirasawa Ui from K-On!.

She has a background in music and originally was learning the piano, but picked up singing instead because she enjoyed it. She also went into study voice acting and was able to combine singing talents and voice acting together. She originally thought of doing a Vocaloid at the time of Gackt declaring that Vocaloid was no longer just Miku and the Kagamines because the field of voice acting had been rather narrow. At the time of recording the Vocaloid and Voiceroid, she was finding it difficult to get casting voice roles and is a reason she applied to voice a Vocaloid as she didn't fear the consequences of lost work.[6]

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Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese: Kano[]

Filoyo.jpg Tianyi v4 jpn full.png

Kano (鹿乃) is a Japanese Utaite from Tokyo, Japan, who is known for her soft and sweet voice. She is one of the voice providers for the VOCALOID Luo Tianyi. She collaborated with Shan Xin to provide the voice samples for Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese respectively.


  • Little of her identity is disclosed so far, including her real name and appearance.
  • Her name translates to "of the deer".
  • Her birthday is December 24.

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Zhiyu Moke: Shangqing Su[]

Su shangqing.jpg Moke full transparent.png

Shangqing Su (苏尚卿), also known as Xigushuang (西呱双), is a voice actor and one of the main members of 729 Studio. He is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Zhiyu Moke.

He was born on May 30, 1991 in Liuzhou, Guangxi, and currently resides in Beijing. His most notable works were his roles in "Big Fish & Begonia", "The Silver Guardian", and "Fighter of the Destiny".

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Mo Qingxian: Mingyue[]

Mingyue.jpg Qingxian v4 transparent.png

Mingyue (冥月), also known as Dai Yue (呆月) and Peng Peng (朋朋), is a professional singer. She is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Mo Qingxian.

She was born on June 14 and is from Baoshan District, Shanghai. She graduated from the Guangxi Arts Institute. Her most notable works include the "LOVE SICK" album, "Luò Chénhuán", "Méiyǒu Dào Biāodì Lù", "Sī Xiāo Zi", "Xīn Jiàn Yóu Lóng", and "Yún Shuǐ Qīng Hóng".

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Zhang Chuchu: Wan Su[]

Su Wan chuchu vp.jpg Chuchu transparent.png

Wan Su (苏婉) is a voice actress from Voice Bear Studio: a group known for dubbing animations and games in Shanghai, China. She was graduated from V17 (branch group of Voice Bear Studio) in 2021. She is the voice provider of the VOCALOID Zhang Chuchu and was chosen as the winning contestant for the VOCALOID's audition.

She was born on September 12, 1997 and resides in Jiangxi, China. She studied at Yichun University. As a voice actress, her most notable roles include Qing Lin from Fights Break Firmament, Ling Xiaotu from Ai Shen Qiaokeli ING, Ling Ling from The Full Time Mage, and Liu Lili from The Record of Unusual Creatures.

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Yuecheng: Nuochen[]

Nuochen.png Yuecheng transparent.png

Nuochen (诺辰), also known as Chengzi (成子) and Yuancheng Zhou (周元成), is a voice actor and the voice provider of the VOCALOID Yuecheng. He earned second place with 6,977 votes in the first half of Yuecheng's voice provider audition and was chosen as the winner overall.[7]

He is from mainland China and at the time of Yuecheng's production, he was still a new aspiring voice actor and did not have much experience. Later on, he became affiliated with Qi Xiang Tianwai Studio in 2018 and became known for some of his roles in video games, with his most notable being Luo Yan from Tricolour Lovestory. He broke into animation voiceovers in 2021 with roles such as B Cell from Cells at Work!.


  • His birthday is not publicly disclosed, but he is listed as a Capricorn.

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COCOROBO: Ibuki Kido[]

Voice provider kido ibuki.jpg COCOROBO concept.jpg

Ibuki Kido (木戸衣吹) is a professional voice actress and the voice provider of the VOCALOID COCOROBO. She is also known as the voice provider of Tohoku Itako, an UTAU and VOICEROID character (later also a CeVIO character) who is Zunko's oldest sister.

She was born on November 14, 1997 and is from Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

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