For the song by Nabanobi, see Wavelength (Nobanobi song).

To promote non-Japanese VOCALOID library awareness, the members of ASDR have come together to create an album that features strictly non-Japanese VOCALOID libraries.

All profits from the album go straight to Befrienders, an international suicide-prevention non-profit.
—label's comment

Wavelength is a compilation by ASDR. The project was lead and mastered by nostraightanswer, and contains songs of producers as EmpathP and Guitar Hero Piano Zero.

The album can be purchased on ASDR's Bandcamp.

Wavelength album
Released February 07, 2015
Producer Various
Price $2
Illust. MystSaphyr, EmpathP, Skylark, VocaPeach
Label ASDR Labels
Track list
1. Fly Away
TechniKen feat. GUMI English
2. Dream With You
Guitar Hero Piano Zero feat. YOHIOloid
3. Valse Mécanique
~mw~ feat. MAIKA
4. Dance Lessons
nostraightanswer feat. AVANNA, MAIKA
5. MKB
baggagelizard feat. OLIVER
6. Poe
EmpathP feat. BIG AL, SONiKA