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  • "Waves of Change"
Published December 6, 2013, with 1,700+ Niconico views and 101,900+ YouTube views

Background[edit | edit source]

I had the supreme pleasure of working with Voctro Labs on creating an English demo for their new Vocaloid MAIKA. I would like to start off by saying that No, MAIKA does not have an English bank. This is a demonstration of her bonus English phonetics (in combination with her regular Spanish phonetics) in order to create English.
—EmpathP aka AkiGlancy

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

As the years pass as they should
Seems like only yesterday
That I stood
By a man whose eyes
Were turned up to the sun

Though I never asked his name
Everyday he was there
Just the same
Waiting for someone
Who never seemed to come

I wonder why I couldn't see before
And notice he wasn't there anymore
Until I found the message
Hanging from my door

As I read I didn't make a sound
'Til it slipped from my hands
And fluttered down
Suddenly my knees grew weak
And I fell to the ground

That's when my tears
Fell on the letter
I could hear his voice so clear
Within my mind again
And I know that now
His love would live forever

'Cause his heart was beating
There inside the words
He left behind

In the days that followed on
And the moments searching
Where he had gone
Everything was like a blur
Until I learned

And although I was afraid to see
The truth was staring
Right in front of me
Somehow I knew that this was
What was meant to be

And as I walked
I didn't make a sound
Even as my gaze was looking down
Suddenly my knees grew weak
And I fell to the ground

That's when my tears
Fell on the marker
As I touched the name
I hadn't seen before 'til then

And I promised that
One day we'd be together
Somewhere far away
Where I'd stand by his side again

And as my tears
Fall on the letter
I can hear your voice so clear
Within my mind once more
And I know that now
My love will live forever

For a heart that's beating
There inside the words
You left behind

"If you find this message that I left behind"
"You'll know that time has pulled me away from you"

"And though I don't know who you are
"And I am far away, I love you all the same"

"Even though you will never know my name..."

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Chibideko's MMD PV
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Categories Fanmade PV
A Fanmade PV by Chibideko for the 12th MMD Cup.

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