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Song title
  • "Witches' Eye"
Published March 27, 2014
  • AdyS (music, lyrics, illustration)


This song is an original OLIVER song featured in the album, Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn.


Those eyes are looking into the shadow
Revealing the truth from the other dimension
Reading the mind of the liars
Searching for the dark truth inside one's own heart

Those eyes are looking into the shadow
Searching for the beautiful little pearl hidden by their hatred
Once found, it will stop
The curse that has brought eternal blindness to your heart

You're not alone in your dream
I am by your side
Open your eyes
It can only be seen when you believe

It's like a different dimension
There's no going back when you open your eyes
It won't be the same when you want to cry
Cause once you believe, the hatred dies

I ask you to hold my hand
But im trying too hard to feel something real
I don't want this feeling to die
But it's not enough to keep it alive

I don't want to lose myself
In my own thoughts
We're running out of time to set things right
I don't want to lose myself
In this nightmare
Once we're out of here
We will see the light

We will see the light

I am by your side

You will reach the light
However you will be forever trapped inside your own lies

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