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Image of "Witches' Love"
Song title
  • "Witches' Love"
Published Feb 23, 2014, with 1,100+ Niconico views and 25,200+ YouTube views
  • AdyS (Music)
  • shigureru (Illust)

Background[edit | edit source]

A bit complicated relationship. (=^ω^=)
—Author's comment

One of the more prominent songs featured in Ady S's album, Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn. One of four songs linked together in the album, each about the story of witches and their fantasies.

Main article: Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn (series)

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

why, why
the pain I suffer
lasts longer than the pleasure
you promised

tied by the rope of love
I'm looking at you with my coldest look
fake smile I give you

the moment of ecstasy
you think it's easy to pretend
that I like it
d▬mn, I regret telling lies

you make me thirsty
your drinks just make it worse
now you make me hungry for your love
come watch me in pain

I know you like it
you're just a beast
controlled by your own obsession
losing your freedom

live in this false heaven
burning the flowers of Eden
you can't force me to play this game
I'm not gonna be with you

I'd rather lose my eyesight
than seeing this manifestation of greed and hatred
this is not a fear
but a way of defending myself

you can't take my life
just as you can't take my mind
I will be
the same person

even after this madness
I won't lose my memories

descirb ot son
griwchesurd ob san (x4)

eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
you're taking out my eyes
though I won't be surprised if you do

just stop with this silly attitude of yours
watching, watching people you love in pain
is that what you desire the most?
I miss you

not you, but the other you
who care about her lover?
who saved us from the fire?
the memories you try to forget

but you can't ignore the moment
when you lost your breath
what does it feel like
when you have to face the death?

descirb ot son
griwchesurd ob san (x4)

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