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"Xīng zhī Hǎi" (Star Ocean) is an official album featuring Xingchen and Haiyi. It is the first album to ever feature Haiyi.

Star ocean album
Released June 2018
Producer Various
Price 50 - 150 RMB
Illust. ATDan, Hanasa
Label Quadimension
Track list
1. Awakening
Kide feat. Xingchen, Haiyi
Cidaijun feat. Haiyi
3. 网一尾好梦
Wǎng Yī Wěi Hǎo Mèng
Dahuntun feat. Xingchen
4. 涟漪
Liányī / Ripple
Zeno feat. Xingchen, Haiyi
5. 浅滩
Qiǎntān / Shoal
Zeno feat. Haiyi
6. 记忆残片
Jìyì Cánpiàn / Memory Fragment
Xiaoyedao feat. Xingchen
7. 拂晓
Fúxiǎo / Daybreak
Zoey feat. Xingchen
8. 绮云泽
Qǐ Yún Zé
MeLo feat. Xingchen, Haiyi
9. Journey
Senjougahara Yousei feat. Xingchen
10. 浅滩
Qiǎntān / Shoal
Zeno feat. Xingchen, Haiyi

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