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Song title
  • "Yellow"
Published July 2, 2010, with 712,500+ Niconico views


"Yellow" is a song by kz, currently the sole member of livetune. Although the song is upbeat electropop in genre, Miku sings that although "the end of joy is a thing that comes too soon", she won't stop singing "for the sake of returning your smile". This is extremely appropriate, as "Yellow" is the tie-up song for the video game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd.

The song and its instrumental were released by Sony Music Direct as part of a split single, こっち向いて Baby / Yellow. A DVD packaged along with the physical retail version of the release includes a PV for "Yellow", likely by Naohiro Yako of flapper3.

The song is also featured on the albums VOCA NICO☆PARTY, VOCALOID BEST from ニコニコ動画(あお), 初音ミク -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection, and 初音ミク‐Project DIVA‐2nd NONSTOP MIX COLLECTION. Additionally, a remastered version of "Yellow" is featured on kz's albums Re:Dial and Re:Upload.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
いつからだろう 君の笑う声遠く itsukara darou kimi no warau koe tooku
幸せの終わりなんてあっけないものだね shiawase no owari nante akkenai mono da ne
数え切れない 涙もけだるい明日も kazoekirenai namida mo kedarui asu mo
交わした言葉全て想い出にはさせない kawashita kotoba subete omoide ni wa sasenai

君の笑顔取り戻す為 kimi no egao torimodosu tame
何度でも僕は歌を止めない nando demo boku wa uta wo yamenai
いくつもの夜を越え ikutsu mo no yoru wo koe
この願いかなうその日まで kono negai kanau sono hi made

諦めていた 壊れかけた旋律を akirameteita koware kaketa senritsu wo
拾い集めて もう一度魔法かけるの hiroi atsumete mou ichido mahou kakeru no

君の笑顔取り返す為 kimi no egao torikaesu tame
いつだって僕は歌を止めない itsudatte boku wa uta wo yamenai
流れる星に願う nagareru hoshi ni negau
この想い届くその日まで kono omoi todoku sono hi made

ピリオドはまだ早すぎるよ piriodo wa mada hayasugiru yo
伝えたい言葉はたくさん tsutaetai kotoba wa takusan
あの朝の光をOne More Time ano asa no hikari wo One More Time
あの場所を誰もがそう みんな待っている ano basho wo dare mo ga sou minna matte iru

輝くようなYellowの朝 kagayaku you na Yellow no asa
いつだって僕ら忘れられない itsudatte bokura wasurerarenai
音と光のシャワー oto to hikari no shawaa
終わることのないStep & Clap owaru koto no nai Step & Clap

君の笑顔取り戻す為 kimi no egao torimodosu tame
何度でも僕は歌を止めない nando demo boku wa uta wo yamenai
いくつもの夜を越え ikutsu mo no yoru wo koe
この願いかなうその時まで kono negai kanau sono toki made

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics have been used in the English version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd.

When did your laugh become so far away?
Happiness ends all too soon
Countless tears and listless tomorrows
I won't let the words we shared become mere memories

To bring back your smile
I won't stop singing, no matter what
However many nights it takes
Until the day my wish comes true

All these hopeless melodies on the verge of breaking
I'll gather them up and dust them with magic

To bring back your smile
I won't stop singing, no matter when
I'll wish on a shooting star
Until the day my thoughts reach you

It's too soon to put a period on the end
There are so many words I want to say
That morning light one more time
That place we're all waiting for, each one of us

A sparkling yellow morning
We can't ever forget
A shower of sound and light
A never-ending step & clap

To bring back your smile
I won't stop singing, no matter what
However many nights it takes
Until that moment when my wish comes true


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Unyu's MMD PV
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With over 600,000 views, this well-executed MMD PV has become more popular than the original upload.
brembo's MMD PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Category Fanmade PV

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Sheet music for "Yellow" has been published in the Miku★Song Collection series.


This song was featured in the following concerts.

Summer Sonic Festival 2013Edit

Hatsune Miku performed as the opening act during the "Summer Sonic Festival 2013" event in Tokyo, Japan. Miku performed Tell Your World, Nisoku Hokou, "Yellow", Torinoko City, Himitsu Keisatsu, Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, and Melt.


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