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YoppyVU, also known as Cactus-P is a producer who uses both VOCALOID and UTAU. Most of his works are covers.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
THE BUTTERMINT SONG Fukase May 15, 2016 music, lyrics
White Fave GUMI June 9, 2016 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "REGRET" DEX June 18, 2016 music, lyrics
A Pessimistic Outlook AVANNA September 6, 2016 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "VYlE" DEX, Fukase English September 17, 2016 tuning
Frigid Memories Prima January 29, 2017 music, lyrics
Tricked for Treats MAIKA October 31, 2017 lyrics
VIRG0 DAINA, Fukase November 1, 2017 tuning
five GUMI December 25, 2017 tuning
peeps Big Al, DEX, Fukase, OLIVER, Prima, Tonio, flower, YOHIOloid, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Utatane Piko January 18, 2019 tuning
The Making of a Chimera Utatane Piko October 31, 2019 music, lyrics
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