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  • "You Take"
Published Jan 27, 2013, with 2,000+ YouTube views and 450+ SoundCloud views


My first song with the new Avanna voice. She has a soft and very realistic voice that responds well to the expression controls in the editor.
—Author's comments

"You Take" is a soft paced love song. The song was chosen as a VOCALOID demonstration song by Zero-G, being the fourth demo release for AVANNA.

Although a bit vague and not further elaborated, the lyrics tells how the singer entrusts herself completely to her loved one, however a hint of doubt or sadness surfaces as it seems this one continues taking everything the singer had.

In the song description, Vortex11316 praises AVANNA's voicebank qualities, putting emphasis in her pronunciation and expressiveness.


The light. The stars. The night.
The hope. The love, so brightly.

You take.
You take...
You take...

I give. My hope. My world. My soul
I give. My life. My love, completely.

You take.
You take...
And you take my heart

Confusion of life surrounds me.
Are you who you seem to be?
Am I all alone pretending?
It seems all the love I give, you take.

You take...
You take...

You take...
You take...
And you take my heart.

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