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Yuecheng (Simplified Chinese: 悦成; Traditional Chinese: 悅成), also known in English as King, is a Chinese VOCALOID developed by Shanghai Wangcheng in collaboration with Chengdu Yuefang Cultural Broadcast Co. for the VOCALOID4 engine. He made his VOCALOID debut around March 2017 and was officially stated to be an exclusive vocal in April 2018. As an exclusive vocal, he is not commercially distributed and only certain users have access to his voicebank.

He is voiced by Nuochen (诺辰; Nuòchén), the winning candidate for Yuecheng's audition and aspiring Chinese voice actor at the time.


Yuecheng was a character from the manhua "Mànhuà Jiā yǔ Dà Míngxīng: Yuèróng yǔ Yuèchéng" ("漫画家与大明星:悦蓉与悦成" / "The Manhua Artist and The Idol: Yuerong and Yuecheng") which was published by NetEase Comics. According to his biography image, his official birthday is listed as July 28 and his astrological sign is a Leo. He has type B blood and his favorite color is red.

In his manhua, Yuecheng was an unemployed boy who stayed at home with his older twin sister, Yuerong. After she blamed him for his freeloader habits, he promised her that he would find a tenant. He aspired to become an idol with a love for dancing and singing (though he is not good at rock genres). While he was singing his song, "Love Lock" ("心锁" / "Xīn Suǒ"), a talent agent named William discovered him and wanted Yuecheng to make a contract. Yuecheng’s career as an idol began from there. He has a mature personality and it was noted that he prefers to eat sweets and dislikes spicy food.[1]

After his debut on May 13, 2017, his biography was altered. It was noted that he has a different personality when he is performing onstage: he has a vivid image compared to his quiet nature in his normal life. His special talents include dancing, singing, performing, cooking, and drawing cards (with a lucky tendency to draw good cards). He likes playing video games (despite the fact that he’s not good at them), drawing (usually games), performing onstage, and manga. He has no pets but is a cat magnet and his character color is gradient pink.


"Yue" (悦; Yuè) can mean "contented", "pleased", "to be pleasing to", "to like", or "to love". "Cheng" (成; Chéng) has multiple meanings, including "to finish", "to succeed", "to help achieve", "to become", "achievement", or "positive result". On his official accounts and biography, his official English name is "King".


Yuecheng’s VOCALOID outfit is different in comparison to his manhua counterpart. His color scheme consists of blacks, whites, reds, and pinks, with red being less prominent compared to his manhua version. In the VOCALOID design, he wears a black jacket with pink strings labelled "wangcheng YUECHENG" and small devilish horns located on the hood. On the back of the jacket is a pink logo featuring a devil and his initials. He has a white sleeveless cropped shirt with a high collar and a zipper with a tag bearing his initials, long white pants with rips located on his kneecaps and parts of his thighs, as well as a black belt with his initials on it. His white shoes remains the same as his manhua counterpart in addition to his short white hair which gradates to red. On his left hand, he is wearing three rings: two located on his index finger and one on his ring finger. On his right hand, he wears one ring on his index finger.


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Yuecheng was a character from the manhua, "Mànhuà Jiā yǔ Dà Míngxīng: Yuèróng yǔ Yuèchéng" ("漫画家与大明星:悦蓉与悦成" / "The Manhua Artist and The Idol: Yuerong and Yuecheng"), which was published by NetEase Comics. Since then, he was promoted as a virtual idol. He received his own song, "心锁" ("Xīn Suǒ" / "Love Lock") in September 2015, produced by CleverCool, Zhixiaoai, and Huduoduo. At the time, the vocalist was credited as Yuecheng but utilized a live singer. This was the song that was presented in the manhua itself and allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming an idol.


As a result of Shanghai Wangcheng's efforts to make VOCALOID voicebanks through the Business-to-Business (B2B) method, they collaborated with Chengdu Yuefang Cultural Broadcast Co. to give Yuecheng a VOCALOID voicebank.[2] His production for VOCALOID4 had been known to the public since at least March 2017.

An audition to become Yuecheng’s voice provider was launched from March 14 to March 24 along with instructions on how to participate.[3] The voting session began on March 24 and ended on April 3.[4]

On April 11, the results of his audition was made known. 217-Jinli (217-锦鲤; 217-Jǐnlǐ) achieved first place with 8,000 votes, Nuochen (诺辰; Nuòchén) achieved second place with 6,977 votes, and Kemuqing (柯暮卿; Kēmùqīng) achieved third place with 6,718 votes.[5] However, other finalists also received bonuses and were invited for the opportunity to participate in selecting the winning voice provider.[6] A video featuring the participants was posted on the next day, with the top three finalists showcased first.[7]

Yuecheng, Zhang Chuchu, and Xin Hua were to appear in an upcoming event.[8] This was later confirmed to be the "A Pretty Girl in Her Whole Day" event hosted at Club MYST on May 13.[9] In addition, Yuecheng’s VOCALOID character design was revealed.[10]

A trailer promoting Yuecheng’s upcoming debut was shown on May 9[11] and a short instrumental clip was shown and was produced by Dr. Yun.[12][13] The instrumental was later used at the event on May 13 where Yuecheng was shown dancing live onstage.[14][15]

On June 8, it was confirmed that Yuecheng’s samples for "Molihua" were recorded. In addition, two more potential voice providers, Fengjingxiao (風景暁; Fēngjǐngxiǎo) and KingLeoWong, were revealed.[16][17]

Yuecheng, Chuchu, and Xin Hua made appearances at the 2017 FUN event in Chengdu. He was seen performing with four dancers on stage.[18]

Throughout the week of Yuecheng's character birthday, his official Weibo account made several announcements. On July 25, the "Molihua" test samples were uploaded and shown to the public.[19] Two days later, Nuochen was announced to be the winning voice provider.[20] Finally, on Yuecheng's birthday, July 28, a sample of his first demo, "HOPE FROM DARK" was shown.[21]

On September 30, Yuecheng's Weibo addressed the long wait and announced that a new song would be coming soon.[22] On October 17, this was later released as "Looking For You". On the bilibili upload, a fan asked if this song served as Yuecheng's official debut specifically because that if he was a B2B product, he was not meant for sale. In response, Yuecheng's bilibili account noted that he was to be released in a "new way" but it was not clarified what this meant, thus causing speculation that he would be released as a private vocal.[23] Nuochen commented that it was not confirmed that Yuecheng's voicebank was for private use and to avoid spreading this information until the official accounts make their announcements.[24]

On October 8, "Blind" was confirmed to be the next demo.[25] This demo was the same song produced by Dr. Yun earlier in the year and its instrumental was previously used at live events to promote Yuecheng.

On December 7, "key to next" was confirmed to be a new demo.[26]


On January 26, 2018, Chuchu's Weibo account confirmed that her and Yuecheng's voicebanks would be used during Xin Hua's 3rd anniversary.[27]

On April 27, it was announced that Chuchu, Yuecheng, and Xin Hua would be performing at 2018 FUN Chengdu, which would be held from June 30 to July 1.[28] In addition, Chuchu and Yuecheng's voicebanks were reported to be completed.[29][30] Both received promotional images, but Yuecheng's featured him in a different outfit.[31]

On April 30, Yuecheng and Chuchu were officially stated to be exclusive vocals. Users who would like to use the two in exchange for their music production may apply to get them, but must agree to the contract before doing so. The first set of authorized users were to be made known soon.[32][33]

On July 28, the first 11 authorized producers were made known.[34]


On June 12, 2020, it was noted by one of the authorized users, GobouP, that Yuecheng and Chuchu would no longer be available due to the serial codes ceasing distribution. Like Ring Suzune, it is only possible to use them as trials when changing computers.[35] This is because of the contract between Shanghai Wangcheng and YAMAHA expiring. While this still allows officials to publish and create works, it was no longer possible for them to authorize the libraries to new creators. While authorized users can still use the voicebanks, there were not many of them in the Chinese VOCALOID fanbase.



Yuecheng was originally from his own manhua series published by NetEase Comics. Through Shanghai Wangcheng’s B2B methods, he received a VOCALOID counterpart in collaboration with Chengdu Yuefang Cultural Broadcast Co..

Those who attended the "A Pretty Girl in Her Whole Day" event on May 13 received a comic featuring Yuecheng, Zhang Chuchu, and Xin Hua.[36][37] He, along with Chuchu and Xin Hua, was also featured in a manhua known as "Butterfly".[38]

On January 11, 2018, Yuecheng's weibo hosted a poll asking fans what their preferred dating spot would be.[39] For Valentine's day that year, a video was posted featuring Yuecheng as if he were in an otome game. In the video, he takes the viewer on a date in his room based on the winning response in the poll.[40]

On December 4, Yuecheng and Xin Hua were announced to appear in the mobile game "Chrono Heroes". A promotional image of Yuecheng wielding a dual-handed laser gun was shown.[41]


On April 27, Yuecheng, Chuchu, and Xin Hua were announced to be performing at 2018 FUN Chengdu, which was to be held from June 30 to July 1.[42]

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Translation Chāo Néng zhī Lǚ
Yuecheng, Xin Hua
irecorder (lyrics, compose), katsu (arrange, guitar), Zhanlixun (bass)
Categories Original song
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Translation Yāo Liàn Fēngyuè
Xiao Yu Cosmos
Categories Original song
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Translation Zhímíbùwù
Gui Yue Suo Xin
Categories Cover song
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Translation Bàn Hú Shā
Sunke Yinxingchun (motion), China Phantom (model), Huizi SATOSHI (tuning, video)
Categories Cover song
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Product Information[]



Molihua Candidate 1 bilibili
Molihua Candidate 2 bilibili
Molihua (Nuochen - Winning Sample)[43] bilibili
Molihua Candidate 4 bilibili
Molihua Candidate 5 bilibili
深海灯塔 (Shēnhǎi Dēngtǎ) Weibo
Looking For You bilibili Weibo
Blind bilibili Weibo
Key To Next bilibili Weibo
祝你圣诞快乐 (Zhù Nǐ Shèngdàn Kuàilè) (feat. Xin Hua & Zhang Chuchu) bilibili Weibo
詩 (Shī) (feat. Zhang Chuchu & Xin Hua) Weibo
好运来 (Hǎo Yùn Lái) (feat. Xin Hua & Zhang Chuchu) bilibili Weibo
兔子先生 (Tùzǐ Xiānshēng) bilibili

Voicebank Libraries[]

Product Information
Package details as noted:

The following information is based on known details of a unreleased voicebank. Please note the details of this voicebank are subject to change without notice.

Yuecheng's licensing was restricted to use only for Shanghai Wangcheng's purposes and could only be used by producers with special permission from the company. Users must apply in order to obtain Yuecheng's vocals and submit examples of their work to Shanghai Wangcheng. Once approved, they are required to either create two original songs or three cover songs to maintain their status as an approved user.[44] Because of this, information on Yuecheng's vocals is limited.

Yuecheng is a youthful male vocalist.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Being a VOCALOID4 vocal, Yuecheng is capable of using growl.
  • He is a soft type of vocal. With this in mind, he is more suited for softer and slower styles of music.
  • His voicebank is regarded to be realistic and human-like.
    • In addition to this, the voicebank manages to faithfully recreate Nuochen's character voice for him.
  • In his suitable ranges, little adjustment is needed to sound good. According to some producers, he is easier to tune than Yuezheng Longya and Zhiyu Moke, who are regarded as difficult to use among the Chinese VOCALOID selection.
    • This also notes Yuecheng to be the easiest male Chinese VOCALOID to use at the time.
Software issues as noted:
  • Because of his soft voice, his clarity may be affected and this can limit him in specific genres.
  • While both Chuchu and Yuecheng are both hard to use, he was noted to be even more difficult.
  • His suitable range is very narrow and is narrower than Chuchu's.
    • When going out of range, his voicebank becomes buggy and difficult to work with, even worse than Chuchu.
    • When singing in higher registers, his voice becomes airy and somewhat thin.
    • He may sound as if he has a weak lower range.
  • Yuecheng's voicebank is full of engine noises, but this can be easily covered by instrumentals when mixing. However, he can be as problematic as Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese's original voicebank in comparison.


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