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Yuugou-P (融合P) is a producer known for making various types of genres of songs. Yuugou-P's most notable work would be "Pink Rose" sung by Kagamine Len and "Strawberry Pink" sung by Kagamine Rin.

His P name "Yuugou" came from his own Mu List saying they are "fused" together.

STATUS:June 2010 → Present
GENRE:Pop; Classical; Rock
OFFICIAL:Blog: YuugoUp
URL(s)piapro Twitter Niconico
PLAYLIST(s):(My List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Catch Me!" (Miku) (Jun.14.2010)
  2. "Lost Melody" (Luka) (Jun.15.2010)
  3. "Dream Coffin" (Luka) (Jun.30.2010)
  4. "I Still Love You" (Miku) (Jul.03.2010)
  5. "A Girl Doesn't Know Love" (Luka) (Jul.16.2010)
  6. "Refrain" (Rin) (Jul.23.2010)
  7. "moon cafe" (Len) (Aug.03.2010)
  8. "Shone" (Len) (Sep.04.2010)
  9. "Unakite" (GUMI) (Oct.05.2010)
  10. "A Sky without Stars" (GUMI) (Nov.08.2010)
  11. "Pink Rose" (Miku) (Dec.31.2010)
  12. "Pink Rose" (Len) (Jan.16.2011)
  13. "Shibest" (Rin) (Jan.21.2011)
  14. "LOVE POP" (Miku) (Feb.03.2011)
  15. "Logic Works" (Miku) (Feb.13.2011)
  16. "Strawberry Pink" (Rin) (May.18.2011)
  17. "Ghost Not" (GUMI)(Jul.03.2011)
  18. "Piano" (Miku) (Jul.11.2011)
  19. "Drop" (Rin) (Jul.23.2011)
  20. "Gravity" (Miku, Rin) (Aug.13.2011)
  21. "DELETE" (Rin) (Aug.20.2011)
  22. "Eternity" (Miku) (Oct.04.2011)
  23. "Sentimental Girl" (Miku) (Nov.08.2011)
  24. "The Gem, The Mystery, and the Princess" (Rin, Len) (Nov.14.2011)
  25. "Skyfish" (Rin, Len) (Dec.19.2011)
  26. "Metroward" (Rin) (Jan.10.2012)
  27. "Canary Maria" (Len) (Apr.02.2012)
  28. "Passed Days" (Miku) (Apr.09.2012)
  29. "YELLOW TRICK" (Rin, Len) (May.01.2012)
  30. "Heart Rhythm" (Miku) (Jul.07.2012)
  31. "Float in Disco" (Rin, Len) (Oct.22.2012)
  32. "Spectacle Tune" (Rin, Len) (Feb.27.2013)
  33. "Momomomomo!" (Rin, Len) (Apr.30.2013)
  34. "Everyday Halloween" (Rin, Len) (Jun.18.2013)
  35. "Pandemic" (GUMI) (Dec.13.2013)
  36. "Radio CANDY" (Rin, Len) (Apr.07.2014)
  37. "Club Nightmare" (Rin, Len) (Oct.16.2014)
  38. "Plastic Girl" (GUMI) (Nov.05.2014)
  39. "Magical Christmas" (Rin, Len) (Dec.24.2014)

Songs / Featured Works[]

宝石と謎とプリンセス (Houseki to Nazo to Princess)

Uploaded 2011.11.14 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Yuugou-P Main article 宝石と謎とプリンセス (Houseki to Nazo to Princess)
Lyrics Yuugou-P
Video 7:24
One of Yuugou-P's most eccentric works of a Princess and a boy.


Uploaded 2012.05.01 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Yuugou-P Main article YELLOW TRICK
Lyrics Yuugou-P
Video 7:24
A song of Kiiloid.

スペクタクルチューン (Spectacle Tune)

Uploaded 2013.02.27 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Yuugou-P Main article スペクタクルチューン (Spectacle Tune)
Lyrics Yuugou-P
Video 7:24 (illust, video), Teru (mastering), Etti (encode)


Yuugou-P 1st album.png
Title Yuugou Jikken
Yuugou 2nd album.png
Producer Yuugou-P Yuugou-P
Release Date September 4th 2011 February 5th 2012