Image of "Yuuyami no Ayame Uta / Guren Hyakkiyako"
Series title
  • "夕闇ノ殺メ唄 / 紅蓮百鬼夜行"
  • Romaji: Yuuyami no Ayame Uta / Guren Hyakkiyako
  • English: Twilight Homicide Song / Red Lotus Pandemonium
Published June 4, 2011
  • Kiraboshi Hikaru (music)
  • Yura Hatsuki (lyrics)
  • Kuromin (illust, video)
  • Kuri (illust)
  • 58-86-6 (video)


Even if you regret what you've done, it's already too late

"Yuuyami no Ayame Uta" and it's answer song "Guren Hyakkiyako", tell the story of a deadly love triangle.

A man (KAITO) once had a childhood friend (MEIKO) and promised to marry her. However when they had become adults, the man left the woman for a naive girl (Miku), turning woman angered and heart broken. The naive girl however realizes he's cheated on another woman with her rather than been with her and her alone. She then transforms into a golden demon and curses him to die along with her, believing hell is the only place where they can be together. Sometime after, the scorned woman comes to them and kills the girl and later the man to make him hers alone, presumably influenced by the girl's curse.


夕闇ノ殺メ唄 (Yuuyami no Ayame Uta)

Uploaded June 4, 2011 Featuring MEIKO
Music Kiraboshi Hikaru Main article 夕闇ノ殺メ唄 (Yuuyami no Ayame Uta)
Lyrics Yura Hatsuki
Video kuromin (illust, video)
The first released song, which shows the story from the woman's point of view.

紅蓮百鬼夜行 (Guren Hyakkiyakou)

Uploaded December 14, 2011 Featuring Hatsune Miku (append)
Music Kiraboshi Hikaru Main article 紅蓮百鬼夜行 (Guren Hyakkiyakou)
Lyrics Yura Hatsuki
Video Kuri (illust), 58-86-6 (video)
The second released song, showing the story from the girl's point of view.


  • Both women sing japanese nursery rhymes before enacting revenge on the man. The scorned woman sings "Kagome Kagome" and the naive girl sings "Touryanse".
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