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Zing was introduced as a potential VOCALOID to be developed by EXIT TUNES in collaboration with aquatrax for the VOCALOID4 engine. She was announced to be trilingual in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

Information about her production stalled since 2017.



Zing made her debut in 2015 as the mascot for the mobile rhythm game Zyon. Since then, she made appearances as the spokesperson of the game’s social media accounts and aquatrax’s visits to many different convention centers throughout China.


When asked who illustrated Zing for Zyon, Zing's official twitter account confirmed the illustrator was DomotoLain.[1]

On July 16, 2016, aquatrax posted that during their visit to Firefly ACG Festival with Shanghai HENIAN, fans asked questions regarding if Zing would become a VOCALOID. Their response was a post with Zing saying, “See you next time”.[2]

Her production began at the end of 2016.[3]


On March 29, 2017, an image of Zing was teased. The bottom of the image was blurred and it was noted that important announcements on April 1 would take place.[4]

On April 1, the official Zyon Facebook page posted that Zing would be a trilingual VOCALOID to be expected in 2017.[5] It was later posted on twitter that she would be a bilingual Japanese and Mandarin Chinese VOCALOID to be developed by EXIT TUNES and was expected to release in 2018. A beta version would be available in the future for participating artists.[6] However, on Weibo, it was noted that Zing would be trilingual in Japanese, Mandarin, and English and that they were hoping to release her in Spring 2018.[7] The image that was featured in the posts was illustrated by DomotoLain, however, it was not confirmed if she would be the artist for the final product.


Zing was originally the mascot of the mobile rhythm game Zyon and was featured in the game as an original character created by aquatrax. Her VOCALOID version was born for music games.[8]

According to her Zyon biography, she is an emotional AI program that was built by the human race. From time to time, she complained about her boredom in the universe. She accidentally found the way of connecting with her lost human emotions and memories through the ZYON spacecraft and became much more positive afterwards.


According to her light novel hosted on Zyon, her name was described to be an onomatopoeia as it is “some kind of sound”.[9]


Zing was known to wear different outfits throughout her appearances in the aquatrax-branded games. In all outfits, she is portrayed with long light brown hair that gradates to light blue with at least one ponytail tied with a pink ribbon. She is often seen in an outfit with cybernetic themes. Her color scheme is mostly pink, white, and brown.

There was no confirmation of what would have been her VOCALOID design. Only a preview featuring one of her existing outfits was used in the initial announcement.


Zing is the mascot and one of the available character skins of the Zyon rhythm game produced by aquatrax. She is usually the spokesperson of their official social media accounts.

LINE stickers were created for Zing and fellow Zyon original character, Memu, as a gift for reaching 100,000 downloads for the game on Google Play.[10]

Zing later appears in "Yīn Líng INVAXION", another rhythm game developed by aquatrax.[11] After Zyon's closure due to its server service provider's bankruptcy in February 2020, her only game appearance since then was in "Yīn Líng INVAXION".[12]



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